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中國漢字聽寫大會 觀后感 篇1


I watched the Chinese Character Dictation Conference at 8 o'clock last night, which shocked me very much. I admire that these teenagers of our age write so many words that I have never seen before.


Yes, the current society is the age of network development, and few people deliberately remember these 5000 year old Chinese characters. No one has the good habit of paying attention everywhere. Even adults are helpless when facing these characters.


And every time I read some extracurricular books, I always encounter some words that I don't know. Maybe some people will look up the dictionary and try to understand it. Maybe some people will be as dismissive of these words as I am. Not knowing a few words will not affect the main content of the article. Anyway, the main understanding is OK. Looking up the dictionary not only wastes my reading time, but also is very troublesome. Although we all know that this kind of thinking is wrong, my laziness will always defeat my reason. I know your reasons and ideas must be similar to mine, but I tell you that this is to overcome cultivation and I will improve.


Many celebrities at all times and in all countries have accumulated good habits to succeed. For example, Li Shizhen, who travels all over the world every day to collect medical knowledge, records it in his own book Compendium of Materia Medica. It is precisely because of his accumulation that he has been recorded in the annals of Chinese history and lives forever in the hearts of modern people.


Celebrities also need to be accumulated, let alone our pupils. We should not be lazy any more. We should be good at accumulation. If we accumulate more, we will naturally be able to do everything with ease. The champion of the Chinese Character Dictation Conference must have accumulated the most knowledge in ordinary times. Some people find objective reasons for losing. In fact, it's all the fault of accumulation.


Watching the Chinese Character Dictation Conference made me learn to accumulate and fell in love with words. It has benefited me a lot. I suggest you go to the Chinese Character Dictation Conference together. I believe you will also get something

《中國漢字聽寫大會》觀后感范文 篇2

記得是在1996 年,一位研究生對我講,求職應聘最看重的三種能力是:英語、計算機、開車。他說,不掌握英語就相當于不會說話,不掌握計算機文字處理技術相當于不會寫字,不會開車相當于不會走路。當時感覺這種認識比較超前?,F在想想,這三條標準中的第二條有待商榷。

I remember that in 1996, a graduate student told me that the three most important abilities for job application are English, computer and driving. He said that not mastering English is equivalent to not speaking, not mastering computer word processing technology is equivalent to not writing, and not driving is equivalent to not walking. At that time, I felt that this kind of understanding was relatively advanced. Now think about it, the second of the three standards needs to be discussed.


During this period of time, every Sunday, I sat in front of the TV and watched the "Chinese Character Dictation Conference", which was very rewarding. Therefore, I had a new understanding of the saying that "not mastering computer word processing is equivalent to not being able to write".

聽寫大會中主持人念的那些詞匯,大約有20% 我不能正確書寫。具體可以分為三種情況:

About 20% of the words read by the host in the dictation meeting can't be written correctly. It can be divided into three situations:


The first is correct understanding, correct reading and incorrect writing; For example: covet, pixiu, treacherous and charming.


The second is correct understanding, incorrect reading and writing; For example, Jifen, Jithief, Mixie, Weng Tonghe.


The third kind: understanding, reading and writing are not correct (that is, do not know); For example, Luoluo Daduan, Kaiche, Feast, swine Shoudou Wine.

我大約是從1995 年開始使用計算機,到現在已經有二十年了。自我感覺用計算機進行文字處理還算比較熟練。但是在收看聽寫大會的過程中卻發現,自己并不是真的會寫字,起碼不會寫所有的漢字??雌饋?,“不掌握計算機文字處理技術相當于不會寫字”的說法有失片面。這是因為,掌握了計算機文字處理技術并不必然相當于會寫字。

It has been twenty years since I started using computers in 1995. I feel that I am quite skilled in word processing with computers. But in the process of watching the dictation conference, I found that I didn't really know how to write, at least not all Chinese characters. It seems that the statement that "not mastering computer word processing technology is equivalent to not being able to write" is one-sided. This is because mastering computer word processing technology is not necessarily equivalent to being able to write.


Over the past few years, in the papers I have read and reviewed, there have been more and more typos and mistakes. In my opinion, there are two reasons for this: one is that the author is careless, the other is that the author cannot use Chinese characters correctly. In this environment, the holding of the Chinese character dictation conference is particularly meaningful. Because this program can promote and help the audience to understand and write Chinese characters, and can promote the inheritance and development of Chinese character culture.

漢字聽寫大會的觀后感 篇3


Recently, there was a very interesting program called the Chinese Character Dictation Conference in the overwhelming selection activity. This sounds easy at first. Who can't write the characters? But many heroes are baffled by the simple square characters.


However, in recent years, since I entered the university, I have less and less time and opportunities to write things, either to write some formulas or to draw key points. I feel that in the short days of the exam week, I have written more words than the total words of the previous months. Sometimes, when I take notes in class, I suddenly can't write words. The outline is in my mind, but I just can't write it out. I directly take out the cell phone input method to check it. Usually, most of the words are typed. When I type the words that are difficult to write, I can see at a glance. The dictionary has already been covered with dust.


Some people say that it is because a large number of wrong words are flooded on the Internet, impetuous and hasty, which causes this; Some people say that this is the sequela left by keyboard typing, excessive dependence, and the word has become listless. But I think it is because we have lost our reverence for Chinese characters. We no longer understand the deep meaning of each character, but just regard it as a symbol, a tool for communication and expression.


In fact, Chinese characters were born in myths and legends, inspired by the gods, and created by Cang Jie. () Walking from ancient mountains, mountains and rivers are bones, and sun and moon are souls. From the stones, animal bones and painted pottery that cross the long river of history, we can vaguely see the ancient sacrifices, heroes and legends.


Chinese characters, standing is a poem, lying is a text. Poets write elegant poems and sing songs to chant their aspirations; Writers sing lyrical songs and chanting poems. The beauty of Chinese characters has intoxicated many literati and poets, and fascinated many pink confidants.

詩情,書韻,文美,在漢字的承載上相互輝映,升華了精神,開闊了視野,給人以美的享受。 一個字一方天地,民族的精神,文化的源根,中華血脈的魂。

Poetic sentiment, calligraphy rhyme and literary beauty reflect each other on the bearing of Chinese characters, sublimate the spirit, broaden the vision and give people the enjoyment of beauty. One word, one world, the national spirit, the root of culture, and the soul of Chinese blood.


Chinese character dictation conference, the transfer of writing civilization, the nation's proactive.

《中國漢字聽寫大會》觀后感范文 篇4

無意中看到中央頻道有個節目《中國漢字聽寫大會》。這個節目與多數其他選秀節目不同 頗有新意。參賽選手都是由各個中學派出來的初中生。他們的表現真的讓我很吃驚,很多生僻的字有的我都沒有聽說過,他們竟然能夠寫出來,令人敬佩。

Inadvertently, I saw a program on the Central Channel, "Chinese Character Dictation Conference". This program is quite different from most other talent shows. The contestants are junior high school students sent from various middle schools. I was really surprised by their performance. I had never heard of many rare words, but they were able to write them, which was admirable.


In today's society, people are either computers or mobile phones, and simply type a few letters of a word without thinking. Replaces previous handwriting. Even many primary and middle school students are getting used to using mobile phones and computers instead of handwriting, and some also use computers to complete their homework. This is a worrying situation for Chinese characters and even for China's extensive and profound culture.


China has a profound cultural heritage, and these cultural treasures need to be inherited from generation to generation. For example, calligraphy, painting and so on all need us to carry forward these cultures and we need to protect our cultural assets. I hope there will be more such useful programs to let us participate in and let us realize the most valuable treasure of our Chinese nation!

漢字聽寫大會的觀后感 篇5


Last night, I watched the Chinese Character Dictation Conference. The competition was very fierce. There were four teams. Each team went forward to answer the questions in order. When the host finished reporting the questions, the contestants answered the questions within the specified time. The right one went to the next round, and the wrong one or the future one who could answer the questions was eliminated.


Before the competition, a commenter said, "Chinese characters have finally been paid attention to, not only as a carrier of communication, but also as a way for China to revive its famous ethnic groups." At the beginning of the competition, Zhang Qiong from Gansu Team answered the question first. The examiner reported the question "Meaning", but she wrote it "Meaning". Unfortunately, she gave a wrong answer. Someone answered the wrong questions at the beginning of the competition. I'm really worried about others. Then there was Wang Yazhi from Jiangxi Team. Her answer to the question "Sad wrist" was completely correct.


After a while, it was Song Jialin from Jilin Province who answered the question. When the examiner reported the "armillary sphere", I thought it was quite simple. At the beginning, she wrote correctly, but changed the "Hun" again. It's a pity for her. She can answer correctly, but she made a mistake because of a concern. I think that when we write Chinese characters, we should believe our first feeling. The first feeling is often correct. We should also read more, practice more, read more books. If we can't, we should look up the dictionary to understand, read more and recite, so that we can write more Chinese characters!


Then there was Wang Weiguang of Gansu Team. His topic was "Earthworm". When he finished writing and checked again, he handed in the topic, which was completely correct. This brings some confidence to the Gansu team, which has already eliminated one member, and hopes that they can come to the end.


If you want to learn more words, just learning in class is not enough. You should actively learn after class, read more books, broaden your knowledge, and know these words that others do not know. When others ask you how to write and read these words, you can answer proudly. We also need to explore the nature. If you are curious, go home and check it, so that we can learn more Chinese characters.


Watching a Chinese Character Dictation Conference, you can not only learn how to write some words, but also know the truth of life's learning path.

中國漢字聽寫大會觀后感 篇6





中國漢字聽寫大會觀后感 篇7


On the evening of October 18, I watched the Chinese Character Dictation Competition broadcast by CCTV, and I was deeply touched.


Chinese characters, which have a long history and culture, are the most popular characters in the world. The teacher told us that there are more than ten thousand Chinese characters, while there are only three or four thousand commonly used Chinese characters.


In the "Chinese Character Dictation Conference" competition, the examination questions were basically many strokes and relatively obscure words. "Chirp", "Frontal dysprosium"... It is amazing to see the words that have never been seen and heard written correctly by a group of junior high school students. But gradually becoming difficult, the wide range of examination questions is amazing. With the decreasing number of people on the court, place names, dialects and spoken words such as "Ili River", "Leng Cong" and "Cuo Duo" also appeared in the examination questions, which really made people sweat for the contestants.


Looking at it, I suddenly realized that I could not understand the pronunciation and explanation of some words, but the answers showed that I had seen them before. For example, I have seen the word "Fu" in extracurricular books for several times, but I never want to check its pronunciation; Like the word "Proverbs", I can read but can't write it; There are also words like "pixiu" and "catching turtles in a jar" that appeared in previous competitions, which I can read but cannot write.


I think the reason why these situations occur is that I have not strengthened the consolidation of Chinese characters in ordinary times. Some characters have not been used for a long time and have gradually forgotten. Because of this, I often feel embarrassed when I pick up my pen and forget characters. I think I should learn from the contestants to enrich my extracurricular reading. If I encounter words I can't read, I should actively turn to the dictionary to understand the meaning of new words. I believe that in the long run, I will know more and more words.

《中國漢字聽寫大會》觀后感范文 篇8


It is not the first time that I have paid attention to the Chinese Character Dictation Conference. For more than two months, I have watched it every week. Today is the final. Fifteen sophomores of junior high school came to participate in the final. Of these fifteen, they are all experts among the experts. They must be wonderful.


Shen Qinyuan of Anhui Team was the first to appear, and I admired her very much from the beginning. From a substitute to the final, how hard it will take! Her word is "pout". She wrote it without thinking about it. It seems that she is very sure. When she clicked "OK", my heart hung in my throat. When the three lights that decide whether to leave were lit, I was relieved.


After the first round of competition, a student named Zhong Tianyi was eliminated, losing to the word "joking".


Unfortunately, my favorite Shen Qinyuan was eliminated in the third round.


When I come to this point, you may wonder, what am I talking about after all?


I can tell you that this is the well-known "Chinese Character Dictation Conference". The competition rule is that when the three lights are on, you can stay. If the three lights are not on, you will be eliminated. There are also special cases where one is not bright and two are bright, which can be left behind. If two are not bright and one is bright, they will be eliminated.


The examiners are all announcers, because the announcers' Putonghua is very standard, and standard Putonghua is the best.


The referees are very good. There are three, and two of them are dictionary makers.


Chinese characters are so changeable that I must study them well.













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