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初一作文500字 篇1


I am a seventh grade student in our school. Although I only studied, lived and played in this beautiful campus for one year. But every inch of land and every scene on the campus left me deep memories, some happy, some happy. Every morning, I go to school with the chirping of birds; Every afternoon, I leave school with the glory of the sunset. Unconsciously, the school is just like another home to me.


It is inevitable that there are some shortcomings in our home. Recently, we always hear the dripping sound of the tap, always see the melon peel under the big tree, always see the deep footprints on the grass, always see the candy wrapping paper on the playground


As a student of our school, as a member of this big family, I put forward several suggestions, hoping that the school leaders can take time out of their busy schedule to have a look:


1、 At the faucet, attach an advertising slogan about cherishing water source, so that students can tighten the faucet after using up the water. Don't waste any drop of water on the earth, nor let the water fee be wasted.


2、 Put up advertising slogans about protecting flowers and trees on the lawn, flower beds and under big trees. If students do not pay attention to or understand the advertising slogans, timely educate them to correct the shortcoming of trampling on flowers and trees. If students do not correct or listen to advice repeatedly, they will be criticized or punished.


3、 One or more dustbins are placed everywhere on the stairs, the playground and the whole school, and advertising slogans about health protection and environmental protection are posted. If there are still students who insist on throwing garbage on the ground, they will be punished by sweeping the playground or other places for one month.


The above is my suggestion. If there are any mistakes or shortcomings, I hope the school leaders can give criticism. If it can be implemented, I hope it can be adopted.


Wish the school more beautiful in the future!

初一滿分作文500字 篇2


A round head, a round face, bright eyes, and a flat nose make a lovely me. I am a small fan of books. As soon as I read a book, the whole world seemed to disappear, so I got into the story.


In recent years, I like reading, and found that there are some mysteries in the book that we do not know. Bad mood is to turn over a book, which will make people forget the sad and boring things; Happy mood is to read a book, which makes people feel that reading is like walking into a dream. In short, books are an indispensable part of my life.


Once, when I was reading at home, my mother wanted to buy vegetables, she said to me: "Now there is water on the gas stove. After about ten minutes of boiling, turn off the gas stove, you know?" I nodded hurriedly and said: "OK, you can rest assured! Here is for me." As soon as the voice dropped, I continued to read my novel. I slowly turned page by page, and unconsciously an hour passed. When I looked at it, my eyelids drooped and I fell asleep. After a while, I felt my mouth was dry, so I ran to the kitchen. Once I entered, there was smoke in the kitchen, and the boiled water was almost dry. I quickly ran over, picked up the kettle and took a big blister on my hand. I cried in pain. It happened that my mother came back. When she saw this scene, she immediately turned off the gas stove and opened the window. When she saw the blister on my hand, she put my hand in cold water, He said, "Son, you must have forgotten the time when you read a book, and didn't notice when the water was boiling. You must remember and arrange the things you promised others in the future. Just like what you promised your mother today, if you are afraid of forgetting, you should take the book and read it in the kitchen, so that it won't happen just now." I nodded repeatedly.


This is me, a small fan.

初一作文500字 篇3


When I am sad, there will always be such a person to encourage me; Whenever I encounter a difficult problem that I don't understand, someone will teach me carefully; Whenever I study and progress, there is always a person who will show a knowing smile; Whenever I


He is my teacher, Miss Yang. He is medium height and has a pair of kind eyes under two thick black eyebrows.


Miss Yang has a pair of talking eyes. In class, when I am still talking to others, he will cast an alert eye, and I feel that, I will consciously close my mouth; When I was sad because I didn't do well in the exam, he would give me a look of encouragement.


I remember one time when one of our classmates fell down carelessly in our PE class, and his leg was bleeding with red blood. When Mr. Yang knew about it, he immediately walked to the playground. After asking, he quickly applied hemostatic medicine to the wound. He was relieved when he saw that the blood had stopped, which showed how much Mr. Yang loved us.


Teacher, you are a hard-working gardener. You have worked hard for us to "prune and cut leaves", so that we can have a brighter and more colorful flower.


Teacher, you are a red candle, burning yourself and lighting up the road of life for others.


Teacher, you are more like the unknown roots, which make the small trees grow up and make the branches full of rich fruits, but you don't want any reward.


The teacher is the fire that ignites the students' hearts; The teacher is a stone step, bearing the students step by step to climb up; The teacher is


If I were a poet, I would write poems full of enthusiasm to praise the vastness and magnificence of the sea. And dedicate it to you, my teacher with broad mind and rich knowledge.


"The silks of spring silkworms will be exhausted when they die, and the wax torches will become ashes and tears will dry". This is a poem about the teacher. I think the teacher is the leading wild goose. He is more powerful than a candle and can fly with us in the sky.

初一滿分作文500字 篇4


My hometown is in Wuhu. There are three beautiful seasons in a year: everything recovers in spring; In summer, cicadas sing and frogs sing; Maple leaves are like fire in autumn. But winter is the only one that people dare not approach.


The gloomy sky is lifeless, the howling cold wind is ferocious, the sturdy trees are shaking bare branches, and the windows of large people are "popping". People huddled down and walked slowly along the road, with only a pair of pathfinding eyes wrapped around their bodies and squinting from time to time. The slightly warmer air is probably the hot air exhaled from people's mouth and nose!


If that's all, the winter in Wuhu is not too bad. What I hate most is the endless rain. The rain drops floated down from the gray sky and then fell on people's faces, making their faces, which were already red with cold, feel a piercing coolness again.


But the rain was also mixed with small snowflakes, which made people love and hate each other. It was not easy to get a heavy snow, but after it fell, it was melted by the water on the ground. The white snow like willow catkins tried to cover the ground again and again, but it was frozen by the annoying rain again and again. If you ask me, the snow was really inflexible, and gave up after several failures, which made people happy because of the snow.


The street lamps on the street are surrounded by frost, giving out a little useless light. It seems that the normally active wild dogs are also suffering from this winter, without any vitality. They lie on the road and are often awakened by passing vehicles.


Flowers, trees, animals and common people sighed and looked forward to the early arrival of spring. The yearning notes together made a sentence: If Wuhu's winter comes, will spring be far behind?

精選七年級作文400字 篇5


It is often seen in spring, summer, autumn and winter every year, but I have a special preference for spring, which is a symbol of beauty. It is the time when everything wakes up and happiness begins.


I like spring. It makes me happy and makes me forget my troubles. I like to listen to the songs of spring. I like to wake up in spring. It does not wither everything in winter, it does not make people tired in summer, and it does not make people feel unhappy in autumn. It is the most lovely in the four seasons. It welcomes us into its world. It is willing to share happiness with us. She is not selfish and proud. It often silently contributes to us. Birds fly in their world, never blocking them. It likes animals and us to break into its world.


It often said to me, "Come to my world and feel happy, son."


I can't help running into the perfect world in my dream.


When I am sad, I often come to this perfect world to take a walk, shout loudly, vent my unhappiness, and forget my troubles. We are like bosom friends. Our friendship is indescribable. We all care about each other.


When we parted, he would also smile and say to me: "Let's play next time. My family has guests. I will come to visit you after Dongbo, Xiajie and Qiuge leave."


I will be reluctant to part, but I will also watch it return. If it has not come to me for too long, I will be angry and complain to it.


However, it will also be angry with me. It will make my clothes wet and make me wash them again. At this time, I begin to hate you.


But after a while, we made up again.


We just make noise and live happily.

從初一走來 篇6


What can we do in a year? Small saplings can grow very tall, ginkgo leaves can turn green and yellow, and little babies can learn to lie down, climb and even walk slowly... And I, one year later, have also successfully walked from the first day of junior high to the second day of junior high.


What have I learned from the first day of junior high?


First, I turned to my first grade report card, which recorded in detail how well I mastered each subject. From the above, it can be seen that my mathematical mastery is relatively perfect. English, on the other hand, needs to work harder so that it will not fall behind.

除此之外,我還在初一學習到了許多課本外的知識:和同學們一起去義務勞動,親身體驗“誰知盤中餐,粒粒皆辛苦 ”;參加軍訓,讓我明白了應該遵守紀律;尊敬老師,愛戴同學,讓我收獲了許多友誼;運動比賽,讓我知道了什么是運動精神……這些,使我的初滿分作文網一生活很充實,很快樂。

In addition, I also learned a lot of knowledge beyond textbooks in the first day of junior high school: I went to voluntary labor with my classmates to experience firsthand "who knows that every meal is hard"; Taking part in military training made me understand that I should abide by discipline; I have gained a lot of friendship by respecting my teachers and loving my classmates; Sports competitions let me know what sportsmanship is... These made my life full and happy.


In the first day of junior high school, what impressed me most was that I went to the practice base to study.

那次學習,我們去到了實踐基地。在那里,我們了解到了在平日里學不到的東西。教官讓我玩兒了一個游戲 。這個游戲其實很簡單,就是大家一起蹲下去,再站起來。這個游戲它不僅考驗的是耐力,還有整個班級合作時的團體,大家一開始并不會怎么配合,但是大家也沒有互相抱怨,而是在自己的身上找到原因后,再來一次。在這次活動中,我看到了班中的同學團結友愛,一起積極向上的樣子,也學會了如何與大家合作。 人總是要向前看的,既然初一已經過去了,那么我就應該帶著初一已經學習過的經驗,總結積累,向著初二大步邁去!

In that study, we went to the practice base. There, we learned what we could not learn in ordinary days. The instructor let me play a game. This game is actually very simple, that is, everyone squats down together and stands up again. This game is not only a test of endurance, but also a test of the whole class's cooperation. At the beginning, we did not cooperate very much, but we did not complain about each other. Instead, we found the reason in our own body and tried again. In this activity, I saw that the students in the class were united, friendly and positive together, and learned how to cooperate with everyone. People should always look forward. Since the first day of junior high has passed, I should take the experience I have learned in the first day of junior high, sum up and accumulate, and take a big step towards the second day of junior high!

記敘文初一作文600字 篇7


After receiving the notice of spring outing on Friday, I jumped three feet high. I couldn't sleep last night. I really wanted to go to the Botanical Garden, the destination of spring outing right away!


When we arrived at the Botanical Garden, we had lunch first. With the approval of Mr. Chen, our first group went to a nearby hillside. Unexpectedly, Zhang Bowen was also here. Guo Zi, He Sihan and Du Mengzhen went to play with Zhang Bowen. I said to Guo Zi, "Let's go to the mountains first!" Then walk up the path with Jin Jiayi and Ye Xinyi.


The path is a circle, we return to the starting point, and go to the opposite path. How beautiful it is here! There are pink and pink roses. Here and there, there are many. The green carpet makes us exclaim in unison: this is a fairyland! After walking for a while, we saw a rope and didn't care, but when we walked in, it was a huge __! At first glance, there is a huge poisonous spider made of tree trunks next to it! We were so scared that we started to run. With this speed, the 50 meter run in PE class will become a flying man!


Then we went to Yuquan Yuyue. The air was so fresh when we walked in. Take a closer look at the water here. It's really green. It's as green as jade; The water here is so quiet that only layers of microwave can be seen; The water here is so clear that you can see the sand and stone at the bottom of the pool


Jin Jiayi and Ye Xinyi found some stones leading to the island in the middle and walked over. Hold a handful of water at the edge of the island. It's so cool and comfortable! There is a mountain over there. It may be the mountain we just walked through. But there are rocks from the island to the mountain, but the water has not passed there, and only a few places are exposed on the water. So we jumped over and looked like emperor penguins from a distance. How funny!


But there were several ropes tied to the tree on the mountain, so I knew there was __, Turning around, we ran to another pool. The fish were too big. They were black, red and flowery.


I have to go back to gather and enter the Spider Garden again. I hate it! We rushed to the front and dared not look back!


Time flies. Goodbye, a short spring outing

精選七年級作文400字 篇8


Time is fleeting. In the twinkling of an eye, a year has passed and the New Year is coming.


I walked into the house excitedly and said hello to my relatives, but except for a few people who responded to me, all of them focused on their mobile phones, either giggling, gloating, or gnashing their teeth.


I sat down and looked at those people who played mobile phones with dissatisfaction: cut, you know how to play mobile phones, a group of heads bowed. The good mood of the New Year has just been swept away. In this quiet house, where there is almost only the sound of fingers tapping on the screen, everything is so dull and silent. There was no laughter, only the "Da Da" sound.


I finally couldn't stay any longer. I got up and went out of the house to breathe, and wandered aimlessly in the courtyard of the community.


Alas, this year has been really boring. In the past, we gathered together and talked and laughed. How happy we were! There is a strong flavor of New Year everywhere. I can't help thinking


"Ah, you are here. Go back and have a reunion dinner!" Grandma shouted at me.


I ran into the house again and was pleasantly surprised to see that relatives at the dinner table put down their mobile phones in response to Grandma's call. I sat down happily and watched the dishes with all kinds of colors, flavors and flavors being served one by one. You pushed me to make it lively. A smell of food and a trace of happiness and joy of reunion enveloped me instantly. My heart also swelled with happiness and joy because of this happiness and joy; Perhaps the happiness and happiness of relatives who put down their mobile phones and gathered together happily is the taste of New Year!


I hope that the coming year will also have such a kind and familiar flavor!

初一作文500字 篇9


When I finished my homework and had a rest, I habitually looked out of the window. But the scene outside the window seemed strange. The tall and straight trees near the park disappeared. Only an old wutong tree was left, and the lush green grass was gone. The scene of children playing football on it was still vivid. They were replaced by a disgusting construction site, even though there was a dust-proof cloth on the ground. But the old wutong tree next to the construction site is still covered with dust. In order to get more money,


For his own sake, he mercilessly hurt the elderly Earth Mother, and the ground was dug up one by one


Big hole. I seem to have heard the crying of the earth. The old digger worked hard to see that the orange coat had also become mottled. Workers in helmets are very conspicuous in the pits. In my opinion, it is a sign of danger. The dilapidated old house near the construction site looks at everything on the ground with its empty eyes open. It seems that it can be used now. The cicadas on the tree sang in unison, which was not very pleasant, but I seemed to be able to hear that they were protesting against all this. From time to time, several sparrows flew across the blue sky. At a glance, it looks like a watercolor painting of color words. Only the light wind blows from time to time, blowing leaves and grass, bringing people and animals a little cool.


Seeing this scene, I recalled the appearance of the new county town, the spacious highway and the poplar trees beside the road had been dry mouthed and thirsty. The sky there is very small, because what you look up is always tall buildings. I remember my mother once said that when they were young, the TV tower was already very high. Now we are used to seeing several hundred meters and dozens of floors of buildings


How important is a house? What people pursue is just the opposite of the nature that nurtures us. People ignore the environment. Nature, few people care why the sky turns gray


Yes. And we teenagers should protect the nature and the Earth Mother!

精選七年級作文600字 篇10


We all have dreams. We are hot blooded teenagers!


Dear teenagers, please don't give up on the way to pursue your dreams. Tired, take a rest and look back at the footprints of your growth; Pain, cry, dry your tears and move on; If you fall, don't cry, pat the dust on your body and give yourself a smile... whose youth has no grievances; Whose youth is not unwilling; Whose youth has not failed? There are tears and laughter, bitterness and sweetness, division and combination, gains and losses... This is called youth. Burn it for yourself, young man.


Dear teenagers, on the way to the door of dreams, there will always be a group of people who will bring you joy and move you. They are called "brothers". I particularly like Li Yuchun's saying that "the most important thing for a team is to have a team of flesh and blood!" So, please cherish the group of partners around you. You are one, you are a team, a team with a soul. For friends, burn it young.


Dear teenagers, learn to be brave in the face of challenges. Don't be afraid, but try to achieve it with a positive attitude. No matter how bumpy the road ahead is, how difficult the postgraduate entrance examination is, and how cruel the reality is, we must move forward, because the most beautiful flowers always bloom after the storm and become a beautiful rainbow in the sky. There is still a long way to go in the future. Step by step, little by little, you will succeed one day. In order to dream, burn it young.


Dear young people, in the face of adversity, don't be discouraged and achieve the ultimate goal. Kill yourself and become a new person. I believe in myself, affirm myself, surpass myself, and present a different and unique self. Tell yourself you can do it, and give yourself the courage to continue. Be the most real yourself. Stick to yourself, never forget your original intention, and move forward all the way. In order to succeed, burn the boy.


Burn it, boy! Go forward bravely for the dream! Give yourself a youth without regret! come on.













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