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The process of planting beans is a process of observation. Here we can observe a process of plant growth, and we will also learn a lot of knowledge! Next, I will introduce you to the diary



Today, Teacher Zhao arranged an assignment for us: grow soybeans.It is to cultivate our ability to observe.


As soon as I got home from school, the schoolbag was not put down, so I hurried to the kitchen to find soybeans.I picked out a few yellow and fat soybeans, put them in a glass, poured into a little water, and put them on the balcony.I said to Xiaodou, "Little Doudou grows up!" Xiaodou seemed to understand me, and nodded to me in the water.

  20**年10月30日 星期四 多云

20 ** Thursday, October 30th, cloudy


When I was home at home today, I hurried to the balcony and found that the little soybeans were fat.The rounded is like small balls, and some of them wrinkled, like the old grandma's face.Other clothes were broken, and the white belly was exposed.Haha, so cute!

  20**年10月31日 星期五 小雨

20 ** On Friday, October 31st


Today, the little beans have some beards and some green leaves.The little buds have become longer.The longer he is, the thinner the buds, and the thicker the bud root.From Doubao to Dou guys.

  20**年11月2日 星期天 晴天

Sunday, November 2, November 2nd


Today, my beloved little beans finally became bean sprouts.All green leaves have fallen off.The bean sprouts stood up one by one in the cup, like a soldier waiting for me to review, and like a forest with bean sprouts.A gust of wind blew, the little bean sprouts danced a beautiful dance, so beautiful!



Today, the teacher arranged an observation operation: grow soybeans.There are two purpose: one is to understand the growth of soybeans; the other is to cultivate our observation ability.


As soon as I got home, I picked up a plate, filled the water, sprinkled a handful of dry soybeans, and some of the soy beans floated on the water; some soybeans sank at the bottom, I thought: one day these soybeansIt must be able to grow green buds.


Early the next morning, I ran to the plate where the soybean was planted. I saw that the soybeans were twice as fatter than yesterday. Some clothes were smaller.Other clothes were broken, exposing a large white belly.If you look closely, you will find that there is a small "beard" in the middle of each grain of soybeans, which is like a lively and cute little 躺 lying under the plate and sleeping!


A few days later, these little soybeans were as thin as the strokes like the lead pen; there were also green leaves and branches.The stems of the soybeans are more fragile than everything, and gently stabs with my hands. The weak stems are broken, and they have to bleed! Its leaves are the most noticeable.Small tender leaves, large leaves are sub -leaves. When the buds have no root, they rely on it to absorb the sun and nutrients. After the root grows, its mission is completed, and it naturally falls off;The basics of soybeans can not thrive without root soybeans.


Half a month later, the soybeans finally grew into bean sprouts. The plate seemed to be a "bean sprout forest". Although there was no pine forest dense and no cypress forest, it was planted by myself.With a gust of gusts, the little bean sprouts danced beautifully, and it looked very beautiful.



This morning, I put three grains of mung beans into a transparent small round bottle and poured into a small bottle of water.I think: Xiaodou will be very comfortable in the water!


Early the next morning, I found that the little beans had changed.The little bean is "fat", and its green "coat" has been broken, revealing the fat body, and it feels tender and slippery.


On the third day, the little mung bean changed dramatically.The green "coat" took off, and it was a little magical!


On the fourth day, the little mung bean changed once again, the head extended, and two "small ears" grew, like a giraffe!


On the fifth day, the giraffe's ears grew up and became two tender green leaves. They also grown with brown feet, and their bodies were growing.The bottle is playing with me.


A few days later, I was surprised to find that the little mung bean became a small bean sprout, and I called out excitedly: "It's amazing, the little mung bean grows into a small bean sprout!"


I am looking forward to the fruit of the real little bean sprouts. I think, when the small bean sprouts bloom, the change of changes can't be finished.













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