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掃地作文 篇1


I saw it. I quickly brought a plastic cup, put it in front of him, and said with a smile: "Cut it in the cup!" But he raised his head and said, "I won't do it!" After saying that, he cut pencil crumbs all over the floor while walking. I stared at him, but he smiled and said, "He Yulu, the edict is coming! Please sweep the floor clean!" Looking at his funny appearance and listening to his humorous language, I was willing to sweep with a broom.


I put the broom on the ground and swept from the edge to the middle. In a short time, I swept it into a pile. The dustpan in my right hand and the broom in my left hand invite the garbage "baby" into the dustpan. "Mom" and "Dad" were moved by my "please" and obediently entered the dustpan, but the little babies were all naughty and refused to move. I can't help but pick them up one by one. After picking it up, look back at your fat hands, ah! It is too dirty to be dirty again. I thought: dirty hands, clean the ground, worth it!


Finally, I looked around and checked. I found that several "naughty" children got under the table, and I had to lie on the ground and climb under the table like a dog to meet them.


The floor was clean, and I became a dirty little kitten in the blink of an eye. The big mother and her sister saw it and smiled and said, "The little cat is working hard. Go and wash it!" I laughed at their words.

掃地作文 篇2

同學們,你們都幫媽媽做事情嗎?如果有就來寫一寫吧! 記得那一次,我在幫媽媽掃地。我把每個角落打掃地干干凈凈,把房間打掃地干干凈凈,把……媽媽也正在洗碗。 困難的事情發生了……我其他地方掃地挺好的,但就是這黑乎乎的臟東西掃不出來,我用手挖,挖不出來,我用腳擦,擦不出來,這事可急得我手忙腳亂,媽媽來了,對我說:“孩子,只要你在這黑乎乎上面灑點水,說不定就會洗得出來?!薄疤脟D”“太好嘍”我歡蹦亂跳,手舞足蹈地對媽媽高聲說。媽媽又說:“做人要用心,用心才能解決你的問題?!?我去廚房里打了水,一蹦一跳地來到房間里,哇??!輕松多了?。?!我左一掃,右一掃,終于掃出了這黑乎乎的臟東西。

Boys and girls, do you all help your mother? If so, please write it! I remember that time, I was helping my mother sweep the floor. I cleaned every corner, the room, and my mother was washing dishes. Difficult things have happened... I am good at sweeping the floor in other places, but it is the dark dirty things that can't be swept out. I can't dig them out with my hands, and I can't wipe them out with my feet. This matter has me in a hurry. My mother came and said to me, "My child, if you sprinkle some water on the dark things, you may be able to wash them out." "Great!" "Great!" I jumped happily and said loudly to my mother. Mother said again, "You should be careful, and only by doing so can you solve your problems." I went to the kitchen to fetch water, and jumped into the room, wow!! Much easier!!! I swept left and right, finally sweeping out the black dirt.


Soong Ching ling said, "Any achievement is the result of hard work." So I said this to my mother, and she smiled with understanding.

掃地作文 篇3


This noon, my mother bought several bags of crisp noodles from the supermarket. My sister wanted to eat them. My mother opened the crisp noodles and went to cook.


MEI MEI sat on the chair and ate the crisp noodles with her arms. It may be that the crisp noodles are easy to break and there are many flour dregs. As a result, MEI MEI leaks while eating, leaving the floor covered with crisp flour dregs.


When I saw the debris on the floor, I was not angry at all, but I was not a fan of composition CN can beat my dear sister because of this. Forget it. I'd better take the broom and sweep the floor. I sweep the ground bit by bit. Because the debris on the ground is very small, I was a little careless when sweeping. These "little naughty" are very easy to escape from the broom. It's summer now, and these foods are very easy to attract some insects. It will be much more troublesome to clean up these debris! The debris on the ground looks like sesame seeds sprinkled on the ground. From a distance, I don't think it is much. But when you sweep them together, I find there is so much garbage on the ground! When I finished sweeping the floor, I put the broom away and said, "So sweeping is also a technical job.".


In life, we should not underestimate anyone or anything. No matter how simple a thing is, it's great to be able to do it well.

掃地作文 篇4


There is a person in our class who likes to sweep the floor. He is Wang Shihao in our class. His voice is very loud. His voice is as loud as the director's voice with a big horn. He sweeps the floor very clean. He can't even find a particle of dust. Every time Little Red Riding Hood comes to check, he says, "It's good. It's really clean."


One day, the teacher said, "Wang Shihao will come back after dinner to sweep the floor." Wang Shihao did not say a word that he came back to clean the classroom after a quick meal. The teacher came back and said, "He cleaned the classroom very clean. I'll give you one point. He will come back to clean the floor after supper." He has always been responsible for the work on duty, and he doesn't dislike it at all.


He picked up the broom and began to sweep. He swept hard. He picked up the broom and started to work. He swept from one foot to one column and then to the classroom without saying a word, not letting go of even the smallest places. After the sweep, he will check again to see if there is any garbage. If there is garbage, he will do everything possible to dispose of it. He will do whatever the teacher asks him to do. He is not afraid of hard work at all. He also likes to be clean. When he finishes his work, he will take a mop to the side of the pier to get all the dirty things out.


He is very popular with teachers. He is also my good friend. I admire him very much because he sweeps the floor persistently and cleanly. That's why he is very popular with teachers.


I admire him very much.

掃地作文 篇5


Today, I helped my mother sweep the floor. I started to sweep from the kitchen door, thinking: I can't let go of every corner. I sweep the cleanest in my home.


After a while, I swept the floor clean, but I was tired and my back ached. I thought: No, I can't rest. I sweep the house cleanest. I continued to sweep again, and soon my room was clean. Not only that, my mother's room was also cleaned by me.


My back is sore and my legs cramp because of tiredness. Now I understand that it is not easy for my mother to work hard. I will often help my mother in the future... Please allow me to say to my mother here: "Mom, you have worked hard, thank you for everything you have done for me, thank you."



3.24名同學去敬老院打掃衛生。其中1/3的同學掃地,3/8的同學擦窗戶,其余的同學洗衣服。 ...










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