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母愛,滋潤了我的心田作文 篇1


The autumn wind pierced my neckline and made me shiver with cold. Looking at the wordless back in front of me, it has become a kind of happiness to be greedy in the morning and dark. Let your love moisten my ignorant heart.


Today, I came back from other places for the National Day holiday to accompany my mother in the city hundreds of kilometers away. Life is still flat and normal. But I understand that no one will be as careful as you, and no one will understand my caution.


On the night of the fifth, I left the school and felt a little happy -- I will not live in the school today. Looking at the flickering shadows at the school gate, I actually felt a little strange. My pace involuntarily quickened. Avoided a car, looking for the familiar figure, there! After a short run, my mother took my bag. As usual, I stepped on the back seat and we came back. The intoxicating lights on the street calmed the bright heart gradually. In the "whoop" wind, the mother's voice came: "What will you eat tomorrow morning?" "I want to eat bread. You can fry a poached egg. Oh, yes, the pure milk at home is too sweet. Fresh milk is better." "Oh, yes." This plain dialogue made me feel strangely clear. Sometimes I can't hear my mother's voice for more than half a month. I put my head against my mother's back and feel sweet.


On the morning of the sixth, I was having breakfast, and Yu Guang caught sight of my mother looking at me. I didn't dare to look up. When my mother got up and walked into the kitchen, I dared to look at her back: If only she could do this every day... When my mother came out of the kitchen, she opened her chair, sat beside me, handed me the peeled shrimp, cut the fruit into pieces, and put the warm milk in front of me


I am so old, and I can do some things by myself. My mother's considerate care makes my nose sour. How long has it been since we met face to face


Tonight, the person who picked me up is no longer my mother. When I got home, this small house was also empty, and I felt like I was missing something. I opened the refrigerator door and saw a bottle of fresh milk. Mom bought it before she left! Suddenly, a warm current poured into my heart. You left me, but always accompanied me


Mother is just an ordinary person, who is busy living for a living family. But for me, she gave me all her tenderness and tenderness, and paid all her delicate love to my people. In this autumn, it moistens my heart

母愛,滋潤了我的心田作文 篇2


I finally understand that what I have never understood is love, and my success is always backed by her—— notes preceding the text of a book or following the title of an article


Motherly love is like water, but it is this tender feeling and love that moisten my heart.


When I was a child, I was often bullied by a classmate. Every time I came home, I always had several scratches on my face. Later, I finally couldn't bear it, so I cried loudly. While crying, I poured out my anger to my mother and let her find a teacher. After crying and speaking, I dried my tears with my sleeves and felt more comfortable. At this time, I thought of my mother beside me. I looked at my mother. Her eyes were full of tears, but she didn't say anything. It seemed that she was waiting for me to finish talking. When my mother saw that I was feeling better, she said to me, "Are you better? Daughter, you should know that my teacher and I can't be around you all the time, but if you are bullied by others when you are alone, you can only rely on yourself. Only when you are really strong, others can't bully you." After that, I looked up at my mother. Her eyes were full of love and trust. Her words were full of care and determination, which moistened my heart.


Later, when I grew up, the pursuit of beauty sprouted in my heart. One of my favorite clothes fell out of line, but I will wear it to take a photo tomorrow, so my mother will sew it for me. Mother said it was too late. She would sew later and wear other clothes tomorrow. I was so angry that I didn't speak to my mother all night. After that, I sewed it myself. The thin needle and long thread are so disobedient in my hands. It is not easy to thread the thread into the needle hole. I have to start the next more difficult task - sewing.


For me, who has never used needle and thread, it is simply more difficult than going to heaven. Alas, I can't help it. Who makes me love beauty? It took more than half an hour, and finally it was sewn! I'm very happy. Just looked at it, and it broke my expectations and joy. The sewing is very ugly. It's just too horrible to see. I had to remove the stitches. At this time, my mother came and asked me to go to bed quickly. I wanted to answer "No", but at the thought of my mother's angry appearance, I had to reluctantly agree. When I got up in the middle of the night to go to the bathroom, I found that the lights in my parents' room were still on, so I ran to them and opened the door carefully. The scene in front of me shocked me, and my eyes were wet - my mother was sewing clothes for me. My mother's figure sewing under the lamp moistens my heart.


After all kinds of experiences, I suddenly realized that this is maternal love. The watery maternal love moistens my heart.

母愛三年級作文 篇3


Motherly love is like a lollipop, always sweet to my heart, and motherly love is like a thick book. Books have taught me a lot about life.


I remember one time, I only got 86 points in my math exam. Walking on the path home, the sky seemed to have become gloomy, the birds in the trees no longer sang, and the whole world seemed to have lost its luster.


Before I knew it, I walked to the door of my house. In order not to let my mother find me depressed, I quietly entered the house, but my mother found me. Her mother greeted her with a beaming face and asked, "How was it? Did you do well in the math exam today?" I replied in dismay: "Not so good, only 86!" I waited for the storm with my head down. However, to my surprise, my mother was not angry. Instead, she gently put her hand on my shoulder and said gently, "It doesn't matter. If you don't do well in the exam this time, don't be discouraged. There is still another time. Next time!"


Hearing my mother's words, I felt much better. Mother told me again: "No matter how small the sapling is, it will grow into a towering tree as long as it works hard; no matter how small the river is, it will become a vast ocean as long as it moves forward bravely." Somehow, after listening to my mother's words, my unhappiness disappeared. I made up my mind to study hard in the future. Sure enough, in this math exam, I got a high score of 98 points, and suddenly I improved by 12 points.


In my heart, if mother is a big tree, I am a young branch; If my mother is a vast ocean, I am just a crystal drop of water. Let's repay our mother's full love with our little love!

關于母親作文 篇4

另一為母親有一首詩歌是這樣寫的 : 在昨天與今天之間鋪設大到在現時和理想之間架起金橋啊,教師的事業多么崇高!……

Another mother wrote a poem like this: laying a big bridge between yesterday and today to build a golden bridge between the present and the ideal, how noble the cause of teachers is

每當看到時代在飛速的前進,我心中就涌起感的波濤老師,您好!老師就像我們的另一為母親,永不停息的教我們識字,教我們1+1等于2,教我們abcd26個英文字母。當我們作業不會做時,老師會一遍遍不厭 m.shubaoc.com 其煩的教我們。有人說一日為師,終身為父,記得開學第一天我生入三年級,當我知到毛老師不在教我們時我的鼻子頓時感到酸酸的,想起以前,毛老師一句又一句的教我們,在黑板上寫下一個又一個的詞語。但是,現在卻要分開了我真有點舍不得。

Whenever I see the rapid progress of the times, I feel the waves in my heart. Hello, teacher! The teacher is just like our other mother, who never stops teaching us to read, teaching us that 1+1 equals 2, and teaching us ABCD26 English letters. When we can't do our homework, the teacher will never tire of M.SHUBAOC COM is boring to teach us. Someone said that I would be a teacher one day and a father all my life. I remember that on the first day of school, I was in the third grade. When I learned that Teacher Mao was not teaching us, my nose felt sour. I remembered that before, Teacher Mao taught us sentence after sentence, and wrote one word after another on the blackboard. However, I am reluctant to part now.


There is also teacher Chen, although she is strict with us, but I know that teacher Chen's strict with us is not bad for us but good for us. There are also several tests. In the days when you taught us mathematics, you were like a kind mother to us. You always led us to explore the final answer to the questions we asked.


That piece by piece of teaching from the computer, word by word explanation. Although you are not teaching us now, Mr. Chen, we will never forget your care and attention to us. I will never forget that you are our teacher and we are your students! At this time, it suddenly occurred to me that the second half of this poem used truth and wisdom to shape talents, so that the spring glow and the dawn shine in the mind.


Whenever I see the flowers blooming happily, I can't help but wish: Hello, teacher!

關于母親作文 篇5


"Only mothers are good in the world. Children with mothers are like treasure, but happiness cannot be like the environmental protection of mothers." Whenever I hear this song, I always have many thoughts, a warm current flows into my heart.


For more than 12 years, how much effort has my mother paid from me to me now? When the grades are good, how hard is it for mother to be happy.


Once, I had a high fever and asthma. My mother broke out in a cold sweat and didn't go to work. She guards me day and night, pours water for me to take medicine, cools me down with cold water, and her eyes are bloodshot. Obviously, I stayed up late to take care of me. I couldn't help crying, but I couldn't say anything. I was grateful.


My mother not only cares about me meticulously in life, but also guides me carefully in study.


On one occasion, the Chinese exam only tested 89. At 5 o'clock, I walked home with heavy steps, as if some mice were scratching my heart. My grandmother angrily criticized me, rolled the test paper into a ball and threw it in the corner. I stood there crying. When my mother came back, I felt uneasy. But the result was beyond my expectation. My mother picked up the test paper, dried her tears, analyzed the test paper for me, corrected the wrong questions, and said sincerely, I have studied hard since then, to be worthy of my mother: "It doesn't matter if the test is not good this time. Next time, failure is the mother of success!" This sentence echoes in my heart. Since then, I have worked hard to live up to my mother's earnest instruction.


The mountain is not as high as a mother's love, and the sea is not as deep as a mother's son. yeah! Mother has devoted her selfless love to us, so that we can thrive, but how can we repay her for giving birth?

關心 篇6


The quadrennial World Cup has begun. The whole world is immersed in the sea of football, and you can feel the unique charm of football every moment. While everyone is focusing on France, I can't help thinking of our Chinese football cause and those heroes who failed in the game.


China has made many impacts on the World Cup. The players have gone from one group to another, and the coaches have changed one after another. However, Jieliang ended up with failure again and again. Since the introduction of professional league matches in 1994, China's football industry has achieved vigorous development. The hot ball market, fanatical fans and fierce league matches have injected new vitality into China's football cause. In this World Cup qualifier, people place their hopes on the "Qi Family Army" and firmly believe that they will be able to rush out of Asia and go to the world. Enthusiastic fans packed special planes to cheer for the Chinese team, and some even prepared fireworks for celebration. However, the ruthless fact once again broke everyone's dream. The Chinese team still failed to enter the World Cup finals, and failed to fulfill its dream of entering Paris.


I can't help thinking of the limerick of a disappointed fan: "I knew everything was empty when I died, but I couldn't see the football win with sadness. When I rushed out of Asia, the family sacrifice should not forget to tell Naiweng." The players also cried bitterly and said that they were sorry for the fans, but they would never lose heart as long as they had a talent for speaking. At, we must rush out of Asia and go to the world. They did not lose heart. They invited a foreign coach and Chuixin put in hard training.


On the football field, a football flies by and draws a beautiful arc. Without failure, there can be no progress. We will continue to support those heroes who failed on the football pitch, because they have a new dream in their hearts. It is difficult to achieve their dream to enter the 20XX World Cup, but the dream will certainly come true, and Chinese football will certainly go out of Asia to the world.

關心 篇7


Next to the bus stop, I saw an invisible grandpa and a disabled grandmother who could not walk. That grandpa plays the erhu very well. I think it's a pity that he can't see. I put twenty yuan in the broken cup where he asked for money. The grandma thanked me.


In our class, there is a person who studies very badly. Every time, he is bullied by a person who studies very well. His mother was ill, and his father worked outside, so he lived with his grandfather. I will follow him every time after class. As long as someone bullies him, I will go to the person who bullies him and say, "Don't bully the helpless."


In my hometown, there is an old man in his seventies (a friend of my grandfather). He has three sons who have already married. The old man's son hasn't returned home for four years, and his wife has died. Every time I go back to my hometown, I will go to his home and say, "Don't be sad, they will come back to see you." After that, I will play chess with him and invite him to my home for dinner. Go out for a walk with him after dinner.













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