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周末日記300字 篇1


One weekend, I had nothing to do at home, and turned over some favorite pictures on the Internet. "This big male horse is so charming!" I said to myself, and stopped my mouse on this picture.


The big horse was black, shining in the white clouds and sunshine, and its nose was a little white in the black. The eyes are bright and energetic, emitting a powerful light. The lips are tight and elastic. The body is an "L" shape. Emaciated and powerful. There is a row of manes on the back. The high muscles on the limbs seem to have infinite power to burst out. The tail swung in the air like a black cloud. It was extremely powerful.


I printed this photo. Every day, I want to ride this rare BMW to the grassland for a ride. "Tap, tap," the loud and even sound of horses' hooves rippled in my ears. If you encounter another wild horse. He hissed, and absolutely other horses bowed to him and claimed the title of king. When I rode him, the wind blew in my ears and the horse's hooves were flying. Cool! Every day, when I want to give up my homework, he will give me endless courage!


"Son, what are you doing?" My mother interrupted my wonderful fantasy. I can't help laughing.


I really like this mighty horse!

周末的日記 篇2


Jinjing and I bought food and play and went straight to Lianhua Mountain. We found a good place, spread the picnic cloth, and ate a lot. After we had filled our stomachs, we took out our kites and ran heartily, flying kites. From time to time, our hearty laughter came from the lawn. The kite finally flew steadily in the blue sky. We sat down and looked at the blue sky, kites carrying people's ideals, flying to the dream sky. Like other kites, our kites fly to the sky with our dreams, beautiful dreams and childlike dreams. Looking at it, the trapped kite always flies so hard but is helpless to be bound by the rope. We look at each other and release the line in our hands. Although the kite lost its dependence, it gained freedom. When we watched our kites finally fly to the blue sky, our soulful eyes and aspirations took off to the sky


Then, we took out the drawing board and began to draw from life. I think this is the best way to relieve stress. I quietly draw the trees and grass beside me and experience the wonders of nature. It makes people feel the greatness of nature. Human survival is closely related to the ecological environment. I want to draw all the animals and plants around me into my heart. I love nature! I believe that everyone can get close to nature, protect ecology, and work hard for our happy life!


Weekends are always the most enjoyable. Although it is only two days, it gives people a chance to relax. In our busy city, isn't weekend the best holiday for everyone?

周末的日記600字 篇3


Today Sunday, "It's Sunday again. I got up early on Sunday morning and thought about the plan of the day: after dinner, I will play badminton


"Wenwen, have you got up yet?" Mom is urging again. "Up, up." I said impatiently. "Have you finished your homework yet?" Mom asked. "Well done, also checked." "Well, do these exercises again." After that, my mother came in with her extracurricular exercise book. "Come on, do it well." Looking at the exercises, my heart was half cold, thinking that my original plan had failed again. Maybe my mother saw my mood. My mother said earnestly: "My son, my mother is also for you. What do my parents earn money for? It's not for you! Our parents' cultural level is not high, and our hope is you. My son, please be angry. 1 When I heard these words, I was very sad, so I had to pick up a pen to do exercises.


Finally, I have done a good job. I stretched and breathed. "Ding Lingling" rang, and I ran to answer the phone, but my mother beat me to it.


"Who are you looking for? My mother answered my phone when Wen Wen wasn't there." Mom, why are you so angry.


"My child, isn't it for you? Don't be distracted, you know? You are my only hope." Then he took out several books of "Practice Every Monday" and "Unit Test" and asked me to do them. Then she went to the room and took out two boxes of American ginseng and peach K for me, saying, "Eat to fill your body."


I went back to my desk and looked at the horrible quiet room, the mountains of review materials and boxes of supplements. My mood could not be calm. It's pitiful for parents. At this time, I feel that I am under great pressure and I am afraid. I'm afraid I will disappoint my parents and let them down.


Mom and Dad, I really want to have a happy Sunday. I want to put aside my annoying achievements and lie on the green grass and sing a song of a girl full of longing. I want to be a leisurely white cloud and look for my lost colorful dream in the blue sky

周末的日記700字 篇4


This morning, after I got up, my mother told me, "Son, you should be obedient. Today, my father and mother will take you to the bookstore to read, OK?" I said, "OK." So I quickly finished my meal and went to the bookstore by the No. 4 bus with my parents. Unfortunately, the bookstore was closed for decoration, so we went to Trust Mart Supermarket. There, I saw a variety of toys, one of which was a Barbie doll, which reminded me of the advertisement that Barbie would dance automatically. I wanted to buy one to go home, but my mother said that it was a girl's toy, so I had to leave reluctantly. Then we came to the place where food was sold. My father bought me my favorite dried tofu, kumquats, and the lemon I had always dreamed of. Even so, I am still very happy. I think I had a very happy weekend. Article 11: Mountain Climbing on Sunday


Today is a sunny Sunday. I'm going to climb the mountain with my parents. We set out with a happy mood.


At the foot of the mountain, stop and look up. The mountain is green and the hillside is covered with green trees. The weather is a little hot. I really want to go to the top of the mountain immediately and enjoy the cool under the dense shade of trees.


We began to climb the mountain. We walked hard along the mountain road. Half way up the mountain, I felt very tired and wanted to play drums. Dad said: "Don't lose heart, as long as you have perseverance and are not afraid of difficulties, you can overcome difficulties!" After listening to my father's words, I thought: My father is right. I must climb to the top of the mountain to enjoy the beautiful irony of the peak! So I stood up and climbed toward the top of the mountain. Mom said, "Be careful!" I said, "It doesn't matter. I'm fine." Then he climbed to the top of the mountain again. The mountain was getting more and more dangerous, and my hand was pierced by thorns. I didn't care about these things and kept climbing.


Finally, my parents and I finally reached the top of the mountain. Although I was panting, I was still full of joy. My parents were also very happy. Standing at the peak and looking down, the house looked like a matchbox and the adults looked like ants. It was really a unique scene. The breeze blew across my face, and the flowers bent over. It was really comfortable. Because it was spring, the grass was green, and the flowers were more charming. It seemed that I was congratulating me on climbing the mountain without fear of difficulties.


Through this mountaineering, I think: learning is the same as mountaineering. As long as you work hard, do not be afraid of hard work, and overcome difficulties, you can enjoy the infinite scenery of the "peak".

周末日記300字 篇5


Another weekend, my family decided to go to East Lake Park tomorrow. In the evening, my father prepared the camera and my mother prepared all kinds of snacks I like. Diary Grade Six Diary


The next morning, we took a bus to the East Lake. My mother and I played: ran to a small hill, the hillside was covered with beautiful flowers and trees, and there was a pavilion for people to shelter from the wind and rain. In the distance, there is a tall green mountain. At the foot of the mountain, there is a green lake. On the lake, there are several small boats like houses. From time to time, tourists laugh and play. All this forms a beautiful scenery. The park is really beautiful.


My family took photos while playing. My father said that I should leave good memories of my childhood. When I grow up, the park will be more beautiful.


At noon, we spread a tablecloth on the lawn under a tree and began to have a picnic. We ate all kinds of delicious food, looked at the tourists passing by and looked at the scenery of the mountains and lakes. I couldn't help shouting excitedly: "How beautiful the park is!"













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