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給我一雙翅膀作文 篇1


If one day I have wings, what will happen


I step in the clouds, the clouds are soft, there is a kind of dreamy feeling!


The angel flew by and asked me what I wanted to achieve. I thought for a moment, looked at the angel and asked foolishly, "I want a pair of wings, can I?"


The angel smiled and said, "Of course!" I saw the most beautiful and pure smile in the world!


The angel waved the magic wand in his hand, as if I felt my blood flowing rapidly. A layer of light surrounded me, and I saw the wings flying, surging behind me, and I grew a pair of white wings, which looked beautiful and pure!


The angel smiled and said, "OK! Bye bye, good luck!" Before I could thank him, he flew away.

我開心的抖了抖身后的翅膀,覺得和之前有些不一樣了,有種奇妙的感覺,翅膀在身后并不重,柔柔的, 我想飛時,它會自動扇起來,好奇妙的感覺!

I was happy to shake my wings behind me. I felt a little different from before. I had a wonderful feeling. The wings were not heavy behind me. They were soft. When I wanted to fly, they would automatically fan up. What a wonderful feeling!


After a while, I roughly mastered how to fly, and began to fly freely in the sky!


I flapped my wings, feeling the temperature of the wind and the softness of the clouds. I will sit on the cloud and play, and chat and play with the birds!


When I looked down from the sky, the world became very beautiful and everything was shrunk. I enjoyed it and fell asleep in the clouds.


"Hoo hoo hoo -" I stretched lazily and slept soundly! I was surprised to find that my wings were gone


The angel was beside me and looked at me with a smile: "We met again! This time I came to take back my gift. This time, I came here to let you know that we don't necessarily have real wings! Do you know what I mean?"


I thought for a while and said, "Well, I know! In fact, we can also plug in the wings of dreams, so that we will be happier!"


"Hmm." The angel smiled and replied. Then he flew away


Yes, there is no free lunch in the world. We should work hard for our dreams and put wings on them!

給我一雙翅膀作文 篇2


Hi! My friends, have you seen my wings? The size of the wings is about 30 square meters, white as snow. This pair of wings was lost 11 years ago when I was an alien. One day, I heard my uncle on the planet say: "It's fun on the earth, green mountains and green waters, beautiful." Hearing this, I flew to the earth in a hurry. But who knows that there is gravity on the ground, and I will fall quickly when I am so high from the ground. I closed my eyes in despair.


When I opened my eyes again, I suddenly found that my body had become delicate. Look at me in the mirror. I'm so silly and cute! Eh? Where are my wings?


When I was five or six years old, I shouted for wings, but my mother not only didn't look for them for me, but smiled and said, "Silly boy, play at the same time." I ducked and walked away.


Now I'm in the fifth grade, and the pressure of learning is much heavier. I can't breathe under the pressure of exams and homework. I study every day in addition to studying. If you get your wings back, you can do whatever you want. Sometimes, under the banner of going to the bookstore to read, I go to the countryside to play and breathe fresh air. When my parents went to the bookstore to check whether I was reading, I flew back and pretended to read. How about I'm smart.


Before I came to the earth, I was a magician on the candy planet (a planet not yet discovered by earth scientists). At that time, I was the most respected magician on the planet, because my magic was the most magical, and all these were brought by the wings. Speaking of this pair of wings, I have to start from 100,000 years ago: I was just born at that time. Although every citizen will have wings a minute after birth, I do not have wings. Wherever I go, people will laugh at me and say I am a monster. Fortunately, a respected magician cared about me. One day, when I went to the famous Fruit Mountain to play, I overheard a secret: In the depths of the Fruit Mountain, there lived a wicked devil. Anyone who killed him could get a pair of wings, which could help you realize all your dreams. I decided to give it a try, prepare the "secret weapon" - candy, and go to the deepest. When I arrived at my destination, I suddenly saw a "monster" blowing fire at a young man. "It's disgusting." I said unfairly in my heart, and I quickly used the green move - "Eighteen Lemon Palms". The devil couldn't stand the acid force and fell down at once. Seeing this situation, I hurried to feed him with rat medicine. At last, my kung fu is good enough for those who want it. I got these wings easily. Since then, I have become good friends with Wings. But when we arrived on the earth, I could not find wings.


My friends, I got the wings after a lot of hardships. Please help me.

給我一雙翅膀作文 篇3


I will forget winter and go to spring. I also remember meeting you again.


To be honest, I don't remember how I met you. I don't remember which one of us spoke first. Maybe it was because I thought we were strangers.


When did you become familiar with it. I can't remember. I feel speechless about myself. Ha ha ha.


You are also very good tempered. Maybe this is one of the reasons why you withdraw from the Internet again and again because of your friends. I'm worried every time you leave the Internet. No reply to personal messages, comments or QQ. One time, you also took photos - there were many wounds on your arm and a knife beside it.


How can you be so stupid? My little wings. You can't do this anymore.


Sometimes, especially when you are unhappy. You can look through the topics and comments in the sentences when you are sad. The world is worth it. You will find that there are so many people who love you and care about you. If I can, I really want to love you.


The first time I sent you a text message, you must have not received it. When I input your phone number, I gave the wrong number with shaking hands. As a result, after sending the text message, I soon received a reply, "I don't know you, did you find the wrong person?" Then I looked at the phone number again. Only then did I find that it was wrong.


The first time I called you, your mobile phone was turned off. You were in a hurry at that time. You had a quarrel with a friend at that time, and you should not be in a good mood. Take it easy for me in the future. You should smile more.


The first time I called you, I said the reason on the topic. At that time, I wanted to kill you. Ha ha ha. But when I heard your voice, I felt angry. It was soft and pleasant. At that time, you seemed to be doing your homework. Come on! Also, going to cram school is not so boring, because your brain needs more knowledge.


You must refuel. Little wings are rushing. You promised to come to me. I'm waiting for you.

給我一雙翅膀作文 篇4


Once, I longed. I hope to get a pair of wings to fly in the sky.


It has been more than a month since I came to Wu. The King of Wu treated me very well. He answered all my requests. He built gardens for me and envied others for my good time. I always smile at him, full of happiness. But I know how cold my heart is. The state of Yue is famous for living a poor life, and the monarch of the state of Yue becomes a slave. In the happy dance of Wu, the monarch of Wu wears gold and silver. I am unwilling, I. But I was thinking about the day when the plan would come to fruition.


On this day, the King of Wu sent me a set of moon white clothes and asked me to wear them to meet him. I don't know why, but I'm also secretly happy that today is the day when the King of Yue attacked the city.


I dressed in white and walked among the resplendence, which was really conspicuous. I could not help but sneer.


"See the King of Wu." I curtseyed to salute.


He didn't say a word, but waved to me. It took a long time to speak; "Xi Shi, I knew your identity. You don't have to wonder why I told you. I know my life is not long. Gou Jian is a good monarch, and I can't compare with him."


I was suddenly shocked and looked up at him with tender eyes and eyebrows. He said, "You look very nice in this dress. I only knew that you like white, so I ordered you to make this dress for you. I wanted to see you off on your birthday, but I'm afraid I don't have a chance, but I still saw it with my own eyes."


Before I could speak, an arrow went through the window and went straight into the king of Wu. I quickly went forward to embrace him, and tears began to flow out. "Why? You could have escaped!"


He gently embraced me and said, "I want to pay you back." Yes, because I want to pay you back, and I can't bear you to hate me, so I will go ahead.


The King of Wu died. The king of Yue took over the two countries, which was very profound. I still haven't left the State of Wu. Although the King of Wu has returned me and given me a pair of wings, I can't fly away from here, because my heart has long been sleeping here with him.


In fact, I would like to tell him that I had thought that if he was not the monarch of the State of Wu, I would be willing to stay with him until old age.













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