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【Composition Questions】

  ( 誠信、團結、正義、公平、孝義等)抵萬金

(Integrity, unity, justice, fairness, filial piety, etc.)




① Supplement the topic complete, choose your best style ( poetry ), combined with your most familiar life, express your most sincere emotion;


② Do not copy, do not set up, write specifications, neatly curls;


③ The real school name and name must not appear in the article;


④ No less than 600 words.


【Excellent Composition】


Tennon Ten Gold


Gold, everyone knows that it is a glittering and many things.But the most beautiful is gold? No, the most beautiful is integrity.


There is a faith, and Yinuo Qianjin is the virtue of our ancestors from generation to generation.Credit is an intangible force, a kind of intangible wealth, or an invisible bond connecting friendship.A honest person, no matter how short he has, when he contacts him, his mind will feel refreshing.Such people can definitely find happiness and achieve their careers.This is because people who treat others with sincerity will also meet with sincerity.


Take Song Qingling for an example! One Sunday, Song Qingling's family was prepared to be a friend's house for his father Song Yaoru after breakfast. Xiao Qingling listened and jumped three feet high.She likes to be the uncle's house the most, and her uncle's house is beautiful. The uncle also said that she would send her one! When Xiao Qingling was preparing to go out with her father, she suddenly remembered that she wanted to teach a good friend Xiaozhen to learnWhen the flower basket stopped, Xiao Qingling told his father about the matter. Dad and her sister asked the celebration to teach Xiaozhen to make a flower basket tomorrow.He also told other children to learn from celebration.When his father arrived in a friend's house, he told his friend. The uncle was also very happy. He also asked his father to bring back two pigeons, which was the right reward of Xiao Qingling.


Song Qingling's story tells us a truth: Xu people are one thing, and the money is immutable; a word is that it is difficult to chase after the words come out.Not only Song Qingling, but Kong Shengdong is also a must -speaking person.


In 1986, the Zhejiang Provincial Party Committee of the Communist Youth League issued a advocacy instrument to contribute to the fundamental improvement of society.When he was young, Kong Shengdong thought of using his own bicycle repair technology to do something for the masses.Therefore, he immediately acted, and every Saturday from 7 pm to 10 pm, "the Communist Youth League voluntarily repaired bicycle" was hung at the door of his home.He never collects a penny. When the owner had an urgent matter and the car was difficult to repair for a while, he lent his car to others.


In this Spring Festival in 1995, Kong Shengdong's father was seriously ill. He only accompanied his father for two days because the third day was Saturday.The second day of his father's death was just Saturday. Although there were many things, he consciously made up for a night.


For 18 years, no matter what, he has not rest once!


Yes, integrity is like the soil, and the soil of the heart of one acre, provides nutrition for countless seedlings, and makes them beautiful flowers.Integrity is like water, and the water of life growing in all things, moisturizing the small trees to show the leaves and leaves, every day.Integrity is the foundation of people, the foundation of the people, and the root of the country.


Classmates, pick up the "back sac" of integrity! Use your integrity to defeat the wind and waves, and create a better life with your integrity!













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