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我看人生作文 篇1


"Take me out to play? Go to Baiyun Temple? No, it's late. Walk in the street?!"


Xiangzi refused to go. He felt ashamed to take such a wife out. He was more afraid of being seen by other rickshaw drivers. He was indecent and muttered behind his back. Later, Tigress did not want Xiangzi to pull the cart, but satisfied herself with all that Xiangzi hated, making Xiangzi's "family" life more difficult. Tigress asked that question even more: it made Old Man Liu, everyone and the rickshaw driver think that he was greedy for money and that he was under the pressure of his wife.


He is too bitter and shameful. This is a weakness of his character and that of others: he wants to strangle her neck with both hands, strangle everything, and then wipe it off himself.


They are not human beings and must die; He himself is not a man, and he is dead, so we don't need to live! " This short sentence shows that he was sad all his life (but why didn't he die?)


I also thought that his shortcomings really made him degenerate, and there was no other reason; He is weak and incompetent, and he is stubborn. He never absorbs any opinions from anyone, whether close or not. He didn't accept all the ideas of Gao Ma, Tigress and the old rickshaw driver. Money is like a ring. It's always good for you. The opposite of "success" is Fourth Master Liu's shrewdness: he doesn't pull a car, nor does he work hard. He eats by heart.


After his marriage, he had to pull the car harder and harder, which made him become such a "demon" who ate human blood in the "family". You have the power to be a slave to others: a plaything for your wife and a slave to your father-in-law. A person is just a crow, singing for others, but will be sold at any time. Xiangzi's life became more difficult.


In the final analysis, I would like to say that Xiangzi became a proletarian beggar for social reasons as well as for his own reasons, such as cowardice and incompetence, impulsive and wrong choice, stubborn and not listening to others.


Although Xiangzi was a social tragedy, he was also a personal tragedy. Tragic life, what's less in today's society?

我看人生作文 篇2


What is life? Life is a brick of architectural history; Life is a beautiful flower; Life is a winding and bumpy path... It is viewed from different angles. People's opinions are also different.


As the saying goes, "Life is like a play". On the stage of the world, everyone plays different roles in the play. There are ups and downs, joys and sorrows, as well as vicissitudes of life in the play. This play has been performed since the beginning of youth, and has been performed until the end of life. I'm afraid no one knows what storms people will experience in their life. Success and failure, hardship and ease, all things related to life seem to appear at every time or place, thus changing a person's life. Life is really unknown, so people always sigh loudly about the unknown of life and destiny. There is a huge crowd. Although all of them are actors and perform on the same stage, one person can be the audience of another person and the audience of the previous person. People evaluate your performance, and who doesn't want to perform this play well will be praised. The success of this play depends mainly on yourself. We should believe that people who start from the bottom of life can also go to the top of the realm of life as long as they have a heart of transcendence and a strong will.


As time goes by, a person's life is short, and decades of time is just a moment in history. Life is for everyone only once. In this play, you should play the leading role instead of the clown. You should play a comedy instead of a tragedy. It is like a huge wave, which makes people look solemn in the ordinary and bright in the dark. Life is short, youth is perishable. Pull the strings calmly and play the strongest sound of life. Young friends are encouraged to live up to the beautiful scenery on a beautiful day and make a remarkable life on the stage of life.

我看人生作文 篇3


Balzac once said that life is different. Change is composed of endless pain and joy.


I think that people themselves are a kind of pain, and there is no word to describe its potential taste. Only when you really experience the great joys and sorrows of life, can you feel the torture of fate, which can be integrated into the blood, slowly dissolved, walked around the body, and immersed in the bone marrow.


All kinds of changes and blows in life are like a sharp wind blowing into the skin and our bones. They are so unforgettable and unforgettable.


But happiness, like a warm and genial breeze, gently blows, leaving no trace, fleeting, and the most perfect happiness can only be presented in memories.


Once I was still young, I didn't want to touch and remember the pain, but I just wanted to cherish the happiness in my growth. But now I finally understand that the pain can motivate me to grow, and only by remembering those unforgettable things can I go on my life in the future.


When you think you can't get money, honor, healthy body and love, don't think you have nothing. When you face difficulties and do not shrink back from them, you will have the most valuable wealth in life, courage and perseverance to face difficulties. Those memories that belong to you will be the cornerstone of your success.


Some people say that life is a train, fate will let us know each other, and through each platform, there will be people getting on and off the train, so cycle, everyone is going to their destination. I have always liked this sentence. It really represents our life. With the company of these people on the stormy road, the wandering dream in my heart will not be dim.


Only after experiencing the pain, changes and happiness, can life be true.













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