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快樂的中秋節 篇1


The 15th day of the eighth lunar month is the traditional Mid Autumn Festival and the second largest traditional festival in China after the Spring Festival.


On this day, the whole family can have a reunion, eat moon cakes and enjoy the moon. It was getting dark. Mom and Dad came back from their own units, and my brother's school was closed. When the moon came out, the reunion dinner was ready. Our family sat at the table and saw all kinds of dishes. It was really rich! Everyone is talking and laughing together, very happy! Suddenly, my brother and mother's mobile phones rang. It turned out that it was Dad's red envelope for happy reunion. Mom and my brother all ordered to open the red envelope, and they robbed one yuan. Although the money is not much, it can reflect the happiness of the family!


After the reunion dinner, we went to the yard to watch the moon. The moon was round, like a big disk. There is a small black spot on the moon. I think it should be Chang'e. At this moment, she should also miss her hometown and relatives on the moon.


With the company of my family, I feel very happy! This Mid Autumn Festival is also the happiest festival I have ever had!

快樂的中秋節作文300字 篇2


Today is a special festival, the Mid Autumn Festival.

中秋節我們去了永川的一個餐館吃了飯已經七點了,我們又去買了兩盒月并餅,一盒是紅色的叫鳳凰傳說是豆沙陷的;還有一盒是藍色的叫云南之美是黃陷的 。 后來我們去歌廳,聽他們唱歌,其實我很早就學會了【小蘋果】這首歌了,正好今天可以在此展示我的歌喉,終于到我唱了,拿起話筒,開始一展我的風采,當我唱到我種下一顆種子,我弟弟就搶著唱,終于長出了果實。當我唱完準備放下話筒時,響起了一片掌聲,爸爸媽媽和叔叔啊姨的贊我說很棒,這時我心真是開了花,感覺好有成就感,我體會到全面學習的好處。以后我要學好各科科目之余繼續課外節目。

On the Mid Autumn Festival, we went to a restaurant in Yongchuan for dinner. It was already seven o'clock, and we bought two boxes of moon cakes. One box was red, called Phoenix, and it was said that it was made of bean paste; There is also a blue box called Yunnan Beauty is yellow. Later, we went to the singing hall and listened to them sing. In fact, I learned the song "Little Apple" very early. Today, I can show my voice here. Finally, it was my turn to sing. I picked up the microphone and began to show my style. When I sang until I planted a seed, my brother grabbed to sing and finally grew fruit. When I finished singing and was ready to put down the microphone, there was a round of applause. My parents and uncles and aunts praised me and said it was great. At this time, my heart really blossomed and I felt a sense of achievement. I realized the benefits of comprehensive learning. In the future, I will continue my extracurricular programs after learning all subjects well.

在那里我們邊吃著月餅和水果邊聽每個人唱著動聽的歌。 不知不覺就十點多了,媽媽宣布回家了,于是我們坐著叔叔的車回家。就這樣度過了這個即開心又快樂的`中秋節。

There we ate moon cakes and fruits while listening to everyone singing beautiful songs. Unconsciously, it was more than ten o'clock, and my mother announced that she had gone home, so we went home in my uncle's car. So I spent this happy and happy Mid Autumn Festival.

快樂的中秋節作文300字 篇3


Looking forward to the stars and the moon, it finally happens to be the annual Mid Autumn Festival. I was so happy that I shouted happily: "The Mid Autumn Festival is coming! The Mid Autumn Festival is coming!" Early in the morning, Grandma had asked the kitchen to make cakes. I wanted to do it too, so I asked Grandma, "How do you make this cake?" Grandma said, "First mix the eggs and cream, then add sugar and water, and then stir for a while. Finally, add the cake powder and stir it into a paste. Pour it on a plate and steam it in a pot for 30 minutes." The cake was finally baked. I devoured it. Because that cake is so delicious.


Finally, it was time to watch the moon at night, but there was no shadow of the moon in the sky. But I saw colorful fireworks blooming in the night sky. Some are like skyrockets, dragging their long tails to the sky; Some are like a big colorful flower, blooming in the dark sky garden... I cheer: "How beautiful! How beautiful!" I also had a fruit moon cake, sweet, so delicious.


This is really a happy Mid Autumn Festival!

中秋節 篇4


Today is the Mid Autumn Festival. On this day, the whole family will get together to eat moon cakes and watch the moon.


In the evening, the sky gradually darkened. The big table in the yard is full of all kinds of delicious moon cakes and fruits. I can't help drooling when I look at them. The whole family sat together, talking and laughing. It was so lively! A gentle breeze blew and sent the fragrance of flowers. Oh, the osmanthus in the yard had already opened quietly. "Sweet osmanthus in August!" Everyone exclaimed with one voice. The bamboo beside the wall also nodded with the wind, and many unknown insects in the grass were singing happily, such as holding a concert to celebrate the festival.


A bright moon crept up the treetop, round and bright. I looked at the moon. It seemed that there was a sweet scented osmanthus tree. Chang'e, who was holding a rabbit, stood beside the tree, and Wu Gang, who had been chopping the sweet scented osmanthus tree all the time


Eating the sweet moon cake, smelling the bouquet of flowers, and appreciating the bright moon, people feel relaxed and happy! It's so happy for the whole family to get together!













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