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Some people say that national security should be a matter of concern to the leaders. What does it have to do with us in our school? It can be understood that there is such an idea, but I do n’t think it ’s a relationship.Take two things that happened this year.


On July 12 this year, the Temporary Arbitration Tribunal in the South China Sea Arbitration Case in the Philippines made the so -called final ruling of illegal invalidation of the basic facts.Every inch of land! Every Chinese who are bloody are in their own way to live and die with their motherland. Presumably you will also participate in it.


Let's talk about why there is this "farce"? The reason is that in recent years, China's high -speed development has made some countries unable to stand up. They regard it as a threat and challenge to their own status.Therefore, they want to do something around us to restrict our development and even subvert our regime.Once they make their conspiracy succeed, then China will fall into the situation in the 1920s and 1930s, and the people will return to the deep water.Imagine, can we still live as carelessly and comfortably on that day when that day? The answer is obviously impossible.So consciously maintain national security, care about national defense, and participate in national defense construction is related to the study, work and life of each of us.


After talking about the "South China Sea Arbitration", let's talk about another incident that happened at the same time this year--


Everyone, especially girls, like Korean stars, like "You from the Stars", "Descendants of the Sun", what Li Minhao, Song Zhongji, and so on.But recently, this country that has been loved by everyone has announced that it is to prevent North Korea's missile threat to decide the deployment of the "Sad" anti -missile system, and "Sad" directly threatens my country's national security, and its combat radius covers most of China.Let me give you an example here, do you sleep at night to close the window? Obviously, it will be closed, because if your privacy is not exposed, it will be exposed.Once "Sad" is deployed in South Korea, it is by no means simply dealing with North Korea simply.Think about it if you are monitored every day?


There is no idol in front of the country! Deployment of "Sad" can only be burned, and it can only be the east of the results that have been achieved for more than 20 years!


Therefore, let's join hands to build national defense and maintain national security together, for our motherland, and for ourselves.The Chinese dream is a grand national dream and a specific personal dream.We will never lose their national righteousness because of several acting and singing! We will never swallow the bitter fruit that harms national interests for economic benefits! We long for peace, but not be timid!Bully! I hope that individual countries will do their own!


He is in danger, plan ahead, and has nothing to do with national security. National security is around us. Each of us is closely related to national defense security.


In the end, I called on everyone to care about national defense, love national defense, and build national defense, and heart -based national security and national defense construction.Looking back at history, it is not difficult to find that it is one -sided by the government and the army's construction alone since 1840. For example, the Battle of Songhu must participate in the national defense construction and participate in the defenders of the security family.In the journey of the Republic, I don't know how many heroes and children of the Chinese nation have fallen. Our generation will never be inferior. We are willing to defend the blue sky of the Republic with our lives!



"National Defense" is a familiar but very unfamiliar name.It is the strong backing of the motherland and the hard barrier of the motherland.


Remember? In modern Chinese history. There are too many humiliation history of "no country without defense". From the Opium War in 1840 to the victory of the Anti -Japanese War in 1945, the world's large and small imperialist countries have extended the magic claws to China, and the Tsarist Russia cut off our large land; After stepping into Nanjing, the iron hoof of Japanese militarism created the massacre of more than 300,000 compatriots on the streets of our Chinese compatriots ... This scene confirmed the backwardness and cowardice of China at that time. "If you are backward, you will be beaten." After the land has been trampled by the foreign invaders, China is like a hundred -year -old dragon that has been sleeping for hundreds of years. It was not until the establishment of New China in 1949 that the Chinese people stood up. On November 5, 1960, the first missile in my country rose into the air; on October 16, 1964, the spectacular mushroom cloud rose over Lop Nur, and China had its own atomic bomb since then; The modern weapons and equipment of the three armed forces of the sea, land, and air, all prove that my country's defense technology and weapons and equipment have developed greatly. China's strength and the rise of China, which proves to the world again and again that China's defense is constantly improving, and it has also announced to the world that China's defense has positively possess a place in the world: China ’s comprehensive war strength ranks 3 (the United States, Russia, Russia , Middle), comprehensive military forces ranked 4th in the world (US, Russia, France, China), conventional military forces ranked 7th in the world (the United States, Russia, France, Britain, Germany, Japan, China) Location (US, Russia, France, Britain, China), the military forces of the Army ranked 2nd in the world (Russia, China, and the United States), the Air Force's military forces ranked 6th (the United States, Russia, France, Germany, Britain, China) Military forces rank 6th in the world (the United States, Russia, Britain, Japan, France, and China). From these simple data, we can understand that China has also gained a position in the world. All of these changes are because we are continuously attaching importance to national defense, and my country's defense is constantly strengthening.


As the new generation of successors of the motherland, we sometimes want to say what we can do for national defense. In fact, we save once electricity, a piece of rice, a drop of water, a piece of paper ... These are also contributing to national defense defenseWe took a class and treated the setbacks seriously. This is also the foundation for the defense, laying a good low level for the rising draft of the motherland, and working hard to become the party's reserve army.Let's keep the national defense security in mind.



April 15th is the first national national security education day since the implementation of the National Security Law.National security is the most basic and important prerequisite for national survival and development, social stability, and people's happy life.Just as "the country rises and falls and the husband is responsible", national security also needs to bear the responsibility of each national.


Anbang Gu Ben, Changzhuan's long -term stability, settlement of life, settlement and career ... In the idioms that condenses the traditional wisdom of the Chinese nation after another, all reveal that "An" is a top priority that the Chinese have thought about it from ancient times to the present.


In the past, in the long river of history, how many times because of the poison of war, the Chinese nation accumulated hundreds of years of civilization achievements.In 1860, the British and French forces invaded China, and the Yuanmingyuan, known as the "Palace of China in China", encountered a catastrophe. Numerous treasures in the park were snatched away and the beautiful garden buildings were buried in the sea of fire.This painful history tells us that there is no need to talk about everything else.


And since the founding of New China, especially since the reform and opening up, my country has achieved great achievements of the world's attention. This is based on a peaceful and stable domestic and international environment.However, with the rapid development of socio -economic and changes in the times, the national security situation in my country has undergone tremendous changes, and the tasks and requirements for maintaining national security have also changed.


In this context, on April 15, 2014, President Xi Jinping proposed the overall national security concept at the first meeting of the Central National Security Council, which is based on the purpose of people's security, political security as the foundation, and economic security.Based on military, cultural, and social security as the guarantee, relying on international security as the support, we will get out of a national security path with Chinese characteristics.


More than a year later, the Standing Committee of the National People's Congress reviewed and approved the new National Security Law.This is an important measure to establish an overall national security outlook on a legal form since the 18th National Congress of the Communist Party of my country.At that time, the Broadcasting Corporation (BBC) commented that the new version of the National Security Law was "all -encompassing and facing each other." Russia's "Viewpoint" believes that this law aims to protect the "fundamental interests" of the Chinese people.


In Article 14 of the New Law Chapter 14 stipulates: "April 15th is the National National Security Education Day every April 15th." Wanting to be a new country, we will be the people.To maintain national security, you must not forget to enhance the awareness of national security.The national is the most basic individual formed the country. Only by laying a solid foundation of the national consciousness, the foundation of national security can we build a copper wall and iron wall that defended national security.


The people are the Bangben, and Ben Gu Ning.As President Xi Jinping's important instructions made on the first National National Security Education Day, President Xi Jinping stated that "the Chinese dream of realizing the great rejuvenation of the Chinese nation, ensuring the people's lives and fun, and national security is the first priority.In order to take the opportunity, guide the overall national security concept, fully implement the national security law, carry out in -depth national security propaganda and education, and effectively enhance the national security awareness of the whole people. "Gathering the powerful forces to maintain national security can be used to plant social soil for national security.













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