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Introduction: With the deepening of human social industrialization, the economic continued growth, and the continuous development of society, but followed by the natural environment that has long been overwhelmed.Human beings and nature have long been tense. How to get along with nature in harmony with nature is a worldwide topic.The following is the Composition material compiled by the editor of Yuwenmi for everyone. Welcome to read and learn from it, thank you!


College Entrance Examination Classic "Awesome Nature" material writing essentials:


Human attachment to nature has become increasingly prominent with the process of modernization.The tentacles of human civilization are extended by the fascinating buildings of reinforced concrete. The pollution caused by thick smoke and exhaust gas, the impetuousness of the red wine and green wine, and the lack of material desires.There are no people in the era like modern people who long for fresh and clear air, lush forests, and blue sky.Therefore, we must draw the wisdom of the ancients' "unity of heaven and man" from modern civilization, and to be a long -lasting monument for human survival trees.


The writing of such subjects is easy to flow in boring digital stacking and annoying empty arguments.We must be good at digging emotional meaning from known materials, letting emotional narratives move the hearts of the reader; to capture the secrets of humans and nature from the details, and grasp the main theme of "harmony" coexistence.With the purpose of serving people.


Naturally, it is the only home for human survival.The pursuit of material interests cannot be at the cost of sacrificing the environment.With the improvement of human understanding of the importance of the natural environment, the introduction of various governance pollution and reducing damage measures, we will eventually see the blue sky that the ancients had seen before, and felt the love of nature and a beautiful life that the ancients had ever hadFeelings.



1. Smart animals second only to humans are wolves and wolves in the north.What should I do with the wolf with a little wolf? If there is only one little wolf, it will put it in his mouth.If there are a few, it is not assured that one will only bring it. I am afraid that when it is swimming in the river, what will happen to the children staying on the shore?So the wolf bite a animal, blowing the animal's stomach, and then firmly held the teeth with his teeth, so that it was like a raft.It carried all the little wolves on his body, and through the buoyancy of the life circle, the whole family crossed the river.


—— Bi Shumin's "Mother Wolf's Wisdom"


How can humans be awesome for such smart animals?


The tail flattened the traces, and ran in the opposite direction with a full strength, replaced the child's survival with a death, and concealed the eyes of the old hunter.


How can humans be in awe for such a smart animal! When you raise a shotgun, will you be ashamed of a "cruel" wolf?


2. A female scientist in Italy traveled through the Taklama -Ganan Desert on her back.At the moment she walked out of the desert, her feet kneeled, her expression was indifferent.When the reporter asked her why she kneeled down after conquering the desert, she told the reporter: "I am thank you Taklama Ganan Desert for allowing me to pass!" The female scientist has a fearful attitude towards the desert from beginning to end.With devout attitude, even if she walked out of the desert, she still thanked nature for giving her this opportunity.


—— Zhang Jie "Awe of nature"


3. Recall that the hunter saw the scene where his mother rabbit kneeling and begging for pity and breaking the shotgun to death and no longer hunting, and even more solemn life.In fear of life, the hunter couldn't even turn on the shotgun trigger. Isn't it that the awe of human nature for life drives him to give up his original career?


The proud euphratica in the sand dunes built a copper wall and iron wall in the wind and sandstorm.In addition, Yang Su, who welcomed the wind in the early spring, for the continuation of life and the reproduction of the race, at all costs, letting his weak body blew up by the wind, just to seek one soil, take root, germinate, and grow.Someone burst into tears.I think that anyone who cherishes life will be awe -like when they see Hu Yang and Yang Su.


—— Ye Lishi "Awe Human"


4. Legendary history is the most beautiful memory of nature.Qin Shihuang swept the thousands of troops and burned books and Confucianism, but could not escape the laws of nature.Even though the spirit of "Six Kings Bi, the Four Seas and One" is very happy, it can become a tomb of a city, loneliness for life.Perhaps Dong Zhongshu's monarchy can tell the hidden secrets behind the thousands of horses.Therefore, the ancients were afraid, and the kings of all ages would be afraid of each other, and more people wandered their time, and they never abandoned awe.


—— Zhuge Chenxi's "Awe with Awe of Life"


5. Why doesn't Haizi eager to be indifferent? Innocent poets, the sincere red heart of unsatisfactory defense, make Haizi proud of things, and make some people moaning ashamed.Haizi does not have the distant dream of "facing the sea, spring flowers", dreaming of being a happy person, feeding horses, splitting wood, and traveling around the world.In the era of still imprisonment, this indifference is destined to find the true self and freedom for Haizi.Haizi died of it, born for indifference, and died for indifference.This is a person who has never been "indifferent" after all, but he really deserves us to look up and awe.


——Dozhuang Meiqi "Awe is to walk in a indifferent"


6. I like a book very much, called "Piao".After reading the first time, the most impressed by the hostess Hao Sijia and the neighbor's elderly.The older grandmother said to Hao Sijia, who had never been able to lose.It is a really vague understanding that "there is something worthwhile" is a motto.


——Geng Xuejing "Life Need Awes"


7. I have seen the euphratica woods on the Gobi Beach. Although they are not good -looking, they are very shocking. A tree is very natural and perfect. This is the most original gesture of life.One piece, he refused to worship easily when he died. This kind of life is difficult to see in other lives, so I am awe of Populus euphratica, my perseverance and unyielding arrogance.


—— Zhou Mi "Awesome Tree"


8. Are you in awe of migrant workers who walk in the city and leave the country? They are like dust, full of cold and indifference in the city.Under the dim moonlight, on the noisy and busy construction site, their shoulders were raised by the rope, and the dull shouts in their mouths, and their thin cheeks were almost embarrassed when they were hard.They betrayed their brute force and endurance, and used their lives to exchange for realistic food and clothing.


——The Huang Jingying "Awe, never humble"


9. In the vast waters around the African continent, there is a big horse fish.After its child was born, the first food was the body of his biological mother.The little Maha fish sucks and bite the mother's flesh, showing the instinct of survival and the cruelty of no room for survival.At this time, the big Maha fish did not make the slightest resistance, but just endured huge pain in the sea until it became a corpse, rotating, sinking, silently, buried in the depths of the silence of silence.After reading this story, I was shocked, and then I had a sense of awe of the fame ...


—— Lin Siyao's "Starting point of birth, the end of the awe"





China Mobile has an advertising word "Who can stop you -I can!", Very emotional!

  曾經問過父親:“人是勇敢一些好,還是謹慎一些好?”。父親是教授管理學的,他沒有直接回答我,卻給了我兩個著名的案例——聯想收購IBM PC業務和愛多瘋狂地炒作自己。

I once asked my father: "Is it better to be brave, or be cautious?".His father was a professor's management. He did not answer me directly, but gave me two famous cases -Lenovo acquired IBM PC business and how much love speculated himself.

  2004年底當“聯想收購IBM PC業務”的消息經媒體披露后,頓時激起千重浪:褒者有之、貶者有之,興奮者有之、擔憂者有之;彈冠相慶者有之、靜等笑話者有之……

At the end of 2004, when the news of "Lenovo's acquisition of IBM PC business" was disclosed by the media, it immediately aroused thousands of waves: there were, those who were derogatory, and the exciting persons, and the worries.Waiting for a joke ...


However, afterwards, people were pleased to see that after the completion of Lenovo's transactions with IBM on May 1, 2005, the sales and PC sales of Xinlian have jumped to the third largest PC manufacturer of Dell and Hewlett -Packard.Lenovo also became the TOP sponsor of the International Olympic Committee; and when Dell could not say for his "mail storm", Xinlian Lianyou passed strict bidding and eventually defeated many opponents including Dell and won the National Broadcasting Corporation.Contracts; Especially on May 8th of that year, Xin Lenovo received a $ 3 million procurement order from the US Air Force Headquarters' laptop, and then only the first week after Lenovo officially completed the IBM Global PC business mergers and acquisitions.All signs show that: Xinlianxian is moving forward steadily in the pace of globalization.


The wise man is fearless and the brave is not afraid, and the manager of Lenovo has made a good interpretation for this.


However, we must also be soberly seen that some companies and people who lack awe of their hearts have continued to expand their self -consciousness, thereby abusing their own rights to madly speculate on themselves and trample on others.In the end, it not only damaged others, but also buried itself.


Ai Duo, this company once occupied the second position of the VCD market in the country and is known as the most successful brand of Chinese home appliances. After the success of the early stage of achievement, the manager did not make a good plan for the company's strategic planning, but to kill others blindly.Crazy speculation yourself, indulge in how to plan new ideas and how to defeat the opponent, the result is "its success is also suddenly, and its death is also erected."


Zhao Xiao, a well -known economist in China, pointed out that if companies want to develop well, they must have awe of customers and markets.No matter what kind of strength it has to ignore customers and market operations, it will be eliminated by the ruthless market.


The cases of Lenovo and Aido told us: Whether it is being a person or a business, we should not be wrapped in the same! But at the same time, fearlessness is not contempt for everything. At the same time as braveEssence


His father is teaching management. He knows that bravery and caution are equally important.He told me that these two cases were more to tell me: "Look at your own way."


People should have the brave quality and the pride of success, and at the same time, they should also have the minds of the wise man and a frank awe.





1: Fear Life


Before the silence, Master Hongyi repeatedly told his disciples to put his remains on each of the four corners and put a bowl each under the bowl, and mounted water in the bowl to prevent the ants from climbing into the body and was burned to death when it was cremated.Several times I read the biography of Master Hongyi and read this detail, always deeply moved by Master Hong Yi's deep compassion and awe of life.


When I was in high school, there were often big mice in the corner of my backyard to eat. For some reason, a cruel idea was produced in my heart, hiding quietly by the wall, while the mouse came out, scalded it. As a result, a big mouse screamed and shouted into the wall hole after being hotly boiled. I don't know if it died, but I didn't realize my cruelty at that time. "Beat", in the minds of human beings, there seems to be a reason that a thousand people should die. However, what caused my biggest touch and blame in my heart was two months later: I saw the big mouse again in the backyard. The most painful and disturbing and disturbing that it is the most painful and disturbing that it is still looking for food with a mouse with a big belly and a big stomach. I couldn't express my mood at that time. I just felt that the word "life" was suddenly so dazzling in my heart. I just think how despicable the behavior I have ever had. It may be ridiculous, but for me, from that time, I gradually felt the meaning and weight of life.


French thinker Shi Huaizawa wrote in the book "Awesome Life": When he volunteered to do medicine in Africa, one day at dusk, he saw several hippo swim in the river with the ships they took in the river, and suddenly realized the cuteness and sacred life of life.EssenceAs a result, the thought of "fear of life" suddenly came into his heart and became a career he worked hard to advocate and unremitting pursuit since then.


In fact, only when we have the awe of life, will the world present its infinite vitality in front of us, and we will always feel the nobleness and beauty of life everywhere.The little ants moving on the ground, the birds sang on the spring branches, antelope running at the foot of the snowy mountains of the plateau, whales of whales in the sea, etc., all of which have enriched the heritage of the world of life.We will also always get the lives and joy of life of "kite flying fish jumping, all the way to the Tao" in the experience.


Therefore, whenever I read those stories about life, my heart always feels that life cannot be afforded. For example, in the Sahara desert, the mother camel drank in the pond in order to make the upcoming little camel drink enoughThe water jumped into the water pond; the old antelopes jumped to the cliff in order to escape the little antelope, so they could make the little antelope jump on the side of the hill on the opposite side when they were about to fall;When fried in the oil pan, the body was always bowed in the middle to protect the fish eggs in the belly; a mother wolf looked at the little wolf died in the hunter's trap and screamed in the cold moonlit night.In fact, not only human beings have the glory of life deity.


Sometimes, we are in awe of life to love humanity. Feng Zikai once advised children not to step on the ants with their feet, do not want to use fire or water to help the ants.He believes that he is not only in the heart of compassion, but also afraid of the cruel heart of the child to expand in the future, so that he drove a bomb to bomb innocent civilians.


Indeed, all the lives on the earth are not only because human beings have compassion, but also because their destiny is human destiny: when they are killed, humans are like the last Domino card, and then fall down.It is myself.


Part 2: Fear Life


I remember traveling with my father last summer. When I arrived at Hongfeng Lake (in Guiyang), I picked up the camera and shot everywhere. Suddenly I found that there were several trees on the lake that were scattered with some white fibers.As soon as the wind blows, some float on the grass, and some float into the lake.I shouted in surprise that my father looked at the sound, and finally told me that the plant that spread seeds by wind.


In fact, in elementary school, I know from the books that there is a kind of seeds broadcast by wind and fiber. At that time, my heart just imagined how beautiful the scene was.However, when I saw it, it was more than just its dreams of dreams, but its great way of continuing life. Maybe, after it was scattered day and night, there was only one seed that couldWhen he met a piece of land, he took root and grew into a big tree, but the creator was happy to make such a thrilling feat.Therefore, when I see this spectacular way of continuing life, what I feel is a kind of convincing, an unknown awe.I feel that the cloud -like seeds strongly hit something in my heart. I can't help but be moved by the luxurious, luxurious, luxurious, cost -effective investment.


In the vast universe, these lives are insignificant, however, it has such a unremitting spirit, who is tired of being busy for the next generation, and unremittingly release its light and heat for the next life.In order to continue life, any kind of life form will not work hard and persevere.I remember that there is a type of sea fish. During the breeding period of each year, it will not be far away from the current, returning to the Danshui River to lay eggs, breed the next generation, and then return to the sea not far away.They may not be able to return to the sea.Even so, she was still happy.The spirit and strength of life is far from the description of these texts. She brings the shock and perception of the spiritual soul. Only when you see it with your own eyes, there is a heaven and earth.universe!


To this day, I still miss the soft lake in Hongfeng Lake. I do n’t know that the seeds on the shot of the lake have a seed.At least, I know that one has grown.The seed once met a piece of land, and in the heart of a passenger, it became overcast.Because it taught me how to fear life.





Zhou Guoping


In this world, some people believe in God, and some people do not believe it, which is divided into deity and atheist, religious and ordinary people.However, this distinction is not very important.There is also a much more important distinction than this. Some people believe in sacred, some people do not believe, and people are divided into noble and despicable.

  一個人可以不信神,但不可以不相信神圣。是否相信上帝、佛、真主或別的什么主宰宇宙的神秘力量,往往取決于個人所隸屬的民族傳統、文化背景和 個人的特殊經歷,甚至取決于個人的某種神秘體驗,這是勉強不得的。一個沒有這些宗教信仰的人,仍然可能是一個善良的人。然而,倘若不相信人世間有任何神圣價值,百無禁忌,為所欲為,這樣的人就與禽獸無異了。

A person can not believe in God, but not believe in sacred.Whether to believe in God, Buddha, Allah or other mysterious power that dominate the universe often depends on the national tradition, cultural background and personal experience of individuals, and even on a certain mysterious experience of individuals.EssenceA person without these religious beliefs may still be a kind person.However, if you do not believe that there is any sacred value in the world, there is no taboos, and do whatever you want, such a person is no different from the beasts.


Believe in sacred people in awe.In his minds, there are always things that are the foundation of being human, and it is indispensable.He was not afraid of being punished, but he refused to lose his basic personality.No matter how he is full of desire for life, he always understands that once his personality is sweeping, he has lost his self -confidence and dignity in front of himself, then the satisfaction of all desires cannot save his life.


On the contrary, the kind of person who is awesome never reflect on himself.If "shame is almost brave", then such a person shows a humble presumption because of his shame.As long as he is not punished, he dares to trample on anything beautiful, including love, friendship, and honor, and there is no restlessness in his heart.Although such people have more encounters, they do not have the ability to really love it; no matter how many buddies have, they can't taste the innocence of friendship; no matter how much reputation, they don't know what glorious.If you do not believe in sacred people, they must be abandoned by all sacred things in the world.













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