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星期一的早晨,我們班舉辦了元旦聯歡會, 有的同學喜歡唱歌、跳舞、猜謎語和變魔術。下面是小編精心為大家整理的元旦見聞作文優秀10篇,如果能幫助到您,小編的一切努力都是值得的。

元旦見聞作文 篇1


The pace of time is in a hurry. A year has passed in an instant, and we are ushering in the last day of 2009. Our class decided to hold a lively New Year's Day get-together to welcome the arrival of the New Year.


In the afternoon, as soon as I walked into the classroom, I felt a light in my eyes. There are several colored balloons tied above the blackboard in the classroom, and "Happy New Year's Day" is written below. There are some colored balloons in the middle of the classroom, which makes the whole classroom like a beautiful amusement park.


We opened the New Year's party in the happy song "Happy New Year", and the middle of the classroom has become a big stage for students to show their skills. Deng Zifan came on the stage first, and her accordion performance was warmly applauded by the students.


As the saying goes, "One minute on stage, ten years off stage". Wang Jiatong has studied zither for five years, and her zither performance is particularly wonderful, which makes me remember deeply.


Then, I and several other students performed the funny version of Little Red Riding Hood. Although this program has been carefully prepared for half a month, when the host Wang Jiatong announced loudly, "Now let's invite Sun Xiaoyi and other students to perform the drama Little Red Riding Hood!" My legs were still weak and my heart beat faster. In just a few seconds before taking the stage, I had gone through a series of ideological struggles, and finally summoned up the courage to take the stage. I took a deep breath, calmed down my mood, and seriously participated in the performance. I forgot my lines as soon as I was nervous during rehearsal, but today I played extremely well and performed very successfully. As a result, our program won warm applause from the students.


Later, many students came on stage to perform, and they all performed very well. The cheerful atmosphere became stronger and stronger. The students talked excitedly about the get-together and looked forward to the new year. The teacher was also infected by our enthusiasm and excitement and laughed happily with us.


The last day of 2009, a memorable day, I will always remember this day, because this day has too many beautiful memories

元旦見聞作文 篇2


Just after seeing off Santa Claus, it was New Year's Day again. On the first day of the holiday, my aunt called and said she would take me to the Central Mall to buy clothes on December 31.


Early that morning, I was ready. Look at clothes in the mall with my father. Along the way, I saw many neon lights hanging on the big tree, flashing. Although it was not very bright in broad daylight, it was still very bright. The fountain in front of the military hospital is more than four meters high. It rises and falls, left and right, as if celebrating this happy moment.


Finally, I arrived at the Central Shopping Mall at Xinjiekou. I thought we were early and there should be no one. However, there were so many people in front of the mall that people from all directions flocked to it, as if they were afraid that clothes and jewelry would be sold out. We waited for a while. When we could not see my aunt's shadow, we looked around. I accidentally found that there were many people coming out of the subway. They were crowded. They avoided this and met that. I couldn't help laughing at the funny scene. Suddenly, a sound of "Dong Dong" music sounded, which scared me a lot. It was the sound of soliciting customers in the shop.


After waiting for a while, my aunt finally came. We crowded into the shopping mall and took the elevator to the children's clothing floor. Soon we bought many clothes and wanted to buy them again. Looking at our watch, it was almost 12 o'clock. So my father and I immediately ran home, hoping to catch the car earlier.


I think the bustling scene on New Year's Day is beautiful

元旦見聞作文 篇3


On the first day of the New Year's holiday, my mother was going to work at the unit, and I asked to go with my mother. When I got up early in the morning, my mother told me not to go. I couldn't come back at noon, and I couldn't go home until more than six o'clock in the afternoon.


I said to my mother, it doesn't matter that I will go with you. When I arrived at my mother's unit, my mother was busy with her work. I watched Little Peas beside her. In the afternoon, my mother taught me how to play table tennis in the unit. However, I don't know how to get home at night. My mother said that I fell asleep as soon as I got on the bus. It seems that going to work is really tiring!

元旦見聞作文 篇4


This year's New Year's Day is really lively! Look! People have put on new clothes, and there are so many colorful figures shaking in every street and lane, flowing like a river, with no head in front and no tail behind.


As soon as the shop opened, people filled the shop like the tide when the gate was opened. The square is illuminated as bright as day by festive colored lights. Every family has cleaned their houses and courtyards, pasted Spring Festival couplets, New Year pictures, hung lanterns, and there is a picture of horses on them. This is certainly the Year of the Horse. The inverted "Fu" was also pasted at the door. Adults carry bags to visit relatives and friends.


In the evening, the children go to buy fireworks to put, look! The "small missile", like a real missile, rushed into the night sky. Soon, it exploded in the air, and many petals slowly fell down. I saw the "little bee" flying in mid air with red and green light; The "Night Pearl", like a magic weapon, brightened half the sky; The colorful flowers from the kaleidoscope are more than two meters high; The "Field Mouse" made a hundred squeaks and ran on the ground. Dad lit a firecracker. When the "Chi Chi" core was almost finished burning, his hand jerked to the ground with a "Pa" sound, and the firecracker exploded in the air


On New Year's Day, everyone's face is filled with a cheerful smile. This New Year's Day is really happy.

元旦見聞作文 篇5


Today, the weather is very good. It's not as cold as it was a few days ago. The sun shines warmly on us. I thought spring came early.


My family decided to take a walk by the West Lake. We saw many people coming out to play in such good weather like us in the West Lake. Walking, I suddenly saw a group of cute little wild ducks playing happily in the West Lake. Dad jokingly said: If only I could catch one and cook it!


I told my father that the animals in the West Lake should not be caught casually.

元旦見聞作文 篇6







元旦見聞作文 篇7


Today is New Year's Day, the first day of the New Year.


Early in the morning, my father's mobile phone kept ringing, one, two, three. Soon, my father's mobile phone received more than 80 messages.


I asked my father, "What is it with all this information?" Dad said, "These messages are all about wishing us a happy New Year's Day, good luck in everything, good health and a happy family." I listened to my father's words and said with a smile, "I also send you a verbal message: I wish you success in your work and a higher level!"

元旦見聞作文 篇8





元旦見聞作文 篇9


On the day before New Year's Day, my mother arranged everything, even the luggage was packed, and the arrangement between my brother and me was clear.


New Year's Day is a good holiday, with lots of good news. A good relative of our family asked us to go home for a wedding party on New Year's Day because they had a little boy. My mother agreed before she finished listening, and said jokingly: I am so young to be a nurse?! I don't know if God took good care of my mother. The school notified me to finish school early the afternoon before that, which made me very happy. I had two classes that afternoon. After school, I went home with my schoolbag on my back. When I got home, I saw a lot of luggage, which was neatly packed. I really admire my mother. As soon as my brother finished school, each of us took his luggage and went to look for the car.


Back to my hometown, the horse shop, I wiped all the things in the house until the early morning, when we were celebrating the New Year. The next morning, we got up early and went to the relative's house again. Once we got there, it was very exciting. The child is also very good-looking. When the relative saw us coming, he jokingly said to his mother, "Come and help me with my work. Don't eat melon seeds when you have nothing to do.". At noon, many of us gathered around the table and ate together. After my mother paid the bill, we went home. In the evening, Grandma took us and our family to have a meal. All we ate was the taste of rice. Then we took a walk home. The moon was also very round that night.


When Sunday came, we stopped drinking water in the morning. We didn't know and didn't pick up water in advance, so my mother told us to go back to Huoqiu. Otherwise, we would have no water to cook. So at the end of the day, I packed my luggage and prepared to go back to Huoqiu. This time, there was less luggage because most of the things were left at home. We began to look for cars again. We saw that several buses were full of people. Finally, we ran to the station to see if there was a car. During the run, I put my mobile phone in my pocket. When I arrived at the station, I found my mobile phone missing. I looked back and found it. Finally, I could only make sure that my mobile phone was lost. My mood fell instantly, and I thought that I had no mobile phone when I returned home.


Hey! This New Year's Day is both happy and bad!

元旦見聞作文 篇10


New Year's Day is the beginning of a new year. In this day of universal celebration, I should have had a very happy life, but people are not as good as heaven, but I had a thrilling day. Now, let me tell you why it is so!


That morning, my mother took my cousin and me to Bengbu Grandma's house by long-distance bus. After arriving at Grandma's house, we rested for several hours and went shopping in the downtown area. Because the flow of people in the New Year's shopping mall was too large, our party was soon dispersed by the flow of people. My cousin and I could not find Mom and them, so we prepared to call Mom to ask where they were. But unexpectedly, when we touched the phone, we found our pockets were empty. My cousin and I went to find them at once. As I walked, I saw a man holding his cousin's mobile phone in his hand and rushed to it. When I asked the man, I knew that he was a plainclothes policeman. This mobile phone was found by a thief, and now he is looking for the owner. I quickly said to the police: "Police uncle, this is my cousin's mobile phone. Don't believe it, there is a scratch on the back of the camera!" The plain clothes listened to me and found that it was true. He said to us: "Then you and I will take a bus to the police station to record a statement!" My cousin and I agreed.


When I got to the bus, I found that it was not a police car, but an ordinary van. My cousin and I looked at each other and said to the plainclothes police, "Uncle, why isn't your car a police car? Show us your ID card." The plainclothes policeman listened to us with a snort and said, "You are very alert at a young age! Here is my certificate. I drive this car because thieves are very alert when they see police cars. It is difficult to catch them, so I drive this ordinary van." After listening to the police uncle, my cousin and I were relieved. The two of us successfully prepared the case at the police station, recorded the confession, got the mobile phone, and notified their mother by phone. Soon, my mother came to the police station to meet us.


Now, I would like to remind you that in public places, you must guard your property, calm down when things happen, and be alert when meeting people.













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