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鄉村生活作文 篇1


I have wanted to go to the countryside since I was young, and I especially like the plants and grass there.


You think, the plants in the field are so novel. Walking in the field where food has been collected, you can occasionally pick up a few peanuts and corn kernels and hold them in your hand. We lay on the soft straw, with malt stalks in our mouths, looking up at the sky, picking beautiful flowers on the hillside, collecting some bird eggs, and occasionally picking some oranges and grapes in the countryside


Beside the willow tree, make a few willow flutes, and the sound will curl around the lake. Catch some shrimp, some fish, and some crabs by the river. Clouds are reflected on the lotus pond, and some lotus leaves are floating in the lake. You lie on the grass, listening to birds chirping, watching frogs jump around flexibly, and several butterflies flying in the flowers. If we stretch out our hands, we will surely catch one.


If you are on the farm, you can play with chickens and ducks. The fluffy and golden beaks of chickens are cute one by one. In addition, you can catch some eggs


There are many games, such as playing top, running down the hillside, kneading clay figurines, weaving straw hats


Therefore, the land in the countryside is warm and solid, just like the embrace of nature.

鄉村生活作文 篇2


Today is an unforgettable day for me. In the evening, the Xuantan Temple brigade was filled with people early in the morning.


Mother said that people from Zhaihao and Xiaodi would come to Xuantan Temple to perform. The performance began. The people from Zhaihao came on the stage to perform first. My little aunt led the dance. With her dancing with a fan, the fans of the whole dance team floated up. Their dancing posture was so beautiful and their movements were so coordinated. They changed into various patterns, which won applause from everyone.


Then the people from the bottom came on the stage, and they also welcomed the applause of the masses; Finally, the dance team of Xuantan Temple came on the stage, and my mother was one of them. Seeing my mother dancing in the dance team, I can't say how happy I am! I applauded for my mother, and there was even more applause around me.


Today's night is the happiest night I have ever had!

鄉村生活作文 篇3


I'm so happy today, because I'm going to visit my aunt in the countryside. When I got to my aunt's house, I saw a circle around the yard with nine hens.


I think hens lay eggs every day? I want to go in and see if there are any eggs? So I pushed open the wooden door and walked into the chicken house. The chicken house stinks! A few chickens were frightened and cried "cluck cluck". I saw a hen lying motionless in the grass nest in the corner. I want to see if there are any eggs under its body? I chased it with a fan, and the hen jumped up and ran away. An oval egg is lying quietly in the nest. I picked it up excitedly, but the eggs were still warm. I carefully held it in my hand, I was afraid that I might break it accidentally. The egg white is filled with powder, so beautiful! I happily held the egg in my hand, ran to my aunt and said, "I want to eat this fresh egg today."













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