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以站起來為話題的高中作文 篇1


Looking back on yesterday, we experienced many hardships; Stopping today, we have experienced many ups and downs; Looking ahead, we are shouldering the heavy task of rejuvenating China. How can we be careless.



No matter from which topic, I can always see four words - "Start with me". To revive China, we should also start from ourselves, from the little things around us, and from every detail.


You can plant trees on the side of the road where the smoke is billowing, so that the place where the carbon dioxide is running is a little vibrant green. Let trees conduct photosynthesis, make the air fresh, and make the environment natural. If everyone dedicates their own strength, labor and sweat, every little makes a mickle, and every corner of our motherland will become beautiful and natural. This is something that everyone is capable of and qualified to do.


The motherland is like a big beehive, with thousands of holes. The bees have to work hard to make the hive more perfect and comfortable. And we are just like these bees, playing their own strengths, to fill some of the shortcomings of the motherland. So now we should lay our own foundation, choose our own interests, learn well, and not give up halfway. All we need to do is listen carefully in class, finish our homework carefully, and pay attention to moral cultivation. It's not difficult to do these.




Of course, our strength alone is not enough. We also need to attract more people to join our industry - to revive China and let more people know our plan - starting from me. Pay more attention to the bad factors in society. You can say to an uncle who litters with paper scraps, "Everyone is responsible for protecting the environment." You can loudly accuse an aunt who is about to put her hand into someone else's bag on the bus, "It's shameful for you to do this." You can say to an aunt who only charges a few cents less when buying vegetables, "You should have a broad mind"; Then you explain to them where they are wrong, what they should do, and let them join us, saying to them "more people, more power"




Some things need to be publicized vigorously, but some things only need to be passed on, and they need to be passed on by the heart. There is a poem that says, "The heart has a clear understanding", because every Chinese people has this belief in their hearts, so everyone understands.



The future is still very uncertain, so we should grasp the present. To rejuvenate China, I have always believed that it is better to start from now, from small things, from details, and from me to start with lofty ideals.


It is believed that in the future, our motherland will stand up and all difficulties will be floating clouds. As Wang Anshi said, "We are not afraid of floating clouds to cover our eyes, but only because we are at the highest level", because we have surpassed everything and are not afraid of floating clouds to cover our sight.




Stand up! China!

以站起來為話題的高中作文 篇2


The bloodstains on the cloth, the bullet holes on the towers, and the history of humiliation on the books - China 60 years ago was trampled on by the so-called powers.


On October 1, 1949, Chairman Mao Zedong solemnly and proudly announced to the world on the Tiananmen Gate tower in Beijing: "The Central People's Government of the People's Republic of China has been established today! The Chinese people have stood up!" The whole country is celebrating the arrival of this moment.


Some people say: If a person has no backbone, he will not stand and walk; If a country loses its backbone, it can only submit to others' feet and crawl.


Once upon a time, shopping for food on the street was also subject to ticket evaluation. In such an era of voucher supply, it is a distant dream for a child to wear a new dress and eat a mouthful of lean meat. In the 1960s and 1970s, materials were extremely scarce. A small piece of brown sugar or tofu milk became a snack for children to share. And that delicious eating is no less exciting than the children's excitement of eating the latest snacks. Now, Suguo Supermarket can be seen everywhere, and the food shelves are full of beautiful things. You can even eat hot pizza with a phone call. Brown sugar and tofu milk, which were once treasured by the older generation, have long been replaced by new and new "faces" like KFC and McDonald's.


Disasters can bury great mountains and rivers and destroy people's bodies, but they cannot defeat faith and courage. They are firm and fearless. May 12, 2008 is a very painful day for all Chinese people. I don't know how many people lost their dear ones in this sudden disaster. Are Chinese intimidated by difficulties? No, they didn't! The Chinese stood up in the misery! Less than three months later, China hosted the incomparable 29th Olympic Games, which shocked the world. On the competition field, the Chinese athletes showed the Chinese people's perseverance to the people of all countries with their vigorous posture and confident style. Tell the people of the world that the Chinese are no longer the "sick man of East Asia" 60 years ago, but declare to the world as winners: Chinese, stand up!


In the past 60 years, China has changed a lot. Today, he can communicate and learn from former great powers like Britain and the United States. He can proudly say: China, stand up!

以站起來為話題的高中作文 篇3

繽紛的花園里,香氣撲鼻。濃艷的花朵上,寫滿自信?!白孕湃松倌?,會當擊水三千尺?!泵珴蓶|同志就在這種信念下,為中國的成立付出一生心血,流芳百世。人們在敬仰他的同時,想到了這位偉人背后的辛酸了嗎?在戰場上,一次又一次地傳來的至親之人戰死…作文迷 .cn…的消息,他的心不痛?他的心不抖么?相信這位巨人的心里,仍有一個脆弱的角落。但是,他卻懂得在痛苦面前一再站起來,這一站,決定了他不朽的人生。

In the colorful garden, the fragrance is overwhelming. The colorful flowers are full of confidence. "Be confident that if you live 200 years, you will hit 3000 feet of water." Comrade Mao Zedong devoted his whole life to the founding of China with this belief, and his fame will last forever. When people admire him, do they think of the bitterness behind this great man? On the battlefield, the news that close relatives died in battle again and again... composition fans. CN... did he feel sad? Does his heart not shake? I believe that there is still a fragile corner in the giant's heart. However, he learned to stand up again and again in front of pain, which determined his immortal life.


Needless to say, great people, even if we are already sitting in the examination room, do not we come through setbacks and challenges? In the life of the third day of the year, we, holding different dreams, stood on the same starting line and ran with the wind for the dream that was a cloud on the summit for us. Our firm belief is our direction.


Emerson said, "You see shadows only because you keep your head down." Maybe someone retorts: No, we see the shadow only because we failed. Undoubtedly, the failure will indicate that our next step will be darker and more difficult. However, this is just a common symptom. Besides, it cannot become a truth or a law. Just like Beethoven, deafness means the end of a musician's musical life, but he can challenge new works with his touch and feeling without being knocked down. It is conceivable that difficulties and frustrations are endless, but is Beethoven afraid? Just because we are not afraid, we can stand up, stand up again, and stand up again after hitting the wall again and again. Only because of our firm belief, can the symphony of life resound for centuries be born.


My friend, you are not those great people, but you can have the courage and faith to "stand up again", as long as you are willing to work hard and believe that the rainbow will always come after the rain.


Please learn to stand up after setbacks, stand up again, once.


Postscript: Flowers fall, and there are green leaves; With withered leaves, there are still luxuriant and brilliant branches; The branches are broken, and there are deep and simple roots; The roots are rotten and the seeds are full of hope. As long as you know how to "stand up again", you can have a beautiful life.













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