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時間煮雨作文 篇1

風吹雨成花 時間追不上白馬 你年少掌心的夢話 依然緊握著嗎 云翻涌成夏 眼淚被歲月蒸發 這條路上的你我她 有誰迷路了嗎 我們說好不分離 要一直一直在一起 就算與時間為敵 就算與全世界背離 風吹亮雪花 吹白我們的頭發 當初說一起闖天下 你們還記得嗎 ?

The wind blows and the rain takes time to catch up with the white horse. Do you still hold on to the dream words in your young hands? The clouds turn into summer tears. The years evaporate. Who are you or she lost on this road? We agreed not to separate. We should always be together, even if we are enemies of time, even if we are separated from the world. The wind blows bright, the snow blows white, our hair said to go out together. Do you remember?

那一年盛夏 心愿許的無限大 我們手拉手也成舟 劃過悲傷河流 你曾說過不分離 要一直一直在一起 現在我想問問你 是否只是童言無忌 天真歲月不忍欺 青春荒唐我不負你 大雪求你別抹去 我們在一起的痕跡 大雪也無法抹去 我們給彼此的印記 今夕何夕 青草離離 明月夜送君千里 等來年 秋風起

In the midsummer of that year, we wanted to be infinitely big, hand in hand, and we rowed across the sad river. You said you would never part, and we would always be together. Now I want to ask you if you are just childish, innocent, and can't bear to bully your youth and absurdity. I don't give you a big snow. Please don't erase the traces we have together. Snow can't erase the marks we have given each other. What time is it? The grass leaves the moon and the night sees you a thousand miles away


Last summer, you shared this song with me in the group and said to me: It's very nice, you must listen to it. I didn't care, I just talked with others. Later, we were strangers, and you fell in love with this song. So today, I write this story for you and for the youth we missed each other.




When I first saw you, I was in primary school. My classmates were also in front and back seats. You were really excellent at that time, and I have always admired you. As an unknown person, I hope I will stand at the same height as you one day.


It was probably the fifth grade of primary school. We began to have weekly tests. Your scores were not very good, but my scores improved a little. At that time, we were still in front and back seats, so we established a friendship between copying and being copied. I broke into your world alone, and you amazed my life.




I thought there would be no intersection between us after primary school


However, I was very happy to see you at the end of the military training in the first day of the junior high school. However, that kind of happiness has nothing to do with being lucky to continue to deepen your friendship.


Maybe I should be grateful for that exam. I didn't play well and was assigned to your exam room. Then we naturally got closer and closer.






However, even so, I never thought of making up with you - after all, what's the point of finding it again after losing it?




I'm sure if we hadn't met later, we wouldn't have been so embarrassed. If there is no later to get along with, you will always be the simple beauty when you meet in my impression. If it had not been for your parents' participation, I would not have let go.


But life has no ifs, and your and my stories have finally become parting without saying goodbye.






However, thank you for your company, thank you for the youth you have accompanied me through, and thank you for growing up in this way.

時間煮雨作文 篇2


When the lights are silent, I quietly convert the gap of reincarnation in front of the computer, and time slips away from my fingertips bit by bit! To be searched from the beginning, but no trace!




I used time to cook the rain. I saw all the heat, but I hurt myself! Muddleheaded dream, messy rainy season but missed the flowering period! The painting scroll of the Jianghu, I hang high in front of the hall, but I play with the remnant pen! Lonely looking at the ruins of time! Tea is always elegant, but cigarettes are frustrated partners! I knew I should not think about it, but I fell into cold despair.


Perhaps the dust settled, buried the past, thousands of words, I tried my best, but in exchange for half a lifetime of memories! If it is not for the mood of salvation, it will not show confused eyes. I went over mountains and mountains to hide the truth, but what I should know is clearer. Love is originally a superstition of right time and right place. Whether the outcome of meeting in the sea of thousands of rivers and mountains is only in dreams, and the words of reality can only be speechless!


I thought I could enrich the desolate Gobi after surviving the autumn, but I found myself living in seclusion in the desert! Use silence to replace the past, I am covered with wind and rain! It was too cold to breathe.


Jinhua's ups and downs are half closed, and the red candle is incomparably luxurious compared with the setting sun! If you can catch the light rain, why do cigarettes burn themselves! A touch of trembling fire can disturb your mind alone! Xiaohan fills the sky, but he is waiting for Diao Qiu to fly! A foreign country will not cross the wind and rain, and the pearl flowers will not cry, just wait for the sky in the caisson to wither and close.


Luxury is covered by floating clouds, but it cannot block the dark wind. The fleeting years pass by, and life is like a play! We sincerely regret that Lishan Jingshaohua was destroyed! If time can turn into rain, it is no longer necessary to mention the broken past, even if there is love and hate buried in the bottom of my heart! When the water dribbles along the Huanbian River, it becomes a dream tree. The time is too painful, so the dream passes through the rain and is happy and vague!


If you can forget ruthlessly, how can flowers fall everywhere! The autumn wind is silent, and the pear flowers are scattered by the night rain. The moon is bright and the stars are rare. The autumn leaves are still in the ditch, only the joy of dreams. Today, the ancient city is silent. The seal of success or failure has not been taken. Time boiled into rain, the sound of the piano faded, but the vicissitudes of life were magnificently composed!

時間煮雨作文 篇3


The wind blows and the rain turns into flowers. Time can't catch up with the white horse. Do you still hold on to the dream words in your young palm? The clouds turned into summer, and the tears were evaporated by the years. Did anyone get lost on this road?




Time goes by and never stops. Everything is updating and we are growing. The years are so fair, no more than one second, no less than one second. Everyone will experience the most important transition of life from childish to mature, from impulsive to calm, from pure to careful. In a twinkling of an eye, the long years of the year have been like the sand in your hands, which is lost silently. However, if the sand is lost, we can catch it again; Flowers wither, you can wait until the next spring to show their fragrance again. What about the time?


past times


past times,我們站在回憶里。我們曾是草地上追逐打鬧的孩童,曾光著腳丫在草地上跑來跑去;曾在田野上撲過田雞;曾在夏夜細數滿天星辰;曾在草叢中追逐螢火。無憂無慮的歡笑,笑容充滿了糖果一樣斑斕的色彩,給了我們無數的幻想和憧憬。




The flowering season is just when we open up wantonly in our youth. Because of youth, we are radical. We allow ourselves to be bold and careful, and we catch up with each other in our studies. If we don't understand something, we are not ashamed to ask questions, become friends with learning, and go with knowledge. We are holding the radical brilliance to lay a foreshadowing for the future. In the face of difficulties, we never bow our heads, always keep our heads high, join hands with difficulties, and fight against ridicule. With youthful confidence, it blooms on the stage. We are holding the light of youth and self-confidence, so that the future will be the same. The appearance of youth is the most beautiful, it is the beauty from the heart, it is the beauty that will not be defeated by setbacks, it is the beauty that will break away from childishness to maturity, it is the beauty of vitality, and it is the beauty of tranquility and purity. We hold the beautiful color of youth, and retain the beauty that will never fade, so that our future life will be wonderful because of the beauty of youth.








past times就像是一本翻不厭的書,讓人禁不住的回味再回味。






past times,現在



時間煮雨作文 篇4


The rain, flickering in the air, cleans up the dust in this city, and also infiltrates my memory. Through the flying rain curtain, I seem to see the fragments of time, vaguely like yesterday


Mother said, I was born on a rainy night, so I have a closer feeling for rain. Whenever it rains, I always like to hold an umbrella, walk into the rain curtain, listen to the rain and enjoy the rain. Time will be still at that moment. Through the rain, I seem to see my mother kissing me in swaddling clothes. The little drizzle gently hit the umbrellas, as if it were the mother's gentle comfort. Brushing, the gentle rain is the lullaby that my mother sings.


"The heavy rain please don't erase the trace of our being together..." Sometimes, standing in the floating rain, I will have an illusion that the rain that comes with the wind is your footsteps running towards me. How many sunny days, we sweat on the court; How many rainy days, we waved goodbye at the intersection of school. At this moment, when you are studying in another middle school, those happy times finally become memories. So, I like to think of the small intersection that is full of our friendship at the moment when the rain is falling. If the rain drizzles, friendship will last forever.


I stood in the drizzle, listening to the rain. That mixed with the happy childhood of the distant rain, patter. Looking back at the footprints when I came, I vaguely saw the figure of the teacher in the class. The one waving, the other frowning, and the other smiling became clearer in the rain. How many days and nights, dreaming of the enlightenment alma mater, how many days and nights, review the teacher's kind words and teachings. The drizzle is lingering, and I am intoxicated in the drizzle.


Walking through the small water puddles, I clearly saw myself in the puddles: naughty, lovely, handsome, angry... The rain curtain of time stretched, like a film, fixed at this moment. I wander in the flying water, looking for the indistinct memory, and then carve the pure memory into a CD, playing back in the long road of life with the rain.

時間煮雨作文 篇5


Time boiled rain, and Yan Yan's memories always made people miss and feel sad inexplicably... Perhaps, the low eyes in time and the end of time are called parting.


The wisps of afterglow poured on the mottled walls through the sparse green leaves, and the night was slowly eroding the blood like setting sun. Along the path by the river, memories of the past are like colorful umbrellas. The past frames are interwoven in memory. The roadside wilderness is full of green grass and bright purple cloudwort flowers. The past is scattered like smoke, and the old dreams are still lingering. My childhood left me an unforgettable memory


One day last summer, I experienced the first opportunity to live alone in my life - summer camp. At first, I played with my classmates, which was called happy. Later, in the process of playing games, I had a disagreement with my classmates. Because I was used to being high spirited in the class, I decided to go ahead regardless of my classmates' feelings, so the game could not continue. In the whole process, I stood in opposition to my classmates alone. I was isolated by my classmates, so I had to quietly walk out of the crowd and cry silently. At that time, I felt sad and helpless. I was sad that my classmates were unfriendly. What was helpless was that this happened when I left my parents for the first time. At a time when I didn't know what to do, several classmates who got along well in ordinary days sat beside me and gave me facts and reasons. I felt regretful. I really shouldn't be angry for a while, which hurt the harmony between classmates. After that, I learned that if there is no friend in life, it is like losing the sunshine in life and not taking oneself as the center, so life will be more full of sunshine.


Looking back, I was in the sixth grade, and I was about to depart from my classmates. In the vast expletions, I had more liberal and experience, but less naive. The wind is light and the clouds are clear. I like to slow down my pace. With the wind of cruising, I am happy to recall the hair and clothes that were disturbed by the breeze. When the world is big, its heart surges. Too many things have been unbearable to look back. Looking at their faraway backs, they are reluctant to give up and full of sadness. The world is like a strong place in the wind and rain... No matter where I will be in the future, I will always treasure the happy time with my classmates.


That day, I stood by the window, looking at their distant back. I rushed downstairs to fly the kite with them. We held hands and watched it slowly rise into the blue sky. We smiled. Our life is like the journey of the kite, full of wind and rain, full of joy


Time passed in such a hurry. Our beautiful childhood was full of laughter and laughter. This beautiful life made me realize the value of time, which made me cherish it

時間煮雨作文 篇6


Innocent years can not bear to bully, youth absurd I do not owe you—— notes preceding the text of a book or following the title of an article


The years of flowing water rush by, taking away the fallen leaves in life, taking away the fish and crabs that swim, leaving you rooted and growing.


The wind blows and the rain turns into flowers and turns our hair white. What passes away with the wind is youth, memories or rusty past?


Qingsi left her vow. She held each other's hands and promised to go out together. Now she is the dream flower in her dream. She once thought that hand in hand could make a boat and pass through the sad river. She woke up even when the boat was broken and the oars were broken. The vow ran through the sky, but it could not withstand the heavy rain.


The calm and serene brook ushered in the first rainstorm. The fallen leaves that blew with the wind tightly wrapped around the stone. The frightened fish also hid in the crack of the stone. A kind of unprecedented existence tightly wrapped the stone. So he carried the ravages of the storm. The calm after the storm was so quiet. The fish stuck out his head, and the fallen leaves would also come out with the water. Everything returned to calm. The fish said to go to the world together, The fallen leaves said that they would never be separated, but now they are alone.


The original agreement is not to separate, but to stay together all the time. Time has passed, and there are no taboos. Where are you? The snow has obliterated the past, and you lost your true self. The time is long, and you lost yourself in the maze. You only vaguely remember that you should be enemies of time and depart from the world.


A heavy snow in winter obliterated the world, and everything was white, erasing the traces of fallen leaves.


What day is it? Another year, when the spring breeze blows, a seed takes root and the grass leaves.


When time boils down, everything will pass away. However, I don't want to blame you for the naivety and absurdity. However, the incomplete story has lost its ending and can no longer write.

時間煮雨作文 篇7


The wind blows and the rain becomes flowers. Time can't catch up with white horses.


Year after year, it starts again and again. They also had the most real years, the most beautiful years, they also had dark hair, delicate skin. But one day, when they had the crystal of love, they broke their hearts. Day after day, they began to cook and prepare nutritious meals on time every day. Day after day, they got up before dawn and washed milk carefully. As a result, time accelerated the pace of aggression. They had white hair, old faces, bent backs and added wrinkles. We should cherish it. We should cherish a cup of hot milk when we wake up every morning, the delicious food on the table, the fragrance of tea when we study hard at night, and every day with them.


Clouds turn into summer, and tears are evaporated by the years.


Every day, I ride an orange bike and hold a large cup of blueberry milk tea. Or walk alone and walk freely. Sometimes I sometimes look at the sky with affectation, staring at the white clouds like cotton candy. I will fight with my deskmates for an English question. I will also face a whole set of math problems last night. They will laugh because they have overcome a difficult problem, and they will study late at night because they failed in an exam. He will compete with others and immerse himself in the sea of questions all night long. We should cherish it. Time is slipping away quietly. We should cherish the flourishing youth. It is time to learn to cherish the never give up vows made in the youth years. It is time to cherish the time when we can still fight and struggle freely.


The wind brightens the snowflakes and whitens our hair.


Jingle, the phone rings. "Hey, who is it?" "It's me, Zixuan. The weather forecast says it will rain tomorrow. Remember to take an umbrella and wear more clothes." "Well, I see." Although I have known this news for a long time, I am still grateful for the long telephone line that my friend used to send me the warmth I have not seen for a long time. What is a friend? You can ask for help when you are sick, lend your shoulder when you are sad, and giggle when you are happy. It's time to cherish this hard won friendship. Cherish every wind, frost, rain and snow accompanied by friends. Cherish the friends who accompany you brilliantly and accompany you down, those who criticize your shortcomings every day but carefully help you pick up the lost pen, and those who make noise every day but never leave.


The grass is far away. The moon will send you a thousand miles away at night, waiting for the coming autumn wind.


It's time to cherish.


Time will take away a lot, will take away face, will take away time, will take away stubborn, will take away a lot.


But the only constant is emotion.


Cherish it and leave no regrets.


Time is cruel, it will not stop and wait for people who get lost.


So, cherish the time, cherish the emotion that has settled down in the time. Don't leave irreparable regret for your life!

時間煮雨作文 篇8


Which piece of smoke and rain did time cook? Dear girl, I think one day I should say goodbye—— notes preceding the text of a book or following the title of an article

風溫柔地描繪著雨點,在人們的眼前勾勒出朵妖冶美麗的花,卻又轉瞬即逝,就像握于手中的沙般停留短暫,虛無縹緲。時間無法追逐童年時承載著歡聲笑語的白色木馬,無法追逐我們曾經錯過的美夢與青春。親愛的少女,你年少時存留于掌心的純真夢話,現在依然還 緊緊握著嗎?

The wind gently depicts the raindrops, which outline a beautiful and enchanting flower in front of people's eyes, but it is fleeting, just like the sand in the hand, which stays short and ethereal. Time can't chase the white trojan horse bearing laughter in childhood, and can't chase the dreams and youth we once missed. Dear girl, do you still hold the innocent dream words you left in your palm when you were young?


The wind gently blows the snowflakes, which brightens the once playful innocence. With the time, it blows white hair up to the waist. In this thorny, endless steep road, who are you, me or her who are lost at a loss?


Dear girl, we once made a promise in the starry autumn night that we would not cry, that we would not separate, and that we would stand up straight. Taking the starry earth as evidence, we held each other's tender hands. We have all felt the same confidence and courage in our tenfold grasp: even if we are enemies of time, even if we depart from the world, we should always keep our eyes firmly, and we believe that we will finally see the moon through the clouds. Not giving up is our most true portrayal.


The clouds rolled slowly and became summer. In this process, we were unable to reverse or do anything. Tears were mercilessly evaporated by the years. We only sighed that the time passed too quickly and blamed with righteous indignation, but in the end, we still lowered our heads and darkened our eyes.


In the spring and summer of that year, when we watched the flowers bloom and wither, we thought of Daiyu's funeral chant: "Flowers fade and fly all over the sky. Who will pity when the red flowers disappear?". The tightly held hand turned into a boat and rowed quietly across a river called Sadness.


Dear girl, you once said that we will never part, and we will never turn back. But now I want to ask you, was it just a childish saying? Innocent years are always free of doubt and deception, but I have never lived up to the absurdity of youth. I beg you not to erase the traces of our rising in the heavy snow


lost track of time? The green grass leaves, and the moon sends you away thousands of miles in the night. The autumn wind is blowing in the coming year!


My dear girl, I think it's time to say goodbye!

時間煮雨作文 篇9


"The wind blows and the rain turns into flowers. Time can't catch up with the white horse. Do you still hold on to the dream words in your young palm..." Time is still the same and people are the same. But when youth becomes an old photo, I have to ask myself: Where has time gone? Why can't I remember. The rain piled up new soil and formed a new river bank. New flowers were still blooming on the bank as before, but time was gone forever. Where did the time go? It seems that many things have changed in a flick of the fingers. Today's trees seem verdant. However, the wind of time turns the trees yellow, and the dead leaves fly like butterflies. After finishing the last dance of life, they fall to the ground and turn into dust.


Today's flower looks beautiful, but a wave of time can not change the fate of withering. It can only fall to the ground trembling, unwilling but helpless. Today's people seem to be vigorous, but with a stroke of time, they only have white hair and Zou lines on their faces. Time has mercilessly printed the traces of time on their faces and vividly told the cruelty of time. Where did the time go? I think time will quietly pass away in the melancholy of blooming and falling flowers. "The old trees in front of the door are sprouting, the dead trees in the yard are blooming again, and many words have been saved in the half of my life, and I have hidden them in my white hair..." Time is like a drop of water from the tip of a needle dropping into the sea, without sound or shadow... I am not the naive girl at the beginning, and my childhood has been submerged in the light of time, and my youth has been lost in the boundless tide. We are used to hiding time in the camera and keeping it in memory. We often turn over those yellowing photos and those unsolicited letters, and then look at the vaguely childish and innocent smiling faces. We have a myriad of thoughts and feelings, such as the surging of our hearts. In the sparkling water, layers of ripples have been formed, the breeze has risen, and the gently rippling boat is sailing to the past with the present and the past. Time, always gone forever, slipped from your fingertips inadvertently. Maybe you had no time to touch it, and then slipped away a little time when you turned around. You have no time to sigh, no time to linger, and can only hurry forward with the pace of time. Where did the time go? Time stayed in my father's white hair. My father bravely shouldered a family with his straight back, but he could not withstand the vicissitudes of time and slowly bent down. Time stayed on my mother's wrinkled face, and she gave us all her youth. Time wears away her beauty, and her face is carved into the eternity of the sun and the moon.


The full amount of wrinkles engraved the vicissitudes of life. But she still weaves her love meticulously with the thread in her hand. Time is always silent like water. If you are safe, it will be sunny. This is the time of parents, who use their time to shelter their children. Where did the time go? Time slipped away from my fingertips. Maybe some people are still secretly happy that she still has a good time of youth, but I want to say that youth is really thin, just like a dandelion floating in the sky, and it will disperse when the wind blows. Time does not wait for a moment like this. Before I knew it, I was in college, and my life in high school was still vivid in my mind. Looking at the wonderful lecture notes of the teacher's class and the tomorrow of everyone's joint examination, exchange and composition, I kept restoring wonderful fragments in front of me, holding the memory silently with a smile and tears. But after all, it has become a thing of the past. What I can do is to leave a vague figure and deep and shallow marks in the tide of time.


Maybe many years later, I can still remember the campus we once walked together, the youth we once loved secretly after the sunset, and the years that were forgotten by teachers after escaping from the classroom. The years have passed without any trace, but the time has a strong voice. I have to admit that time is really cruel, and the past that was once wet with tears is just a faint scratch on the annual ring of years. Rain can wash away smoke and dust, but it can't help people restore old photos. The petals falling from the rain fall into the soil, and we can't help it, but we can move forward. Maybe the flowers are blossoming in front of us, and we can't cherish the past, so let's cherish the present. Don't wait for the years to leave only distant memories. And then withered with a hint of tears and regret.

時間煮雨 篇10


Please thread the needle and lead the time, cut down the memories of your and my journey together, embroider some paper chrysanthemums, and hold a memorial ceremony in a hurry that year.


"The wind blows and the rain turns into flowers. Time can't catch up with the white horse. Do you still hold on to the dream words in your young palm?"


The spring is green in the early shade, and the bright red has not yet risen. At that time, you and I were young, and I didn't know what to say? So we fell in love with wind, cloud, snow and moon. Your smile is like a flower, reflecting the breeze and rain, embellishing the spring sunshine. Your eyes and eyebrows are warm, flexible and warm, like the rain, soaking in my cool years.


Use tolerance to smooth my publicity, use calm to straighten out my impetuosity, and use clarity to dilute my sadness. Sometimes you will also make public, will also be impetuous, will also be sad, I will also give you guidance. Because we know each other, we have no complaints. Because of friendship, we grow together.


You pretend to be an artist and recite a sentence: "Silence is the farewell flute, Xia Chong is silent for me, and silence is Cambridge tonight." At that time, we had never felt the sadness of parting, but we didn't know how to feel when we were young.


"The clouds turned into summer, and the tears were evaporated by the years. Did anyone get lost on this road?" The flowers in the forest thank the spring red, which is too hasty. Time is singing in a low voice, and the childishness of the past is slowly fading. The memory of being wet by the rain is filled with something green and touching.


You said, "My Dada horseshoe is a beautiful mistake. I am not a returnee, but a passer-by." A little calm, a little calm, I only silently bless you in my heart, I wish you a peaceful life. My friend, you may be less lonely with me along the way.


"We agreed not to separate, but to stay together all the time. I can't bear to be bullied by the innocent years, and I will not blame you for the absurdity of youth." The wind blew away the fragrance of flowers, and the sunset clouds filled the autumn water. The scenes of the past, such as red leaves with broken veins, were lost in the withered season.


We embarked on our own new journey and sang bitterly: "Outside the pavilion, beside the ancient road, the grass is green..." Time boiled rain, flowers were like dreams, your smile was still there, but I was lonely and alone.


The footprints we walked through together are the lonely and stubborn ones stuck in time and become the maxim worth laughing and crying today. I whispered: "You are the distance I can't go back after a distance of mountains and waters..."


"Please don't erase the impression of us together."


The heavy snow can't erase the impression that we are together



@_@ I am the dividing line@_@













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