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I want to dedicate myself to work hard for the future of the motherland.下面是小編整理的我想握住你的手作文,希望可以幫助大家!


[Fan Text]


I want to hold your hand

I want to hold your hand

I want to hold your hand

I want to hold your hand

I want to hold your hand


In this world, looking at the ancient and modern Chinese and foreign, I have too many hands I want to hold.But deep in my heart, I want to hold the national model -Xu Hu's hand most.


Maybe you are weird, why do I want to hold his hand the most? Let me tell you, because he let me know a deep truth: Life is alive, we can't do nothing, we should go hard with our own hands to work hard.Labor uses our own strength to create a better future.


Yeah, labor! This noun since the ancient Kaitian has maintained the fate of generations, let us move from backward to advanced, from bending to straight, from ignorance and ignorance to clever and wise.


However, with the continuous development of today's society, more and more people have begun to degrade the value of labor.They relying on their little cleverness to speculate, and occasionally earning a little profit in the stock market, they thought that they could also earn a lot of money without relying on hard work.There is even a statement of "laughing the poverty and not laughing" in the society.But some people are subject to this, and they have done some wind -free behaviors, making the society's atmosphere constantly corrupt.


Fortunately, at this time, a man named Xu Hu appeared.He is an ordinary water pipe maintenance worker, but he is actually inconspicuous.However, his work achievements are impressive.Xu Hu, who worked hard in his job for more than a dozen years, relying on his own hard work to support his family.He didn't think he was dirty and disgusting, and ran for the people day and night.The loud name and "hard work, convenient for millions of homes" have always been remembered in my heart.In this way, his efforts were rewarded, and he was rated as a national model of labor.But he is not proud of this.What he cares about is still the heart of the client sincerely praise.


I, an ordinary student, respects you from the heart after seeing your deeds.No matter what else, just for you to let me know what life is going to do in the future.


Do you know? I want to hold your hand and work again. I believe that as long as you do it, you will be able to do well.As long as the needs of the people and the motherland, I must stand up for the first time.Labor is the most glorious. I have to rely on my own strength to create a better future.


The words of General Secretary Hu Jintao came from the ear: "We respect all the labor of the people, and we respect all labor for socialist modernization!"


I want to dedicate myself to work hard for the future of the motherland.


[Famous Teacher Comments] This is an excellent test room composition.It is worthy of reference as follows:

  一、選材新穎,富有時代感。 這篇文章最大的亮點在于它具有鮮明的時代意義。文章用上海眾人皆知的勞模徐虎作文行文的材料,選材新穎。

First, the selection of materials is novel and full of sense of the times.The biggest highlight of this article is its distinctive meaning.The article uses the material of the composition of Xu Hu composition, which is well known to everyone in Shanghai, and has a novel material selection.


Second, the point of view is clear and appeal.At the beginning of the text, we showed our own glorious view of labor, "We should go to hard work with our own hands and use our own strength to create a better future."Then praise Xu Hu from the front praise to the person who wants to shake hands with him, express his respect, affirm the correct values of "the most glorious labor" in respect, and quote the words of General Secretary Hu Jintao to the society, which reflects the timesThe appeal.


I want to hold your hand

I want to hold your hand

I want to hold your hand

I want to hold your hand

I want to hold your hand


Listening melody, colorful notes, yes! That's music.When I grew up in a music environment, I enjoyed my parents' meticulous care, and I enjoyed the wonderful and fantasy of music.I have always wanted to hold the hand of music, and I have always been a desire and urgent to hold your hand, but there is always a distance that I don't know width.


When other children are still listening to the "Grandma Bridge", my side has lingered with Mendelson's "Wings of Singing". When others start learning to sing Jay Chou's "Two -Casual Stick", but my sideWith Verdi's "Four Seasons" ... Haven't you held your hand yet? Yes, no.Although you are so close to me or even at your fingertips, I feel that your content is so deep. You have hundreds of years of civilization, but you can follow me to follow!


When I stepped into my childhood, I started my career in the piano boy. Every day I grew up under your arms. I thought that I held your hand in this way and had completely entered your world, but I was wrong.It's the longer you, the longer you, the more I feel my ignorance.


After I rewarded a lot of music works, I admired the rigor of Haydn's "Clock", Beethoven's "Destiny", Mozart's "Small Step Dance" was shocked after the lightness and leisure of Mozart's "Small Step Dance", and I was shocked.I feel a kind of fulfillment that has never been, but it is physical, but there is still that trace of desire, fantasy and invisible distance.

  我一次又一次地品嘗你的韻味,十幾年,幾乎每一張CD都聽過不下十遍,每一次都迫切地伸手想要握住你的手,但每一次卻總有喜悅中的遺憾。這樣 的場景在幻想中就猶如宙斯想要抓住上帝的手,卻被那一道鴻溝隔開,可望而不可即?;蛟S,音樂,你就有這樣的一種魅力,讓我充滿幻想,讓我不斷企求,讓我大步前進去追尋。

I tasted your charm again and again. For more than ten years, almost every CD has not heard it ten times. Every time I eagerly reached out to hold your hand, but every time there is always regrets in joy in joy.EssenceSuch a scene is like Zeus wants to grab God's hand in the fantasy, but it is separated by that gap, which is expected to be incompetent.Perhaps, music, you have such a charm that makes me full of fantasies, let me continue to ask for, let me go in and pursue.

  在我十五歲那年,參加了帕爾曼的大師班。這位大師并不如我想象的一般:風度翩翩,矯健的步伐,靈活的舞臺表現力,卻是從小患了小兒麻痹癥而導 致了雙腿殘疾,下肢癱瘓。這不禁出乎我的意料,然而,當他撐起手中的弓,靈活的手指跳動起來時,我發現音樂在他的演繹下有著別樣的風情和感覺。我熟悉的音 樂更具生命力和無限的張力了。此時,我明白了,音樂是需要心的演繹,不只是技巧與音符的堆砌,而是生命的華彩,人生的篇章。

At the age of fifteen, I participated in Parman's master class.This master is not as good as I think: Pleading, healthy steps, and flexible stage expression, but from childhood, he suffered from pediatric paralysis and caused his legs to disability and paralysis of the lower limbs.This can't help but unexpected. However, when he supported the bow in his hand and the flexible fingers beating, I found that the music had a different style and feeling under his interpretation.My familiar music has more vitality and infinite tension.At this time, I understand that music is the interpretation of the heart, not just the stacking of skills and notes, but the Chinese color of life, the chapter of life.


I love music, I want to hold your hand, maybe, I ca n’t hold it now, and I ca n’t hold it in the future, but your fantasy and strange color lies in the continuous pursuit and appreciation.Follow your reasons.


Go to dream, look for, go to journey.


Just to hold your hand.


[Review of Famous Teachers]

[Review of Famous Teachers]

[Review of Famous Teachers]


The biggest advantage of this article is the following aspects:


First, the feelings are true.Life is the source of the source of creation. The author turns the real life into a silent spring eye. What he inadvertently sprays the sincere feelings of the author's heart.In the article, the description of "I" wants to hold music, and the display of the inner world of "I" is so natural and real.Wen Gui is true, taking true events, and the true feelings can truly impress the reader's heart.

  二、主題鮮明。文章雖然用了不少筆墨寫“我”與音樂交流、溝通、感悟的遺憾——很難握住音樂的手,但更寫了“我”心理轉化歷程,最終“我”還是會“不斷企求,讓我大步前進去追尋”,“去夢想,去尋覓,去征程”。 突出了生活的主旋律,字里行間傳達出一種昂揚奮進的精神。主題十分鮮明。

Second, the theme is clear.Although the article uses a lot of pens and ink to write "I" to communicate, communicate, and feel the regret of music -it is difficult to hold the hand of the music, but it also wrote the "I" psychological conversion process. In the end, ""I will still" constantly ask for the corporate, let me step forward to pursue "," go to dream, look for, go to journey ".Highlighting the main theme of life, conveying a spirit of endurance between the lines.The theme is very clear.


Third, the language is lively.The language of the article is full of personality, the term is vivid, and the sentence pattern is flexible. It not only conforms to the identity of middle school students, but also sways the language of the article.


I want to hold your hand

I want to hold your hand

I want to hold your hand

I want to hold your hand

I want to hold your hand


Among the top ten people in China in 2005, the most moved by me was Hong Zhanhui, a youth college student.I want to hold your hand, feel your strong soul, and feel your ordinary but great personality.


I want to hold your hand, a pair of hands who never yielded fate. When you are still a childish child, fate lets him get out of the warm family of kind motherly love, but a childish child must take on the entire family.The burden of life, but you have no discouraged, grit your teeth, face with a smile, and support the fragmented family with your tender hands. When your peers are still laughing in your parents' arms, the man's festival has germinated in your heart.


I want to hold your hand, a pair of hands with noble responsibility, a child has to take on a life of a sister who has no blood with you under the suffering.But the word "brother" seems to occupy a brand new position in your heart. You have left your sister with your sisters for decades like a day. Whether it is cool and cold, or wind and rain, you will never give up.A child tells the world with his actions that affection is the most precious, and being a person should be responsible.


I want to hold your hand, a pair of diligent learning hands, "thousands of milling and tough, Ren Er, east, south, south, and wind. No matter how simple the conditions, you have never proposed the word" drop out of school ".You can't let you bow your head, and the difficulties in the same study can not shake your determination to study hard. For decades, you have always been busy. When you have time, you can read the book and read it. A diligent student tells the readers of the world with his actions.Shu Shan has Lu Qin as a trail, and Xuehai has no end to be a boat.


I want to hold your hand, a pair of helpful and loving hands, just as those who have just stepped out of the desert can experience the sweetness of the water.The trouble of poverty reduces the torture of poverty to children, and allows them to enjoy reading in the classroom with peace of mind.


I laughed at the sky from the horizontal knife and kept the liver and gallbladder.Although you do not write a magnificent chapter of life, your great personality and cherish life of life have moved the whole world with the spirit of fate, the whole world.


I want to hold your hand and feel your ordinary and extraordinary soul. We should take you as an example, laugh all suffering and setbacks, optimistic and open -minded, never abandon, self -reliance and self -reliance.


[Review of Famous Teachers]

[Review of Famous Teachers]

[Review of Famous Teachers]


Writing the characters familiar to everyone into the composition is a phenomenon of this year's composition.But what is written so deeply is rare.Generally, the composition of the test room pays attention to "new" in "new", and the selection of materials pursue the uniqueness of "people have no self", but the author of this article does not look at this taboo, and can see "Qi" in "Ping".The ability to fight for materials is good.


One Qi is sincere and deep in thought.Expressing his hands to hold Hong Zhanhui, feel his ordinary, noble, diligent, and helpful soul, comprehensively perceive, and have a strong resonance with him.


Erqi is sophisticated in writing.When describing Hong Zhanhui's self -reliance experience, he was highly summarized and the words were stunned; when he expressed his praise and respect for Hong Zhanhui, he borrowed it and was really touching.


Three Qi is rigorous in structure and clear context.The main part of the main body is juxtaposed, echoed at the end, and the main purpose of sublimation article.


I want to hold your hand

I want to hold your hand

I want to hold your hand

I want to hold your hand

I want to hold your hand


Whenever I am in the long river of history, the heroes of thousands of years seem to be led by a thin rope to my heart.How much I look forward to being a neighbor with them one night! How eager to hold their hands and talk about their knees!


Li Tai Bai, I want to hold your hand! When the Pin finished reading "Difficulty in the Walk" and "Dreaming of the Dreams of the Dreams", I was hurting and hurting your thoughts.The depression and sorrow of Man Mountain "and the unrestrained and unruly of" An Neng destroyed the eyebrows and the rights, so that I can't be happy ". How do you set up the balance? It is the straightforwardness of the power that does not dare to let Gauli take off the boots.Heart, and the pot of clear wine, "Toast invites Mingyue, to the three people", lonely but happy.Your hands gave me strength-optimistic and easy.You taught me to turn bitter medicine as Gan Lin, whether right and wrong, "Smile, sing the song of life"!


Zhuge Kongming, I want to hold your hand! "Three times are bothering the world, and the old ministers of the two dynasties are the hearts of your life."Liu Bei Sangui Cao Lu, who is self -proclaimed, and you are faithful in order to reward the depletion and do everything.You have a high sense of responsibility.Liu Daiwanmian Bai Emperor City, you do your best to support Liu Abou, who is not thinking about Shu, you have a high degree of strict father's heart."It is not weak, and there is no peace." It is your requirement for your sons to be a life.Your hands pass on the loyalty of gratitude and the heavy responsibility.I suddenly realized: If the benefactor is a solemn castle, I want to be a solid spine; if the benefactor is a deep tree, I want to make a solid root deep into the soil; if the benefactor is a fierce flying eagle, I want to make powerful wings.


Yue Wang Gou Jian, I want to hold your hand! You lose the battle of Huiji, you can still endure the name of humiliation, you faced the failure, the slaves who are willing to be a husband and a husband is the admirable tolerance.In the heart, he finally resumed his home country and defeated his husband.After your frustration, the resolute personality engraved you in the history of history, shining, Liu Fangbai Shi, you are like a beacon, guiding the road to success will be full of danger and roundabout.If the sea loses the rolling of the huge waves, it will be hidden in his majesty; if the desert loses the mad sand of the sky, it will hide his spectacular.Failure is the truth of the mother of success.


I am so immersed in the classics of history, and I can often point out the heroes with the heroes who "have no body and have a thousand years" and discuss life.


Those heroes who stay in the history of history, you are "high mountains and rivers", drifting a deep journey of life through the inner soul: it is always so clear and bright.I would like to hold your hand often and become an invisible mentor in life to guide me to move forward!


[Review of Famous Teachers]

[Review of Famous Teachers]

[Review of Famous Teachers]


This is an excellent prose in the examination room.Its outstanding characteristics are as follows:


First, the structure is rigorous and the veins are clear.The author knows the composition of the examination room and uses the form of a total score. At the beginning, he always said, "How look forward to being a neighbor with them one night! How long is to hold their hands and talk about their knees."In the middle, the desire for the three typical characters Li Bai, Zhuge Liang, and Gou Jian. At the end, "I would like to hold your hand often and become an invisible mentor in life to guide me to move forward!" Echo the beginning, making Xingxi rigorous and clear context.


Second, the selection of materials is typical, and the theme is clear.The main part selected three typical characters Li Bai, Zhuge Liang, and Gou Jian in the heroes who wanted to think about thousands of years. In the process of expressing their hands to shake hands with them, they felt their strength.Hands, Gou Jian's humiliated hand, thinking about life, understanding life, and entrusting their praise and worship of heroes, reflecting a positive attitude towards life.The theme is clear.


Third, the language is vivid, showing the literary talent.The full text is vivid and vivid, and the quotation of poetry makes the article full of cultural heritage.Especially the use of a large number of metaphors, such as "if the benefactor is a solemn castle, I want to be a solid spine; if the benefactor is a deep tree, I want to make a solid root deep into the soil;Mengjian's Flying Eagle, I want to make powerful wings, "which enhanced the momentum and appeal of the article.


I want to hold your hand

I want to hold your hand

I want to hold your hand

I want to hold your hand

I want to hold your hand


As a child, my dad introduced you to me.From then on, if you have a shining sun to soothe my soul, you are like a clear spring flowing down in the mountains, moisturizing my thoughts, and you are like a cool breeze in the hot summer, blowing off my dust.From the stare of you, I want to hold your hands now.


I really want to hold your hand, this is a beautiful hand, beautiful hand, artistic hand.


You let me understand that beauty is not just in painting, music.You can also show the beauty of beauty, literature , which is reflected in the beauty of the author's wonderful brushes, it is reflected in the beauty of the artistic conception of "lonely boat, fishing alone in Hanjiang Xue", it reflects it reflects it reflectsIn the beauty of "seeing Nanshan", I want to catch these hands to prevent them from being lost in the long river of time. I want to catch them more and make my life full of beauty.


I want to hold your hand more, this is gratitude hand, witty hand, wise hand.


From many of these books, I saw you-literature, the atmosphere of thought exuding from your body, they were so obvious but erratic.When I was attracted, I could have a little Experience . I seemed to be talking to the wise man. It was him who told me many things that I didn't know.Lu Xun told me that Ah Q was ridiculous that the darkness of the society at that time.Ba Jin told me that truth is the most precious thing in the world, and what you do should be worthy of yourself.Os Henry told me that there is true feelings in the world, and the beauty of human nature will move everything -in a conversation with ancient and modern Chinese and foreign people, I feel the power of thought, so I want to grasp your hand and let let itMy thoughts went to the next level.


I want to grab your hand, this is the hand of perception, the hand of artistic conception, the hand of the realm.


I learned from the poverty of the poverty of "Xianyu Huiye" and "in the bad alley".Worrying and worrying, the adults of the world "to the" rise and fall of the world, the husband's responsibility ", you have taught me a different life realm, let me show my own color in a higher stage of life, so soI want to grab your hand and let you lead me to a wider world.


In my life, you lead me to walk through the swamp, turn over the mountains, and don't be afraid of difficulties. Go forward forever. You use your hand to protect me and help me, so that my way can be flat and wide;You are like an elder, a friend, when I need you most.


Now I want to get closer to you, listen to your voices, and don't follow you anymore. I want to step forward and hold your hand, walk alongside you, so that literature can accompany me for a lifetime.


[Famous Teacher Comments] This article is a rare masterpiece of the examination room, and its advantages are as follows:

  一、 結構清晰,情感真切。本文選擇的握手的對象“文學”是虛化的、抽象的,但作者結合自己的切身體驗與感受,把這無形的“手”寫活了,“這是美麗的手,優美的手,藝術的手”,“這是感恩的手,機智的手,睿智的手”,“這是感悟的手,意境的手,境界的手”,并從這些“手”中獲得了更多的人生哲理,文章結構清晰,情感真切,又不乏理性的思考。

First, the structure is clear and the emotions are true.The "literature" selected by this article is blur and abstract, but the author combines his own experience and feelings to write this invisible "hand"."Hand", "This is a gratitude hand, a witty hand, a wise hand."The structure of the article is clear, emotional, and no shortage of rational thinking.


Second, the language is agile and full of literary talents.The little author knows the scores of the composition of the examination room, and uses a variety of rhetoric methods to brighten people's eyes.The use of row ratio has strengthened the momentum of rational thinking, and the use of metaphors, such as "the sun that shines the sun", "a red spring", "a cool breeze", "you are like an elder" and other vivid images, which enhanced the articleInfectious power.





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