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學會生存作文600字 篇1


Survival is a required course in people's life. It is inevitable that people will encounter some dangers in life. When we encounter dangers, what should we do?


I still remember one weekend when I was in the third grade, my mother took me to the mall to buy things, and I jumped into the mall. While my mother was buying fruit, I ran into the toy area. Not only was I attracted by a assembled toy, but I went to the fruit area to find Ma Ma and wanted her to buy this toy for me. But I didn't find my mother for several circles. I stood there blankly because my intuition told me that I was lost!


I was stunned and panicked. I was like carrying a rabbit in my arms - worried, even more like a monk in law - and lost my head. I was like an ant on a hot pot. I was so worried that I could not find my mother. I called for my mother loudly, but there was no response. I was so worried that I broke into a cold sweat on my body, head and hands, and my heart was raised to my throat. I asked myself silently: What should I do?


When I was in a great hurry, I remembered what my mother said: "If you get lost in the mall, don't worry, don't panic, be calm, and calmly ask for help from uncles and aunts working in the mall."


I took a breath and calmed down, just like an aunt working in the mall seeking help - "Auntie, I lost my mother, can you help me?" I asked my aunt.


Auntie nodded, patted me on the shoulder and said, "Well done. It's OK. Auntie He goes to the front desk."


My aunt led me to the front desk and explained to the front desk staff. The front desk immediately broadcast the radio. Soon, my mother arrived.


My mother said to me earnestly: "Next time, don't run around. You see, it has caused us so much trouble." I nodded knowingly.


Although this event has passed for a long time, I still remember it vividly. Through this event, I understand that we should face the danger calmly.

學會生存六年級滿分作文600字 篇2


I am a 12-year-old pupil now. I am 12 years old and have no ability to be laughed at. So I learned and practiced by myself. I was ready to practice my survival skills. Fortunately, life was safer and more convenient.


In my life, I think that only when the sky is full of stars and the moon is very high can I realize my potential, and I just met. Mother lay on the bed to rest, and she gave me a task to dump the full trash. At this time, I was very dissatisfied, but I didn't feel that I cared about my mother. Why didn't I want to go to the garbage? Usually, my mother accompanies me when I take out garbage, and the street lamp lights up the road, and the ground is still shining. How interesting it is to take out garbage in such a way that I can walk in the road with great swagger, and also walk on the beautiful road with ease twice!


Now I'm going to take out the garbage on the road of the crows alone. I picked up the trash can and walked out of the door fearfully! It's really scary every step! I was oppressed by the power of fear. I hurried to quicken my pace. I only felt the gloom behind me. I increased my speed again. Finally, I saw the dazzling light from the headlights, and I would not be so uneasy.


I successfully passed the first pass and crossed the road at the second pass. Although the street lights are very bright, there are still vehicles flying by on both sides, which is really shocking! When I saw a car, I stopped, stopped and entered again. Finally, I reached the other side of the road. At this time, my arm was already sore, but I told myself: "Don't you want to learn to survive? Although it hurts a little, you should exercise your perseverance." I am full of strength and experience from the past. I am much happier when I return from the trash.


After taking out garbage, I learned to survive. I dare to walk at night, and I can carry heavy garbage to cross the road where cars come and go. I understand Robinson's words: In the most unfortunate situation, we can also compare the advantages and disadvantages to find something to comfort us. Although dumping heavy garbage in the terrible night, it can not only improve my courage, but also exercise my body.

學會生存六年級滿分作文500字 篇3


What is survival? It is the will to help each other and the insistence on fighting between snipes and clams. As Napoleon said, "Too many people are not enough to rely on. You have to rely on yourself to survive!"


The martial spirit of Sparta, the experience of CCTV host Zhu Xun's studying abroad in Japan, and Lei Diansheng's ten year journey to China on foot are all for the sake of making life more meaningful and giving a brilliant definition of life!


Zhang Xinyu and Liang Hong in Beijing challenged the limits of their lives by going up the glacier and down the volcano and sailing on the stormy sea with a small sailboat. These realities in life all prove that the highest state of existence is to live for a belief!


To survive is to fight! The struggle of youth, the hard work of the prime of life, and the frugality of old age are all efforts to survive better! It is like air, you can't live without it, it is like sunshine, you will be better with it!


In Australia, an ancient continent, there are countless animals with wild power, the most representative of which is kangaroo. The newborn kangaroo babies will pass the test of survival. They have just been born with strong forelimbs, a keen sense of smell and a small heart that beats all the time. However, their hind limbs and eyesight are not fully developed, so they have to climb into their mother's pouch. The mother will not help them. They can only use their forelimbs to grasp their mother's hair and climb up. They can use their sense of smell to determine the direction of the pouch. Only when they enter the mother's pouch can they suck the sweet milk and survive! It's like bees gathering honey, dragonflies skimming water, flowers blooming and trees growing. In fact, all the beautiful things are for survival, and strive hard!


Even every little baby kangaroo will strive hard for survival. As human beings, we have no reason to give up survival

學會生存 篇4


Survival seems to be two ordinary words. There are only eleven paintings, but it contains innumerable profound philosophies. It is something that each of us must learn and should have all our lives. However, it is very important to have a sense of self-help if we want to survive.

香港著名演員張艾嘉的兒子王令塵曾經在上學的路上遭遇綁架, 在被綁架期間三名綁匪頻繁地對他大聲怒斥。面對綁匪的無情冷酷,王令塵沉著冷靜,利用學到的自救知識與綁匪周旋著,還多次懇求綁匪說:“叔叔,你們要錢,我媽媽可以給你們,你們把我放了吧!”就這樣,王令塵煎熬了十天后成功被警方救出。警方在審問綁匪時,綁匪說:“他們曾經想要殺害王令塵,連祭拜他的香燭冥紙都已經準備齊全?!?/p>

Wang Lingchen, the son of Hong Kong famous actress Zhang Aijia, was once kidnapped on his way to school. During the kidnapping, three kidnappers frequently shouted at him. Facing the ruthlessness and coldness of the kidnappers, Wang Lingchen was calm and calm. He used the knowledge he learned to help himself to deal with the kidnappers. He also begged the kidnappers many times: "Uncle, you want money, my mother can give it to you, and you can let me go!" In this way, Wang Lingchen was rescued by the police after suffering for ten days. When the police interrogated the kidnappers, the kidnappers said: "They once wanted to kill Wang Lingchen, and even the incense candles and nether world paper for worshipping him were ready."


Think about it: "The weather is unpredictable, and people are doomed". Natural disasters and man-made disasters are inevitable, and when they happen, they cannot escape. If Wang Lingchen panicked and cried out for help when he was kidnapped, he might have died in the hands of the kidnappers. Now as an "only child" generation, we are growing up under the care of our parents, just like flowers in a greenhouse. However, what if I meet a stranger? What if there is a fire at home? What if there is an earthquake? If we think about all these things? No, because we always think we have parents to help us. But what if one day my parents are not here? Therefore, instead of being a kite in the sky and being led blindly by the line, we should learn to survive and save ourselves in danger. Keep calm when encountering danger, use your wisdom to save yourself, so as to achieve the purpose of self-protection, and do not lose yourself in the disaster.


There is a saying: north wind, you can enjoy blowing! If winter comes, can spring be far behind? In the long road of life, as long as we learn to save ourselves in danger, we can welcome the colorful spring.

學會生存作文500字 篇5


The design of the work is ingenious, and the writing style is simple and fluent. Imagination is bold and creative, and the article is novel and strange and attractive.


It is imaginative and innovative. At the beginning, I introduce myself and introduce the following text. In addition, the article is concise in language and humorous in style.


The article is not long, but the process is described clearly, and the activities of the characters are described concretely, truthfully, and vividly. The full text is compact, complete, and fluent.


The plot is vivid and interesting, the narration is clear and complete, and it also shows the author's intelligence and wit, full of family life interest, and his writing style is fluent and lively.


You are very good at grasping the characteristics of things to make a specific description, showing?, Emotions permeate the writing. The article is very persuasive and thought-provoking. In terms of writing, the plot is vivid and the article is turbulent, so it is instructive to read. The theme is condensed and concentrated, and the discussion is profound, powerful and shocking.


The words used in this article are accurate and rigorous, and the language is plain and natural. The use of metaphor, personification and other rhetoric makes this article even more beautiful.


The main feature of this composition is that the description is specific, the details are true, the description is vivid, and there is real feeling, and the use of metaphor, personification and other rhetorical devices? It is very vivid, and also expresses? yes? Of love. The full narrative is concentrated, with simple and smooth language and sincere and touching feelings.


By enriching the characters' language and actions, it sets off the characters' ideological quality. The imagination of the article is reasonable, the narration is natural and vivid, the structure is compact, the connection is natural and coherent, and the center is prominent.


The language is simple, the center is clear, the idea is reasonable, and the writing level is clear.


It is indeed commendable to write the inner activities of the characters vividly, which leaves a deep impression on people. The article has clear center and complete structure.


The article is well founded, persuasive, highlighting the personality of the characters, natural context transition, clear and coherent, consistent from beginning to end, and focused on the topic at the end, highlighting the central idea.

學會生存 篇6


To learn to survive, we must first have the courage to face difficulties and the determination to get out of difficulties, but also have the action to persevere in looking for life and the hope to survive in desperate situations. I once read a story.


A plane crash landed in the Pacific Ocean due to mechanical failure, and three pilots escaped by taking a life raft. After experiencing the brief excitement of narrowly escaping death, they fell into a new predicament. The food they carry can only last for three days, and they have no compass or map, and no one knows how to go out in the boundless Pacific Ocean. Food and water soon ran out, and they came up with various ways to deal with the threats they faced: without food, they fished to satisfy their hunger; Without water, we collect rainwater to quench our thirst. In this way, they survived for more than a month by relying on the most primitive way of life. They still have boundless sea water in front of them, and their hope of rescue is getting smaller and smaller. At this time, two pilots found a companion dipping his finger in the sea water. The two companions looked at him sympathetically. Eric smiled and said that he was looking for life. The boundless sea water devours their faith in survival and makes them more and more weak. The two companions had no hope of being rescued and were slowly waiting for the arrival of the god of death. Only Eric was still repeating that seemingly meaningless thing. One day, after tasting the sea water, Eric cried excitedly: "We are going to land soon. We are saved. Since yesterday, I found that the taste of the sea water has faded, which is why the river water has diluted it." Finally, they reached the mouth of the river. With Eric's unyielding resistance, they were saved.


In a desperate situation, what we need to do is not to accept our fate, but to tenaciously look for a chance of survival on the edge of despair.

學會生存六年級滿分作文600字 篇7


Survival seems to be two common words, but it contains innumerable profound philosophies: on the vast grassland, the galloping white sheep are getting rid of the gray wolf's pursuit; In the Arctic Ocean, small fish swim away from the attack of seagulls; In reality, young people should learn to survive.


Survival is neither simple nor difficult. For those who can survive and are good at survival, survival is like a game under any circumstances. When encountering accidental events, dangers and disasters, we should learn not to panic, actively use our brains, and use the experience and knowledge accumulated in life before to make ourselves safe from danger.


Open the box of memory, open the chapter of the past, and the experience of that time reappeared before my eyes.


One day in the year of second grade, I walked happily home after school. I stumbled on the ground and hit my knee on the stone, bleeding. My tears didn't listen to the command and fell down. At that time, I fell to the ground and moaned.


After a while, I wiped my tears and limped home, each step of which was so difficult. When I got home, I took off my pants and looked at it. I was shocked. The injury was not optimistic. "Hey, what can I do? Mom and Dad are not at home again. By the way, Band Aids!" I said to myself. I endured the pain and found the bandage in the medicine box. Then I went to the toilet to hold a little water and gently sprinkle it on the wound. Then I took a towel to dry my teeth and put the bandage on. After a while, I can walk gradually.


After this incident, I was shocked. Just as the road of life is not always smooth, it is sometimes difficult, steep, and perhaps thorny. When we encounter danger, we should not wait to die. We should rely on our wisdom and courage to face the ups and downs of these growth paths bravely and defeat them completely. Only by constantly striving for self-improvement and independence can one learn to survive. Only by overcoming difficulties and learning to survive can we become strong in life. Therefore, we must learn to survive in order to stand on this society.

學會生存作文600字 篇8


Learning to protect oneself is a necessary survival skill for every minor. Learning to protect their own safety can reduce the probability of being in danger. Even if you are in distress, you can use your knowledge to deal with criminals and villains, and then escape from life. Therefore, it is extremely important to learn to protect yourself. In my 12 years of life, I have also encountered "dangerous events" that I will never forget.


I remember when I was nine years old, I went to RT Mart with my relatives in the summer vacation. On the way, my cousin and I played the game of "chasing gangsters" while fighting. As I chased, I shouted, "Surrender quickly! You have been surrounded. Hand over the gold to keep you alive!" My cousin turned around and made a face at me. He shook the gold in his hand with great arrogance. "Catch me if you have the ability. I'll turn around!" My cousin turned a lane. I immediately rushed into the alley and looked around, but I couldn't find my cousin. When I looked back, my aunt and grandma also disappeared. I couldn't really get lost!


I was so disappointed that I looked up at the sky. The sky became gray and a few drops of rain fell. I ran to the front of the mall in panic, trying to find everyone. They came and went back for half an hour without any trace. I wailed. I was very sad to think of the parents who raised me at home, the friends who played with me at school, the unfinished ideal of life, and the long journey of life. But I didn't give up hope. I thought carefully: yes! There are traffic police uncles on duty on this road. I can ask them to call my mother for me, and then ask her to call my aunts and grandmothers. In this way, I will be saved! I immediately ran to the traffic police and sent him a request for help. Sure enough, he immediately dialed the phone number and talked with his mother. Half an hour later, my aunt and cousin came out of the mall and quickly found me. They asked me for help. I told them the whole story. My cousin and aunt both praised my strong sense of self-protection. I was very pleased with my performance.


How are you, students? Is it important to learn to protect yourself? Finally, I wish you all go further and further on the road of learning self-protection knowledge and become more and more security conscious.

學會生存作文600字 篇9


In life, learning to survive is undoubtedly a guarantee for your life. When you are trapped, your ability to survive will help you get out of trouble. The ability to survive is like a good helper, helping you tide over difficulties when you have difficulties.


In our beautiful country, in our big family full of happiness and warmth, we are surrounded by love. But unconsciously, we were spoiled by our relatives, and became the eldest young master and Miss Jiao who "came here to eat and clothe". Now, we may think: With the care of my family, what am I afraid of! Afraid of this, afraid of that, it is a groundless worry. But wrong, family is not God in the myth, and can't do everything for us. Besides, our family will leave us one day. One day, we will be independent.


If we learn the ability to survive one day earlier, we can make full preparations for the future life. If we want to have a foothold in society, we must learn to survive. This is something we have to learn and face sooner or later. It's better to learn a day earlier than to be unable to survive in the end?


As we all know, dandelion is a very common plant, but this unusual plant has an unusual spirit. The mother of dandelion releases the children after they are fully developed, allowing them to explore the world alone. Because the mother of dandelion knows very well that she can't accompany the children all her life. She will leave them one day. The children will be independent one day. The only thing she can tell her children is to be brave and try to survive no matter how bad the environment is.


This is where our living species are connected! I remember once I saw a child on TV. His mother died, and there was a mentally ill grandfather at home. At this time, his father was also admitted to the hospital due to an accident. It's really "the house leaks, but it rains all night"! Children who are only eight years old must shoulder the responsibility of their families! He told everyone by his actions that it was his responsibility and obligation. I was moved by his courage and strength.


In life, it is impossible for us to be all plain sailing on the road of growth. The road ahead is still a long one. There may be thorns, bumps, cliffs and dangerous beaches... We should prepare early and face them bravely.













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