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軍訓周記 篇1


As usual, the first lesson today is standing in military posture. After two days of training, we all looked like small soldiers. Today, no one in the military posture was tired.


Today's main content is to learn the Catching Fist. The instructors have eliminated all the difficulties in boxing, and what we have learned is simple. There are 16 movements in total, and we only learned 8 movements, which are: piercing the ears and knees, grasping the wrists and hitting the elbows, blocking the arms and pulling the legs, chopping the ribs and hitting the chest, wrapping the wrists and punching the fists, jumping on the shelf, catching the legs and washing the fall, and horizontal kicking and whipping. The instructor taught us meticulously, first demonstrated, then took us step by step, and then explained the details. Finally, let's experience. We also study hard. The instructor gave us the name of "looking for the moon from the bottom of a haystack" to help us remember what we couldn't remember. We try our best to understand and practice our boxing bit by bit.


Two students accepted slowly, so the instructor taught them carefully. We sat behind them and watched them several times to remember them better.


Although these eight movements are simple and we study hard, they are not up to standard, some even forget half of them, and some can't remember always making mistakes.


The eighth horizontal kick and whip is our weakest form. We never turn the direction. We don't know that only when we finish the action, can we become "fighting preparation". The drillmaster shouted his throat and we didn't remember it. He sat down on the ground helplessly. The name of each copy became smaller and smaller. I knew that he was very disappointed with us. It's a simple action. We learned it all afternoon and it's not right. It's really a waste of the instructor's painstaking efforts! However, as long as we have confidence in ourselves and don't give up, it's just a small action. We can certainly learn it well!


In the afternoon, when I got home from school, I couldn't wait to call my father and ask him to come back as soon as possible. My father has been a soldier. I should know how to use the Catching Fist 16 times. My father can give me advice. In this way, I will learn well in school, review when I come back, and correct the inaccuracies and inadequacies, and I will certainly be able to beat the enemies beautifully! As long as you remember the name, you will hit the grappling fist. Its name has something to do with moves.


Tonight, I will practice the Catching Fist skillfully, correctly and properly, and let the instructor save snacks tomorrow. Tomorrow afternoon, we will have a drill. Maybe it's the determinant, maybe it's the catching fist. Practice hard tonight and go to bed early. I will be energetic tomorrow, and I will succeed if I learn better! I believe in myself!

軍訓周記 篇2


On September 26, the long-awaited military training finally arrived, which made us both excited and expectant. We all looked forward with enthusiasm and expectation to what kind of experience and feelings this military training would bring us.


In this short five days, the most unforgettable thing for me is the instructors of Class 17 and the little things we spent together. I like Class 17 because it makes me feel the warmth of home and the existence of home. I see our unity and struggle, and I see everyone's efforts together. Watching the instructor teach us to shoot a gun in the hot sun, with a gun weighing more than ten kilograms, he shouted a command for us. Hearing his hoarse command made me feel that the instructor was really hard. Watching his sweat trickle down and his clothes were soaked, I felt guilty when I saw him scold us angrily for the appearance of hating iron but not steel.


The time passed quickly, but it made me feel better and better. Although we were very tired, we still had unspeakable joy in our hearts. I knew where these feelings came from, because we saw our own progress as we were sensible. I know that every one of our students participating in the military training is very tired and hard. However, there is another one who is more tired than us, that is, the instructor. He always accompanies us in training. Seeing us tired, he will encourage everyone to not give up and stick to it. You are a women's army, and you can't just give up... Hearing these encouragement, we will study harder. No matter how tired we are, we will stick to it. We don't want to disappoint the instructor, the teacher and our Hu position, All of us have made great efforts in this belief. Finally, our efforts and efforts have paid off. I know that the result will be like this because we are really diligent and hard working. I know that we can be the first. We rely on our strength. We did not disappoint the instructor or our head teacher and the school. We earned honor for our class, which made every one of us extremely happy. This military training made me feel that our class has a strong cohesion, and we did -- not let you down


On the 30th, the military training ended today. We left the military academy reluctantly. I remember everything here in my heart. I will never forget the life of the military academy. I can't express it in words, Just want to say to the instructor of our Class 17: "Instructor, thank you for your hard work. Thank you for always accompanying us and encouraging us not to give up and continue to work hard. We will always remember you, and hope you will not forget our Women's Army. Instructor, we salute you.

軍訓周記 篇3


In the fourth grade, I went to a week long military training with my dear classmates. At that time, we heard that we were going to the military training. We were very excited. The day before going to the military training again, I couldn't sleep through the night.


The next morning, I prepared the necessities and rushed to the classroom.


When Mr. Yuan came to the classroom, he said, "Everybody, pack your bags and get ready to go!" We arrived at the military training base after an hour's drive. The teacher pulled the team to the playground and stood there. Let's make the dormitory signs go upstairs one by one to put our bags and take the benches. Ten minutes later, we all stood in our original positions. However, a tall and burly man with a swarthy face came to the front of our team to introduce himself: "Say his last name is Ren". We also stipulated a rule that we can only call him a instructor, not a teacher. He said in a husky voice. Maybe his aura is too strong. The whole team is very straight, but there are still a few unconscious jokes. The instructor walked quietly behind the speakers. He did not want to remind them as the teacher did. Instead, he took off his collar and went out with great strength. People were all moved forward for several steps. Then the instructor did not ask them to go back to the team. It was very obvious that they were killing chickens to show the monkeys. He and his wife were still whispering, frowning as if they were saying something bad about the instructor, but they came to them again and said, "A dead pig is not afraid of boiling water, isn't it? You two ran around the playground for five laps." Now he had more rules and didn't say a word. The coach told them to return to the team after they ran.


In addition, the drillmaster does not like to laugh. He always looks like a straight face all day, which makes us feel that he is very difficult to get along with. On Tuesday, we arranged a ceramic art class. The teacher there asked us to do it ourselves, and instructor Ren was no exception. He had been working hard and did not know what he did. At the end of class, he got a little water on his hands and went quietly to the back of a person and stuck it on his forehead. The instructor laughed and said, "Don't pick it, Tai Platinum Star hahaha "I asked why I thought he was wrong. I thought he was very easy to get along with first. One of them went to the bathroom and turned on the tap to pick the stars off his head. Sometimes his mouth still murmured as if he was angry. After washing, he turned from a" fairy "to a human.


Every time I think of the instructor playing tricks on those two people, I can't help but raise my mouth. When we leave, we are reluctant to part. We cannot part with this strict and happy place; Can't part with our bedroom; Even more reluctant to part with our coach; We can't bear to part with all this... I will keep this happy time in my heart

軍訓周記 篇4


The past is like smoke, and the four and a half days of military training life has passed like flowing water. But this time, the military trainees may struggle in my heart, which makes me unforgettable for life.


I remember that it was a sunny afternoon, and we were waiting for the arrival of the instructor on the playground.


After a while, the instructor came. He was a black faced instructor, not tall or short, not fat or searching. His surname was Jiang. The general introduced him a few words, and immediately got to the point. The first thing is to stand upright. First, you should raise your head and keep your chin down. OK, stand for ten minutes. The instructor walked around us, talking about the student, correcting the mistakes of several students, and adjusting the queue.



A minute has passed, two minutes have passed... Time is like a snail, creeping slowly on the dial. The students sweat from their foreheads all over their bodies, "Stop, everyone have a rest". At this time, the students are tired and complain about what military training is! Really.


The next day, we mainly practiced the Four Sides Turning Method.




When it came to the competition, the instructor told us something. It was our turn, and I was really nervous. As a result, our class did not win the prize, but in our hearts, we had won. After four and a half days of military training, we were all studying hard, and we liked our instructor very much. The instructor was leaving us soon. I was really reluctant. A few days later, although we were suntanned, But we still take every action seriously.


Military training, he not only exercises our body. Also let us learn to adhere to this military training, deeply imprinted in my heart!













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