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六一兒童節的作文 篇1


The sunshine of June 1 is very bright, and the flowers of June 1 are colorful. June 1 is a festival for our children.


Today is Friday, the day I look forward to most. Early in the morning, I took the fruits and vegetables prepared by my mother to the beautiful campus happily. I was very excited. Today I will show my skills.


As soon as we arrived at the classroom, most of the students had arrived. We had divided into groups, and the students were in their places. Every student had a happy smile on his face.


In the morning, we came to the school gym. Today is the International Children's Day Chorus Competition. The programs are really colorful. Each class has carefully prepared their own programs, and each program is excellent. Our class performed the National Anthem and Snails and Orioles. All the students worked hard. Finally, our class won the first place. I'm so happy!


The celebration in the afternoon was even more wonderful, and the food festival was started! The students work together and show their skills. Some are making dumplings, some are making dumplings, some are making fruit salad, and some are mixing cold dishes.


I am a cold dish maker. Most of them are parents who help us, but we also help them to wash vegetables, pots and bowls... We taste the fruits of our labor together, and then we go to the playground to play games. I had a good time on International Children's Day!

六一兒童節的作文400字 篇2


When I was born and cried, it was the first declaration that I came to the world; When I was drooling and looking at the lollipop with big eyes, I ended the Children's Day again; When I put my schoolbag on my back and stepped into the primary school, I knew that there were only six June Day left in my life!


Now, I'm in the fifth grade. I'm more and more afraid, more and more afraid, and more and more happy. I grew up!


"Xue Xue, this is our penultimate Children's Day. How can we have a good time?" Qian blinked his big eyes and asked me mischievously. "Well, we...... Ah, I can't remember for a moment, you tell me first!" I patted my forehead and said to her. "Oh, why don't we go to KFC this weekend?" Qian excitedly said to me, "Good!" I nodded and thought it was time to celebrate. "But what about the guardian?" I asked carefully, for fear of accidentally hitting Qian's small and fragile heart. "Ah?! It's better to send gifts in the classroom." Qian was disappointed and said again. "Oh" I just answered her lightly. We all have an indelible sadness in our hearts - our June Day is going to be over!


June 1, like the Ferris wheel, turns and stops; 61, like snacks, slowly into the mouth, chew a chew on it; The June Day is also like a rainbow. The beautiful moment is so short

六一兒童節的作文400字 篇3


After the last qualifier, I was elected. Since then, I have been looking forward to today - June 1. Finally, today, the official competition begins.


In the first competition, all students in Class 5 (7) performed the classic recitation, in the second competition, all students in Class 4 (7) performed the classic recitation, and in the third competition, one of the excellent classes of the school stood on the stage to perform the beautiful Mulan Ci for us. They performed very carefully, so they performed very well. Finally, it's the fourth program. That's our program. Let's move the zither up first, and people will be there first. Because we have to wait for the electronic zither to finish playing the last few notes of "The Most Dazzling National Wind", we go to our own zither and sit down quickly. After the electronic zither is played, we immediately connect: "SoSoSoSomi..."


After we finished playing, sister Lezi, my cousin and a fifth grade student in our school, played the erhu. The students who played the erhu were asked to tie it up. Sister Lezi started playing the erhu just after she finished playing it


After the erhu is the pipa. The pipa is no different from the erhu. Sister Lezi plays it first and then


Finally, the final "Golden Snake Dance" is coming. First we play percussion, then we play zither, erhu and other musical instruments. It's a bit confusing, but listen carefully and you can hear it clearly. The following performances are not finished, but I haven't seen most of them.

六一兒童節的作文400字 篇4


This morning, my mother took me and my partner to Yanghu Wetland Park to play. The scenery there is really beautiful! We saw many black swans and two beautiful peacocks in the park. Let's start with the black swan!


These black swans are not only lovely but also beautiful. Its neck is long and its body is covered with black feathers. The whole body looks like a number "2". It likes to eat small fish and grass in the pond very much. When they see these foods, they will eat them with relish. When we were about to leave, the black swan suddenly flew up, flapping its wings and stretching its neck, as if to say, "Dear guests, welcome to play again next time. Goodbye!"


Peacocks are the most beautiful birds and animals in the world. Its eyes are bright. From top to bottom, it has colorful feathers. As long as it meets beautiful things, it will spread its tail, just like a big colorful fan. Who is more beautiful than us!

后來我們 www..cn 還去了游樂場,那里有碰碰車、森林漫步、搖頭飛椅等等。我上了碰碰車后,感覺在開真的車一樣。玩玩碰碰車后又坐了搖頭飛椅,坐在搖頭飛椅上感覺我在空中翩翩起舞。

Later, WWW.. CN also went to the amusement park, where there were bumper cars, forest walks, flying chairs and so on. After I got on the bumper car, I felt like I was driving a real car. After playing with the bumper car, I sat in the head shaking flying chair, and I felt I was dancing in the air.


We had a good time. What a happy International Children's Day!

六一兒童節的作文400字 篇5


The annual Children's Day is coming. Children's Day is my favorite festival. In this happy festival, my silkworm babies are getting bigger and bigger.


Silkworm babies are chubby, chubby, and they look like fat fingers. How lovely! Silkworm babies like to eat mulberry leaves. They look very interesting. Sometimes they seriously lie on the edge of mulberry leaves and eat in order bit by bit; Sometimes they playfully dig a hole in the middle of the mulberry leaves and eat from the hole; Sometimes when they are full, they raise their heads high, as if they are greeting me. Most silkworm babies like to eat broad leaves. Only one naughty silkworm likes to eat thick petioles and stems on leaves, which is probably his personality. In order to find the most delicious mulberry leaves for the silkworm babies, I searched for mulberry trees around the neighborhood. Some mulberry trees are too tall for me to pick, some mulberry leaves are too old for silkworms to eat, and some have been picked by others, leaving only the smallest mulberry leaves... Finally, I found the right size of tender mulberry leaves in the small park at Chunxiao in Xueyuan, and sure enough, my silkworms love to eat them.


Children's Day is a festival for children. We laugh and sing together. Children's Day is also a festival for silkworm babies, who live happily together. I hope the silkworm babies will grow up quickly and become beautiful moths as soon as possible.

六一兒童節的作文400字 篇6


International Children's Day is coming! I entered the campus with excitement. Wow! The playground is full of people, and the shops are full of all kinds of delicious food.


After the podium was finished, I found the shop of our class on the small playground. The name of the shop is "Mommy's Cooking Skill". It mainly sells cold drinks, fruits and vegetables. Because of the cute shape and variety, many people gathered around our class. But after a while, I found several powerful competitive stores, such as "Run, Food", "Gourmet Shop", "Snack Palace"... there are countless.


The shops are all finished. It's time to go shopping next. My eyes scanned every shop. Suddenly, my eyes stopped on a shop, and I saw a thing that I liked - laser. I quickly pocketed it. Then I bought my favorite chocolate pudding.


The most interesting thing I bought was glasses coke. First of all, put one end of your glasses into the coke and the other end into your mouth, and the "glasses" just stand in front of your eyes. The glasses and mouth are full of cola when you inhale with your mouth. I wanted to buy some soft candy, but just as I was about to buy it, a boy rushed over and bought the last soft candy.


The only regret of this food festival is that the weather is so bad that I was drenched in water and my wish to be a salesperson failed.

六一兒童節的作文 篇7


The long-awaited International Children's Day has finally arrived. The school has carefully prepared a variety of programs for us. My classmates and I are very happy.


In the morning, under the guidance of the teacher, we moved our chairs to the "Rainy Playground" in an orderly manner. After we sat in the designated seats, the activity began. First, the headmaster came to announce the opening of "International Children's Day".


The performance really started. The first program was "men and women recite". Two students in Class 22 recited with emotion; The second one is dancing: Swan Lake. A little girl dressed like a swan, and a boy dressed like a cool one. He danced with the girl politely, and the girl turned a circle, which was very beautiful; The third program is a "stray cat" performed by girls.


I looked carefully and found that Miao Peini was also in the same class. Her performance was very brilliant and I was deeply attracted by her; The last one was the chorus of "Three Virtues". Many students stood together and sang together. Listening, we couldn't help singing along: "Go out of the small house and enter everyone, everyone is a family...".


In the afternoon, the school also held a "charity sale". I not only bought my favorite stationery box, but also expressed my love. It was really killing two birds with one stone. Today, my classmates and I had a happy June Day!

六一兒童節的作文 篇8


Today is International Children's Day. I got up at six in the morning, put on new clothes, and came to school early with a happy mood.


When I came to the school, I found that today our school is really beautiful. There are paintings drawn by students, which are exhibited for everyone to visit. How many flowers are there? There are roses and peonies. They are red, white and pink. They are very beautiful. Ah! Our campus is really beautiful today!


At seven o'clock, the performance will begin. The teacher asked us to stand in line and come to the playground. The game started. Then the hosts walked onto the stage. There are many judges and teachers, as well as many parents. Soon, it's our turn. The teacher said, "Boys and girls, don't be nervous. Listen to the command. Be loud, energetic and confident." With the rhythm of the music, we finished the "Auspicious Three Treasures" and "Sailor"... With bursts of applause, our June 1 performance ended. The students reluctantly left the stage, and my excited heart gradually calmed down.


Then, there are wonderful performances of other grades. With the sound of music, we watched the performance on the stage and enjoyed it with great interest. Ah! Our campus has become very lively!


This International Children's Day, I had a very happy, very happy.

六一兒童節的作文 篇9


International Children's Day is coming. What do you think of International Children's Day? Look, I'm looking forward to it!


There should be music on International Children's Day! Singing, dancing and playing music are inseparable from music. In a happy festival, music can make children feel happy and excited. On that day, let's immerse ourselves in the beautiful melody and enjoy the bath of music. Listen to the high and low pitch, the thousand turn and hundred turn timbre; Look, the dancing notes and the happy dance add joy to our festival, as if we have entered a fairyland on earth!


International Children's Day should have sports! Relay race, long rope jumping... These energetic sports bring us unlimited enjoyment and let us be energetic! On that day, we can temporarily put aside the tense study, go out of the classroom, enter the sunshine, and engage in sports. Look, that group of young people, jumping happily in the sun, with smiles on their faces, enjoying their own festival, is really a vibrant scene!


There should be competition on International Children's Day. Writing, radio calisthenics, chorus, painting, little zither boy... In the festival, to participate in these competitions and compete with students can not only show your versatility, but also increase your sense of responsibility, win glory for yourself, the class and the festival!


I'm looking forward, I'm looking forward, I'm looking forward to the arrival of International Children's Day!













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