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五年級作文 篇1


"Hope, hope..." The annual June Day finally came. All the teachers and students of Dabei Street Primary School held a large-scale garden activity in the plastic playground. The school was decorated with lanterns everywhere, which was very beautiful.


First of all, Mr. Hou led us to play archery. At first, I thought it was easy. Later, I saw that only Deng Renfeng shot at the side of the bull's-eye, while others were bounced away even though they met. After a while, it was my turn to play. I walked forward with confidence, as if I was wrapped in a flaming fire. I hold the bow with my right hand and pull the string with my left hand. When I was about to open the bow and shoot an arrow, "What's wrong with you? It should be the bow with my left hand and the string with my right hand. "The teacher's words seemed like a basin of cold water poured on me, putting out the fire on my body, which made me very embarrassed. I really wanted to find a hole in the ground right away. After thinking for a while, I adjusted the order again. OK, now it's time to shoot arrows. I pull the string with my strength," whoosh "With a sound, the arrow left the string and flew towards the target, but it bounced away again. The second time, I relaxed a little. Although it did not bounce away, the arrow stuck to the ground. I walked away dejected, ready to go to the next game point.


I came to the game point of bench grabbing again. I looked at a long dragon like team, from long to short, from many to few. When it was my turn, I was very nervous. I thought: Will I lose again as I did at the beginning? As soon as the teacher whistled, we turned around the bench. As soon as the teacher blew, I quickly sat down and one person was eliminated. The second game started, and we turned around again. As soon as the teacher blew, I quickly sat down and another person was eliminated. In the last game, as soon as the teacher blew, I quickly sat down again. Ha ha, I won the chaotic war!

時間過得飛快,一眨眼六一兒童節游園活動就過去了,我雖然 https://m.d8qu.com/ 失敗了很多次,但是我也玩得很開心,在這里,我想再說一句話:“六一兒童節快樂?!?/p>

Time flies. In the twinkling of an eye, the International Children's Day garden tour passed. Although I have HTTPS://M.D8QU COM/failed many times, but I also had a good time. Here, I want to say one more word: "Happy International Children's Day."

五年級作文 篇2


On August 30, I left my home for the first time with my luggage. I was glad to escape the nagging of my parents, the noise of my siblings and live a quiet life. However, this is not the case. After several days of living on campus, my daily routine is like a war, and my daily life has been disrupted; There are many inconveniences when people live in one dormitory. At this time, but more importantly, the daily nagging of parents and cheerful cries of younger siblings are missing, and life is boring. Then I really felt how important home was to me. Although I didn't show homesickness in front of my classmates, I couldn't fool myself by thinking about home in my heart; Although everyone in the dorm gets along very harmoniously and happily, the younger siblings' childish coquetry voice is something they can't replace; Although there is a teacher's teaching and comfort every day, the parents' nagging voice is a perfect sound that can not be replaced by any sounds of nature. At this time, I didn't go home for a few days before I really felt the pain and inferiority of those children whose families had broken up. Compared with them, I have a happy home where I really feel the warmth.


I can't imagine what I will do when I stand at the door: will I shout excitedly? Will you cry with excitement? In this blurry daze, I saw my mother: she was cooking, looked up and found me, only a faint "you are back." But I knew the excitement from her eyes. And what I didn't expect was that I unexpectedly answered the sentence "Yes" calmly This is the first sentence I said when I went home with my relatives. Everything was so normal and peaceful. "Sister, you are back!" My younger brothers and sisters rushed at me with shouts. Although I greeted them with a smile, my tears ran around in my eyes and could only be swallowed secretly. After that, we will eat and talk. I can't show my infinite homesickness to my parents because they don't expect to see my daughter's weak side. I have always been the strongest child in the family. At this time, however, people are people after all, and their inner feelings will unconsciously follow your words and deeds. During the conversation, I realized the yearning and expectation in their words. At noon the next day, my mother seemed to add food unintentionally and intentionally. Only then did I deeply feel my mother's deep and selfless love hidden in her words and deeds, and realized that my original childishness was too much.


The one-and-a-half day holiday is short. I just want to cry when I say goodbye to my family. I don't know if the mother who waved away would cry? But I understand that home is the destiny of my life.

五年級作文 篇3


Spring is charming.


First, there was a slight spring breeze, which brought the most sincere blessing of spring. Then followed by a few clear bird calls, a burst of flute sound, sound of laughter... Spring will slowly come!


With the clear spring as the mirror, willow trees are flying their green long hair. It seems that green paint is painted on the top, making it look fresh and beautiful. The more you look at it, the more beautiful and lovely it is. It is really a bit of immortal! The willow trees are full of birds, chirping. It seems to say: "Spring is coming, and these trees have grown thick leaves. Let's stop to have a rest and chat."


The grass was also unwilling to lag behind, and tried hard to squeeze up. With difficulty and excitement, young green buds emerged. From afar, it looks like green handkerchiefs covering the earth and hillsides at will. When the spring wind blows, the grass bends over and looks at the vast areas full of new green, like a shy girl who is ecstatic in the wind.


Baiyun also came out for a walk. Look! Isn't that Uncle Ma Yun? It is practicing morning running! Eh? Who is that? Oh, it was the Monkey King! Is he going to make trouble in the Heavenly Palace?


Naturally, where there are clouds, there is usually a breeze. Wow, as soon as I went out, I bumped into the fragrant breeze. The breeze is winding around on your left and on your right


There is a breeze, and naturally there is a flowing water. As the saying goes, "a breeze and flowing water". Walking along the mountain stream from top to bottom, my face was splashed with water from time to time. well! This water splash monster is crystal clear and cool. It splashes on my body, but I still feel comfortable! I bent down to wash my face with the clear mountain spring. But I stopped, and then I saw a green leaf floating in the water. A few naughty fish, not knowing whether they are shy or not, hid under the leaves and played games with them. What's more funny is that there are several small ants on the leaves, probably climbing from the tree to the leaves! He actually sat on the leaf and danced, taking the leaf as a boat and drifting with the current. In response to this situation, I waved my sleeves and walked away quietly without taking a drop of water. I didn't want to wake up the silent beauty of spring.


Ah! The spring rain is coming. What should we do without an umbrella? It doesn't matter. It's raining, and then you have to be comfortable in the rain. Standing in the middle of the ground, the spring rain fell on my face. It was very cool. This rain moistens all things and revives all things. It has the reputation of "spring rain is as precious as oil". After a while, it will be sunny again. People came out of the house, hibernating animals woke up, and the earth became lively. A gust of wind blows, making people feel the slightly moist fragrance of soil, the fragrance of grass, and the delicate fragrance of flowers. Ah! The spring rain cleans everything. The earth is full of vitality and people are full of spirit. Yes, "Spring is the key to a year"!


Spring, spring scenery, how intoxicating and yearning!

小學五年級作文 篇4


Memory is a bottle without a lid, which is always full. After that, the water overflowed and gradually disappeared with the passage of time. But the mother's sentence: "You are such a small child that I really worry!" Always hovering in my mind.


I want to retort loudly: "Mom, I am ten years old, and I can finish the things you ask of me very well. Why am I still a child?"


It was not until that day that I really understood what my mother meant


In order to prepare for the final exam, I did a lot of preparation. Getting up early and reading is one of them.


It was still not bright, but the kitchen light was on, and from it came a burst of fragrance, "That's the poached eggs we must eat every morning", I thought. The mother's busy appearance in front of the stove every day emerged in her mind. "Cough, cough..." A sudden cough startled me. I looked into the room and didn't see my mother's familiar figure. Instead, I found her squatting on the ground, coughing all the time. Looking back on yesterday, my mother seems to have said that the weather has turned cold these days. Tears welled up. I knew my mother didn't want to see my tears, so I turned around and left quietly


My heart is aching. My mother has wrinkles and white hair for this family! I tasted my mother's skills carefully and then went to school. That day, I came home very late. Holding a bag of medicine with both hands, I poured a glass of water and put them beside my mother's bed.


Night comes again quietly. I tossed and turned in bed and couldn't sleep. My mind is full of my mother's thin figure


The next day, I got up earlier than usual and came to the kitchen. I was not very skilled in stir frying the poached eggs, and finally it was OK. But I found, why hasn't my mother moved yet? Turning around, I saw my mother standing behind, with a loving smile on her face, but two lines of Qingjian's tears were flowing. I snuggled into my mother's arms


Mother stroked my head with her thin but warm hand and said, "Rong'er, you are really grown up."


On this day, I really found myself growing up. Thank your mother for her endless kindness













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