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Introduction: At our vigorous age.Youth is beautiful and short -lived. It may be a station in your life, but please remember that even if it looks like a meteor, we must work hard to make it a brilliant flash, not afraid of difficult danger, dare to dare to dare to dare to dare to dare to dareStruggle, Zhi Bi Yuntian.The following is a 1,000 words composition collected by Xiaobian for you.For your reference.Hope like it.



The motherland was worthy of contemplation yesterday. Today, the motherland is full of vitality, and the motherland will have a longing and pursuit tomorrow.Only when we are closely connected with the fate of the motherland can we recast the glory of Chinese civilization and make the motherland's tomorrow brighter and more prosperous.


In the history of the 5,000 years of civilization of the Chinese nation, countless ancestors were for the prosperity of the country, the prosperity of the nation, the successive succession, and the unremitting struggle, and made a contribution to singing and crying.We must have ideals, determine to be a new generation of generations worthy of our ancestors, deserved to our time, and fighting for the brilliant future of the motherland. It is the inconsistent responsibility of history that gives us a generation of young generations.


Our motherland has a splendid rivers and mountains, which makes people swimming. There are all hundreds of flowers, and hundreds of birds are competing to promote art development and scientific progress. The motherland is a big family worthy of our pride.It has a long -lasting cultural book: "Historical Records", "Spring and Autumn", "The Analects of Confucius", "Mencius", "Li Sao", "Mandarin", "Book of Songs", "Lu Lan", etc.The three major countries: traditional Chinese medicine, Chinese painting, Peking opera; it has the history of smoke, the history of war; the patriotic spirit of "the heart of the loyalty of the loyalty, the whole body's way to keep the family rising and not knowing it" ... She go all the way awayThe glory of the coming also nourishes the society, nourishes a small family with affection, and loves her actually loves her home.


Zeng Bajin said: I love my motherland, the people who love me, leave her, leave them, I can't survive, and I can't write.Xing Xinghai also said: I have my personality and conscience, not for money.My music is dedicated to the motherland, the people of the working people, and serving the national crisis.They expressed their patriotic emotions to the fullest with their own voices. Do you have a good relationship with your motherland?


The pink hibiscus by the river ignited the flames of the dream into the water, and the eye -catching flow of the stars responded in the hazy mist.The stars also dripped a pine forest by the river, producing a dream of a dream.


Lu You's "Night Boushu Village": "Yellow sand wears golden armor, does not break the building orchids without returning"; Wang Changling's "Congjun Bank": "Delivery and go to the country, vowed to death;" Fan Zhongyan's "Yueyang Tower Ji"China persuaded: "The worries of the world are worried and the world is happy"; Wen Tianxiang's "Zero Zero" shouted: "Whoever has death since ancient times, leave Dan Xin's heart and be young";Sighing: "A state -owned death is reported, and Shuangxuan has no more green to others." These are the patriotic spirit of amber that bred in a dream.


Patrioticism is a lofty emotion, which is essential for our individual and the country.It is a comprehensive, complicated emotion, including loves us history and culture, good rivers and mountains, and our people.In the current era of gradually integration and economic globalization, it should also have its own national consciousness and patriotism spirit, so as to have its own identity, and there is a place on the international stage.As a middle school student, we must establish a patriotic flag in our hearts and practice it with our own actual actions.


For the past five thousand years, the Chinese nation has used its own hard work and wisdom to express the development history of Chinese civilization.In the long river of history, the Chinese civilization has continued to expand and enrich, and the national spirit is constantly accumulated and sublimated.As a young man in the new era, we must love the vicissitudes of the motherland, and use our own hard work, wisdom, sweat and creativity to make our great motherland move forward and become the forest of the world's power.













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