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20年后的家鄉作文 篇1


One sunny morning when I got dressed, I saw an uncle waiting for me at my door. I hurried to him and asked, "Hello, what can I do for you?" He said, "I'll take you somewhere." So I left with my uncle. Seeing this scene, I was shocked: there were no trees on the mountains, no crops in the fields, and the residents were hungry and thirsty. My God? What a world it is! I quickly asked my uncle, "Where is this, uncle?" My uncle said to me, "This is your hometown 20 years later."


"What? How can this be my hometown in 20 years?" I said, "That's impossible!" But there are many similarities with my hometown: scarecrow beside the field, our old house


Why is the world like this? If this situation continues, will our planet become extinct? I asked one of the residents, who said: "We have no water, no food, no medical supplies. We are going to die soon." I asked him, "Why is this?" He added: "That's because we all litter and don't work, so we have this outcome." I really regret that I bought a packet of snacks in the canteen and threw the wrapping paper on the floor after I finished eating. When I returned to the city, I found that the city had also become a mess. What's the reason? I scratched my head and said to myself, "I think I know the answer. It must be that we didn't protect the environment that caused this disaster." With that, I suddenly woke up. Quickly looked out of the window. It was OK. Outside, there were still green mountains and green trees.


I learned a truth from this dream: if we destroy the environment for various reasons, we will destroy ourselves one day.

20年后的家鄉小學作文 篇2


I had a dream of going back to my hometown after 20 years.


I first came to a small river, walked forward, saw a "rainbow" suddenly appeared in the river, I asked: "At this time, how did the rainbow get into the river?" My good friend Xiao Kai just heard that and said to me: "This is not a rainbow, it is a river. Now the river can regulate the water temperature, and there is a pollution barrier on the river surface, which can also change into colorful colors." Xiao Kai's explanation makes me marvel. It seems that the times are really different.


Xiao Kai and I finally met. We went to a restaurant to have dinner together. I called "waiter", and a robot came over. I said, "I call waiter. What are you doing here?" Hearing what I said, Xiao Kai couldn't help laughing and said to me, "Now the waiters are all robots, not only the waiters in the restaurant have become robots, but also there are no people working in the place, only robots."


On this day, I met many of my classmates. We planned to go on an outing. Xiao Dong took us there with his 3D printed car.


Suddenly, a cell phone bell rang. Xiaodong took a piece of paper out of his pocket to make a phone call. I couldn't help laughing and saying, "Why do you use paper to make a phone call? Are you stupid?" Xiaodong said, "What do you not know? Now some mobile phones can be folded, just as light as paper." The students around laughed too. Alas, life has changed so fast!


The hometown after 20 years is really good! I hope to come soon.

20年后我的家鄉作文 篇3


Time flies like an arrow, and the sun and moon shuttle like shuttles. It's 2034 in a twinkling of an eye. By this time, I was already 30 years old. I have lived on Saturn for 20 years. Twenty years have passed. Has my hometown Shantou changed? I decided to go back to my hometown and recall the little things of that year


I got on the earth bus, and it only took me ten minutes to react. The earth station has arrived. I exclaimed: Ah, I didn't expect science to develop so fast in the past 20 years. I think I need a month to build a rocket from Earth to Saturn!


This is a parking lot. I can directly transfer to the new UFO subway, which leads directly to my dream home. Shua, shua, shua, wow! The UFO subway is very advanced. As high as 1000 kilometers per hour, this speed is really amazing. In addition, it is very comfortable to sit in the subway: each compartment is equipped with six sofa seats, and one sofa seat can seat five people. Each sofa has a headphone jack, and you can also hear sweet music by inserting headphones. In order to provide convenience for passengers in the subway, free WIFI is set up in the subway for people to use. Internet access in the subway is no longer as inconvenient as before. If you can't move data, you just sit there and stare. Long distance subway stations also provide free desserts, so that passengers will not starve during the journey. In order to reduce the fatigue of waiting customers, they also provide free massage chairs for customers to massage. This is really cool! "Ding Dong, Shantou is here." I still enjoy myself on the sofa without even hearing the notice. "Tick, tick, the door is closing! The door is closing!" It suddenly occurred to me that I had arrived at the station and had been running. I almost got caught in the car door. I was scared to death.


I walked out of the subway station and into the street. The original chaos in my hometown Shantou has completely disappeared now! Everywhere is very clean. The car is much tidier than before. There will be no more motorcycles running around and bumping together on the road. People who take buses will queue up orderly. I couldn't help thinking: "Is this my hometown?"


I returned to my alma mater, Zhujin Primary School, with curiosity. The school has completely changed! The original school gate and teaching building have become a highly intelligent teaching building. There are dozens of doors in the center of the first floor. Students can enter the classroom as long as they insert their student cards into the door. There are four elevators in the teaching building. As long as the student ID card is biased towards the magnetic card sensing area in the elevator, the elevator can send them to the corresponding floor number. The school gymnasium has a thermostatic swimming pool, which is the favorite of teachers and students, so that students can swim freely all year round.


Then I went to Quidditch Park. It is no different from Quidditch Park 20 years ago, except for several new attractions. The statue of Mazu still stands on the mountain. The old people in the park are walking and dancing as usual. However, the new "has been opened at the foot of Dengshi Mountain. Wal Mart underground supermarket attracts thousands of people to shop here every day, with a daily turnover of 200000 pounds


Twenty years later, my hometown has changed. The city has become more prosperous and the environment has become more beautiful. What remains unchanged is my yearning for my hometown.

20年后的家鄉 篇4


Twenty years later, I was more than thirty years old. I worked in a film company. Today is the Mid Autumn Festival. I have not returned to my hometown for 20 years. I plan to go back to see my hometown today.


I got on the maglev train and returned to my hometown in about half an hour.


When I left Baoji South Railway Station, the scenery in front of me surprised me. The originally thick cement road has now become a beautiful crystal glass road. The original roadside trees have now become a dense "forest". The flowers on the roadside are open, and the fragrant osmanthus flowers have broken people's hearts. I do not recall the article "Osmanthus Rain" that I learned in the fifth grade of primary school.


The traffic jam in the past has now become a light rail over the city, which is fast and convenient. The former highway has become a pedestrian street, with flower baskets everywhere, just like a flower street.


I returned to my familiar home and changed from an ordinary house to a beautiful villa. Even the walls were inlaid with crystals.


At that time, the young mother had become an old man with white hair. My mother took me to visit the house, with beautiful chandeliers, smart kitchens, and random invisible furniture... From manual cleaning, it has now become a robot cleaning, and all the housekeepers are Tmall Elves.


This is my hometown twenty years later. I love my hometown.

街道也是非常的干凈整潔,機器人在道路上清理垃圾,垃圾桶也有了分類,…作文迷 .cn…有有害垃圾,可回收垃圾……

The streets are also very clean and tidy. Robots clean up garbage on the roads and trash cans are classified

20年后的家鄉作文 篇5


"The wind of my hometown and the clouds of my hometown..." A song called "The Clouds of My Hometown" sung by Fei Xiang reminded me of my memories and thoughts of my hometown. At the weekend, I returned to my hometown that I hadn't returned in 20 years!


Walking on the path of my hometown, I found the clear water by the lake, the green trees by the road, and the cars coming and going on the road. I saw a man get off the car. Unexpectedly, he was my old classmate. I asked him, "Why is there no one driving the car on the road, but he can walk by himself?" He said: "This is a 3D printing car, which can be driven by nobody." After that, he left.


I came to my alma mater and found Teacher Lu, whom I hadn't seen for many years. He became the headmaster and was directing everyone to move things. I asked Lao Lu, "Lao Lu? How did you become the headmaster?" With these words, I saw a female classmate in my class who became a people's teacher here.


After visiting the school, I returned to my home and found more white hair on my grandma's head and more wrinkles on my mother's face. My mother smiled and said, "You are finally back. When will you leave this time?" I answered half crying and half laughing, "I will never leave again! I will always be at home!"


"The wind and cloud of my hometown..." I seem to have heard the beautiful song again, but it doesn't sound strange to him, because I'm still standing on the land of my hometown, enjoying the beautiful scenery of my hometown, and I love my hometown!

20年后的家鄉作文 篇6


Time flies. In a twinkling of an eye, 20 years have passed and I have returned from studying abroad. On the way back to my hometown, I was both excited and nervous. Now, I want to dedicate all the knowledge I have learned to my lovely hometown. I don't know what my hometown has become, but I'm curious.


When I set foot on the land where I left my hometown for 20 years, I felt an indescribable feeling.


This spotless road, lush trees and fresh air completely eliminated my fatigue. Look around, there are trees and trees. Below is a green lawn. There are flower beds of various shapes in the middle of the lawn. There are always many beautiful flowers in full bloom here. Bees and butterflies are flying in the flowers. A small river flows with a clear sound, and groups of small fish swim in the river. The desolation and poverty of my hometown have long disappeared. Instead, it is a resort with beautiful scenery and environmental protection.


Following the path, I came to the Green Botanical Garden. What caught my eye was a big fountain. The water column from the fountain was only two or three meters high and irrigated the vegetables around. There is a big fountain every 10 meters, and when it is sprayed in the air, countless dazzling rainbows are formed, which is very spectacular! Every short distance, there is a pavilion for people to rest. Around the pavilion, there are strawberries, figs and cherries all for people to eat..


You can sit in the pavilion, eat fresh fruits, and watch the beautiful scenery. The lush fruit trees and their delicious fruits are so close to nature.


I love my hometown, I love its scenery!

20年后的家鄉想象作文 篇7


"The sky is long and the sky is wide, and I feel deeply about my hometown." Time flies like an arrow. I have been away from my hometown for 20 years. Today, I finally have the opportunity to go home. I got on a private plane and returned to Pingdingshan, my hometown where I thought about things day and night.


Sitting on the plane, I remembered the scene 20 years ago. The garbage cans on the roadside were smelly. Every time I walked there, I had to block my nose. Every time I came home from school, I couldn't get there for 30 or 40 minutes


After a while, I got off the plane. Wow! I can't help but be attracted by the scene in front of me. The trash can that used to cover my nostrils has its own classification function and can also optimize the air, which is very convenient. People here call it "multi-function bucket". He has three buckets, on which there is a tray, connected with three very thick pipes. Garbage falls in from here, and there is a small robot to classify it.


At this time, a small car like a spaceship stopped in front of me, "Han Han, we are coming to pick you up!" The window fell down automatically, revealing the familiar face, "Mom and Dad, how do you know I'm back?" Then they pulled me into the car. "Is this still my old hometown?" Sitting in the car, I couldn't help sighing. "Silly boy, of course! Now every family has a car like this." Looking around carefully, I found that this car has many functions. It can not only fly, but also go into the water! And where you want to go, as long as voice input, the car will automatically help you plan the fastest route. "Hey, this car is really capable of everything!"


"Ding Ling, Ding Ling" An alarm rang. Suddenly, I had returned from the "Time Tunnel", but my hometown 20 years later has been deeply engraved in my heart.

20年后的家鄉作文 篇8


I took the time shuttle to my hometown 20 years later, and I was very excited.


When I walked into my hometown, I saw the dense woods along the road and a group of happy birds chirping in the trees, as if they were welcoming me. In the endless fields, the machine farmers are watering. The water near the stream is crystal clear. The buildings in the village are all new. They are either tall buildings or villas, which makes me relaxed and happy.


When I came to my house, the door god opened automatically. I went into the room and sat down. I was hungry. A menu screen immediately appeared above my head. Follow me to order, and then click. All the dishes appeared on the table. A machine chef came out of the kitchen and said, "Lin Dashao, this is your order. Please take your time!"! After I finished eating, I wanted to go out for a walk. This was a wormhole vehicle that sucked me in and took me to the beautiful and empty park.


It's getting dark every day. It's time for me to go home. I reluctantly returned to today by the time and space shuttle and returned to my present home. It was just a dream I expected. I believe that 20 years later, our motherland will be greener, our motherland will have more advanced science and technology, our motherland will be richer and stronger, and my hometown will also be more beautiful.

20年后我的家鄉作文 篇9


Time flies. Twenty years have passed in a twinkling of an eye. I have now become a professor and work abroad. I miss my hometown more and more. I miss all the trees and grass in my hometown, and my dream is lingering. I boarded the plane home to surprise my parents.


When I got off the plane, I felt very fresh. The village huts were replaced by beautiful and elegant high-rise buildings, and the dirty mud was invisible. There is heavy traffic on the wide and clean road. Compared with the muddy hut 20 years ago, this is a piece of sky and a piece of land. The speed of technological development really surprises me. The city river surrounds the city. In the sun, the water reflects the light of stars, birds, flowers and running water. All these are as beautiful as fairyland. The way home was surrounded by flowers and trees, which made the air fresh and refreshing.


When I came to my door, I found that this house was not the original low house, but a clean and tidy house. All the furniture in the house took on a new look and looked magnificent. When my parents saw me back, they rushed out to meet me. I smiled and asked them why the changes here were so great. My parents happily told me that in the past few years, when you went to work abroad, you had built many high-rise buildings. With the development and change of the times, our people have got rid of poverty! "Yes, what a beautiful hometown it is now! I never felt so carefree when I walked back. Under the shade of the tree, the crape myrtle is in full bloom. Oh, the purple osmanthus, this is the city flower of Xianyang! There are towering willows, green trees and red flowers on the river bank, and birds are singing songs. Everything is so natural and harmonious that I feel like a fog in the clouds. The beauty in front of me is a little unreal. People have to doubt that this is No is impossible.


This time, I left with excitement and excitement. I'm afraid the beauty of my hometown can only be shown in pictures, but I can't describe it in words. Ah, my hometown, I love you forever!

20年后我的家鄉作文 篇10


Time flies like an arrow. Twenty years have passed in a flash. Now I am a senior manager of the company. Recently, I returned to my hometown where I had been separated for a long time.


At six o'clock this morning, I was awakened by the smart alarm clock. So, after everything was ready, I returned to my hometown.


The current trash can is very magical. Just throw the garbage in, and within 3 seconds, it can automatically classify the garbage and put it in different areas. Today's garbage trucks are also fully automatic. Using advanced driverless systems, you can clean up all the garbage on the road while driving. Now, sanitation workers are no longer required to work hard. High end talents in sanitation and science and technology departments have been working hard to develop new technologies for the benefit of mankind.


Then I came to the fast walk. This kind of road is composed of tens of thousands of small steel balls. I just need to slide a few steps on it, and these steel balls will rotate at a high speed, quickly taking me anywhere. With this special road, cars that emit exhaust all day long have been eliminated.


"Air purification trees" are planted on both sides of the fast walking path. It is one of the new environment-friendly plants that scientists have worked hard to develop in recent years. "Air purification tree", as its name implies, can absorb all kinds of harmful gases, quickly convert them into nutrients needed by itself, and then thrive, revealing fresh air to human beings.


Walking on the fast walking road, I enjoyed the scenery along the way. Looking at such advanced technology, I can't help sighing in my heart: 20 years later, my hometown is really great, and technology has really changed people's lives!













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