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被愛的感覺作文500字 篇1


The feeling of being loved is like a meteor, light and warm—— inscription


A mother's smile is love. This feeling of being loved is as warm as fragrant tea, as bitter as coffee, and as sweet as candy


It's almost winter, and my heart is cold. I didn't pass the test. How to explain to my mother? Standing at the school gate, looking up at the haze in confusion. In the distance, a wisp of dark shadow was very thin, that was, that was Mom! I rushed over with tears in my eyes. "Ah! Why are you wearing so few clothes? Is it cold?" When my mother saw that it was me, she asked for help. I shook my head, then lowered my head: "Mom, I failed the exam."


Originally thought that the anger would be cut off, but found that it had subsided. I raised my head in surprise, and my mother smiled as softly as the spring water: "Silly child, try hard next time." I cried again, but this time it was warm tears, and my cold heart was warm.


This feeling of being loved, bitter with sweet, makes me unforgettable.


I still remember that during the summer vacation, my mother and I liked to watch the stars on the balcony, holding a melon in their hand, and their appetite increased greatly. I chewed hard and ate all over my face. Mom looked at her mouth and smiled. Then she turned around and took the paper towel and gently wiped it for me. At this time, my mother's smile went into the ladle, sweet.


This feeling of being loved, light and sweet, gives me endless aftertaste.


I still remember that I used to be a careless child, and the room was "colorful". At this time, my mother always pretended to be angry and said, "I won't help you clean up." But after a few minutes, my mother's anger melted like ice cream. With a sweet smile, my mother began to teach me how to clean the room and where to put things. When the room is clean without a trace of dust, mother's mouth will raise a gentle smile.


This feeling of being loved, mixed with the fullness of busy life, is still fresh in my memory.


Mother's smile is the feeling of being loved, always so warm, sweet and happy.

被愛的感覺作文 篇2


The night was quiet, and I could not see my fingers.


I woke up from my dream and gasped: "Mom... Mom, Mom...".


"What's the matter, son?" My mother's eager voice rang in my ears.


"My head..." The desk lamp went on.


"Ah! It's so hot. I must have a fever." Mother put out her hand and touched it.


Dad soon came from the next room. He bent down and put his hand into my quilt. "I'm sweating a lot."


I vaguely saw my mother's anxious face and flashing tears. "Mom, I'm fine... Don't worry..."


"Silly boy, come on, stop talking."


"Son, be strong. This little illness is nothing! Come on, drink some boiled water first." Far away, I can feel the temperature of the cup in my father's hand.


My mother helped me sit up and lean against her arms. I seem to have cooled down.


"Gudong, Gudong..." I drank with a big mouth. The water is like good medicine.


"Slow down, please. Don't choke."


"This is an antipyretic. Take one tablet first." The white pill looks like a round smiling face.


"Go get a dress and change it for the child..." The lamp went out.


My illness seemed to have healed, and I fell asleep again.


Let me say, in the world, mother is as good as father.

被愛的感覺作文700字 篇3


When coming to school, the mother's careful instructions are a kind of love, which can make the child cry silently at night; When going home, the father drives to pick up the children, which is a kind of love that can make the children laugh "often"


Today's exam, my legal life was disturbed. After the first English exam, I forgot to go home to eat like a lost lamb. I didn't know what was wrong until the Chinese exam began. Why? I was puzzled and had to look at the Chinese book. At this time, my stomach suddenly "googoogoogoogoogoo" began to sing the empty city plan, and I realized: I forgot to eat breakfast today! At this time, I was really depressed, but the exam was about to start, so I had to sit down quietly.


At this time, my mother suddenly came with a few biscuits and a box of milk in her hand. I was overjoyed. I took the biscuits and ate them and quickly finished the milk. In a blink of an eye, I solved the problem. My stomach stopped hungry immediately. I looked at my mother gratefully, and felt that my whole body was full of vitality, and my brain began to work normally.


At this time, the paper was handed out, and I began to devote myself to the examination.


The feeling of being loved moistens people's hearts like cool rain, warms people's hearts like warm sunshine, and is full of energy like plain milk and biscuits. It's really good to be loved!


On Saturday, I asked my good friends to go to the library. By the time we got home, the library was closed. We all went our separate ways. I didn't ride a bike, so I had to call my father. My father may still be at work, and I couldn't care about it. My father was really at work, but he came back soon, and sent the naughty me back to my warm home.


The feeling of being loved is like a strong mountain for you to lean on, like a vigorous number for you to lean on, like a plain way to take you home. It's good to feel loved!


Everyone of us has been loved by others, such as father's love, mother's love, brother sister's love, friend's love... A variety of love comes one after another, which makes you overwhelmed!


The feeling of being loved is as warm as being covered by the golden light of the sun, as eye-catching as the colorful light from the spotlight, as simple as a simple and hurried breakfast, as simple as being sent home by my father, but it's really good to be loved!

被愛的感覺作文700字 篇4


Everyone is the object of love, just depends on how you feel that love.




A long time ago, I was a young child who used those innocent eyes to see all the worldly affairs. At that time, the decadent world looked different to me: I had a gentle mother, a strict and kind father, a kind grandpa and grandma, and a warm family. My mother will tuck in the quilt for me at night, and my father will check my homework and ask me to correct it meticulously. My grandparents always prepare delicious dinner for me, waiting for me to enjoy the warmth of family reunion when I return from school. The thick love envelops the petite me. It reminds me all the time that I am concerned, cared about, and loved.


But that feeling has become more and more difficult to ponder, or even invisible, with the growth of age and the passage of time. I changed. Once upon a time, that innocent little girl disappeared, and the world changed in my eyes: everyone had evil intentions, and every corner was filled with the stench of copper coins. I no longer have the original pure heart, I also look at everyone through colored glasses.


When I came home from school that day, there was a scene that had not appeared for a long time: the dinner table was steaming hot, my father's sharp face softened under the orange light, and my mother was getting rid of her skirt. When I came in, the corners of my mouth rose in an arc, and my warm eyes were full of smiles. I put my schoolbag on and sat down at the table, looking around. Everyone ate quietly, and sometimes there was a crisp noise of chopsticks, which brought my thoughts back to the scene of family reunion long ago. "I'm sorry!" My mother's voice recalled my thoughts. It turned out that my mother accidentally caught my chopsticks with her food. I nodded slightly in response, but my heart turned sour. Has my mother and I become estranged to this point? It is really "everything is different between people and things. Tears flow before words.".


It is time that has worn away my once loving heart, and my parents have not changed. The person who loves me has not changed, but I have changed. If I could go back to the past and be that naive girl, I would hold on to this feeling. If everyone in the society can put aside their interests and feel the feeling of being loved, then the world will be a sunny spring!


Dimly, I seem to see that little girl smiling at me again

被愛的感覺作文600字 篇5


When the weather is getting colder and colder, when the leaves fall one by one, and when the flowers gradually wither, I understand this feeling - the feeling of being loved.


Even in the ice and snow, I can feel warm.


Love begins in the morning.


I dragged my tired body, washed my face and brushed my teeth, and started a new day. I used to walk to the water dispenser and put a cup of warm water on it. The temperature I like will last forever. Is it my mother who habitually picks me up after getting up? How long has this habit lasted? A full glass of water is my mother's full love for me. Looking at the glass of water in front of me, I remembered the scene of yelling at my mother because I didn't open the water dispenser in the morning. Later, my mother habitually took this full glass of water for me, and I habitually accepted it as a matter of course, but never said "thank you". I took a beautiful drink of water, and every water molecule jumped and ran happily in my body. In the cold morning, the same kindness and care every day were given by my mother.


This is the feeling of being loved!


As spring goes by and autumn comes, the temperature of water is changing. What remains unchanged is my mother's deep love for me. I saw my mother busy in the kitchen, preparing my favorite breakfast. In my opinion, every day is the same: going to bed late, getting up early, eating, going to school. In this process, my mother is getting older little by little. In the quiet morning, I seemed to hear the growth of white hair. Mother is changing, but her love for me has not changed, and I finally understand the warmth of love in the cold winter morning.


Unconsciously, there was a bottle of hot water in my schoolbag, which was also filled by my mother habitually, like her love.


Walking in the cold wind, even if the wind goes through my clothes, I still don't feel cold, because there is love. I know that the feeling of being loved is the constant temperature glass of water held in my hands every day, the constant company of dark and cold mornings, every favorite meal I eat, and every piece of clean clothes with the taste of maternal love


It is said that my heart is still, but my heart is no longer calm. Because the ripples of love rippled round and round, and the feeling of being loved in the cold winter

被愛的感覺作文 篇6


For love, although I have gone through so many sad departures, I still don't understand my view of love, but there is a name that has now been engraved in my heart.


At first, we were just strangers, then we talked occasionally and became friends. My personality is very arrogant. I will turn a blind eye to some concerns and love of ordinary friends. You must remember the beginning of our love. That's the photo I took for my brother before I came to Chenghai. I posted it in the space and added that my brother is so cute. It is such a medium that let us walk together. You comment, this is my brother. I felt puzzled at that time. Why did I say that? You are not my girlfriend. So I didn't care, but I also care about you a little bit more from my heart, intentionally or unintentionally. After two days of contact, I proposed to you that we start. Then we began our love, long-distance love.


The taste of first love is sweet. After more than a month of calm, everything is so beautiful and smooth. However, one day, my mobile phone broke down and I couldn't log on to QQ, so I played with the computer for a while. When I opened QQ, my eyes were black. You said a lot to me. The most dazzling thing was, break up and I'm sorry. I was very angry. I said, "Divide according to the points. Why do you explain so much? There is nothing to explain. End! Bye bye!"! You suddenly seem to be crazy and say no to me. I don't want to divide it. It's how she scolds me and you. I can't stand it. I really don't want to break up with you. Do not divide it, OK? Next time I will not say the points. I was annoyed when I heard that. Next time? Don't have this opportunity. Now you can break up because of someone else's words. There are so many difficulties in the future and there is a long way to go. Can you persist? I didn't agree. A friend suddenly said to me, is it? I said yes, he asked you to divide? I said yes, what happened? He said, make up with her. I guess someone is drinking now! I suddenly felt more concerned about her. I began to be restless and asked her, are you drinking? She said yes, I don't remember anything very clearly after that. Anyway, I suddenly calmed down and made up.


The days after that were still calm and happy. However, there is no hot spot for peaceful things. It should have been 3 months. I asked her to come here to find me. I said I couldn't stand long-distance love. I really feared that one day, like my brother, I would end this relationship because of long-distance love. In a word, from that day on, there were more barriers between us, intentionally or unintentionally, which always hindered our feelings and gradually faded. Later, during the cold war, the two of us could not speak for several days. Later, that is, we talked for nearly four months. As long as we talked, we quarreled. When we opened the chat records, we often said something like "at the beginning," but 10 sentences were about what you thought of me and what I wanted to do, You don't know me... and so on. Finally, when you can't stand it, you break up.


After breaking up, I felt very ordinary. But after two days, what I thought of was no longer the unhappiness between us, but all the sweet things that were happy. I couldn't put it down, so I proposed to make up. In short, both of them still loved each other deeply, so it was easy to get together again. On one occasion, I saw a sentence, "One minute, one minute, one minute, one minute, one minute, one minute, one minute, one minute, one minute, one minute, one minute, one minute, one minute, one minute, one minute, one minute, one minute, one minute, one minute, one minute, one minute, one minute, one minute. Maybe it is true. Later, we broke up many times, and then made up. In those days, we talked many times, divided many times, and even broke up twice a day. The last break up was proposed by you. If you said I couldn't put it down, it was up to you. I said yes, it's over. When I thought it was really over, I suddenly felt that without you, I was like a fish out of water. I began to feel very free, but soon, I was going to suffocate, and our relationship became more comfortable. But at this time, because of a misunderstanding, we quarreled and quarreled fiercely. I scolded you, saying that you were like many other girls, and you didn't explain it, At that time, I threw my mobile phone to the ground and smoked half a box of cigarettes. Later, you explained that, I also understood and apologized to you. For the first time, I understood you like that, without caprice or bullying. This time, I was obedient, obedient and sensible.


I told you that in a few years, I will be given a complete Chengdi back. You don't know what you mean, and then you understand. I just thought that if I don't marry you, a girl as good as you will certainly not be single all her life. When I marry someone else, I will be jealous. Later, I made peace with you again. You didn't answer, but replied with perfunctory answers. I was a little angry, saying that I was angry when I talked to you! You still answer, I was really angry at that time, and then said, "I miss you again after not chatting with you." You apologize to me, but you have forgotten many times. We can't have the word "sorry" between us, even though we were already divided at that time. Finally, we made up.


After so much experience, I really realized what love is, not a magnificent feeling, but a feeling, a feeling of fish and water. A sense of inseparable.

被愛的感覺作文 篇7


Da Shuang and Xiao Shuang are twin sisters. Their birth brings infinite joy to the family. Their parents took great care of them. From the day they were born, their parents began to be cautious and afraid of hurting their children. It can be said that the baby times of Dashuang and Xiaoshuang were very happy.


In this way, the twin sisters grew up gradually under the infinite care of their parents. After more than ten years, they were also loved by their parents for more than ten years. The two children became more and more dependent, even self willed and selfish. One time, their grandmother came to see them excitedly and bought a bag of apples. Unexpectedly, they were thrown into the corner by the sisters. They didn't think the apples were good enough. When their parents saw this scene, they didn't educate them well, but said, "Da Shuang and Xiao Shuang, you can't do this..."


The couple's doting on their children has become famous far and near. As long as the two children ask for anything, the couple will try every means to fight for it. Surrounded by "love", the two sisters are getting worse and worse.


However, the husband and wife never relax about their sisters' academic achievements. On weekends or holidays, the husband and wife lock them in the room, and the door is also locked by them with chains. The husband and wife hope that the sisters can study hard and enter key high schools. This closed learning has no effect. The sisters let them down. So the couple sent them to a school with strict education and management. However, according to the two sisters' personalities, how can we learn from them? They did not cherish this opportunity.


Once, a teacher surnamed Huang was having a political lesson in the classroom. Dashuang ignored the teacher's existence and drew cartoons. She drew a yellow dog. She was scolding the teacher. Unexpectedly, it was discovered by the teacher. Dashuang didn't apologize immediately and quarreled with the teacher. The teacher was so angry that he pulled her ear. Xiao Shuang, who was in the same classroom, saw all this and thought that the teacher had harmed the dignity of her sister in front of her classmates. The two sisters' willfulness and brutality were exposed at this moment. After arguing with Miss Huang, they ran out of the classroom.


One evening, when the sisters were walking in the dormitory corridor, they heard a student talking about them. Dashuang slapped the student without saying a word, while Xiao Shuang swore at him


The sisters' personalities made the students dare not approach them. As time passed, they became very isolated.


It was a holiday again. The sisters were locked up again. They looked out of the window at the free and happy children. Their inner desire became stronger and stronger, and a strong sense came to their hearts; We need freedom, and one day, they finally said: "Let's kill our parents. Then, after the careful planning of the sisters, the parents of" Wang Nv Cheng Feng "were poisoned. After killing their parents, they took the money from home to play outside happily. They even thought they had gained real freedom.


The local public security organ arrested the two sisters shortly after, and the court finally made a judgment. Because both sisters were minors, they were sentenced and stripped of their rights

—— 這是一個真實的故事,誰也沒有想到“愛”成了一種罪,希望那些正在溺愛孩子或正受溺愛的人,好好體會一下,不要種下終生遺憾的苦果。

——This is a true story. No one thought that "love" has become a sin. I hope those who are spoiling children or are being spoilt will have a good experience and not plant the bitter fruit of lifelong regret.













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