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花謝香猶在高一優秀作文800字 篇1


Life is like a flower. Flowers are perishable. Life is perishable. However, what time withers and fades is just the blooming flowers, but it can't erase the moving fragrance after all. Therefore, the flower like life, the fragrant fragrance, and the intoxicating life integrity like the flower fragrance will ride the wheel of time on the corridor of history, bringing us lasting aftertaste and emotion.


Du Fu is like a flower. "You can have thousands of buildings, shelter all the poor people in the world, and be as safe as a mountain without wind and rain?" A wandering life, a compassionate feeling. You are worried about the poor people in the world. You are worried about the sufferings of the common people. Your thin life carries too much of the cruelty and bitterness of time until you deliver yourself to the swaying ship. Du Fu, you are a chrysanthemum with many vicissitudes of life. Even if you wither and fall, even if you fall down on the haggard life, your feelings of compassion for the common people will cross the corridor of history and emit a lasting fragrance.


Qu Yuan is like a flower. "The whole world is turbid, I am pure, and everyone is drunk, I am awake." A proud figure, a noble soul. You are loyal to the monarch and devote yourself to national affairs, but you are doomed to "believe and see doubts, be loyal and be slandered". You wander in the Miluo River, walk and sing, and decide to wash away the dust of your life with the water of the waves. So, you jump and glide across a beautiful arc, becoming the most beautiful lotus on the top of the waves. Qu Yuan, you are an elegant white lotus, blooming in the torrent of history. Even if you wither, your noble and unswerving character will also be fragrant and clear.


Lu You is like a flower. "Who would have guessed that the heart is in Tianshan Mountain and the body is in Cangzhou." A hermit patriot, a ray of regret loyal soul. You are enjoying your life of "guarding Liangzhou with horses". You are crying helplessly because "the beard is not dead, but the temples are autumn". You are still thinking about guarding the Luntai for the country while lying in a lonely village. You still remember the Central Plains in the north by your bed. Lu You, you are a proud plum blossom. As you said, "Scattered into mud and crushed into dust, there is only fragrance as before". Even if it withers, the patriotic loyalty will be fragrant forever.


The flowers wither and the fragrance lasts forever; Through life, fame will last forever. Li Bai left, but his pride of "being able to crush the brow and bend the waist to make me unhappy" will last forever; Su Wu left, but his loyalty to "power cannot be subdued, wealth cannot be immoral" remained unchanged; Wen Tianxiang left, but his loyalty of "no one has died since ancient times, stay loyal and follow the history" is immortal.


Those who are either compassionate or passionate or noble will eventually leave the branches and drift away with the wind after the flowery life. However, their life integrity, which is as intoxicating as the fragrance of flowers, will eventually ride the wheel of time on the corridor of history, and the longer it lasts, the more fragrant it will become. Yes, they still give us everlasting aftertaste and touch.

花謝香猶在高一優秀作文800字 篇2


The flowers cannot escape the fate of withering, but the petals that have breathed the breeze and bathed in the rain and dew still emit a faint fragrance. A person will inevitably die, but death does not mean disappearance. Those strong souls, those elegant souls, those thoughts that sparkle with wisdom, and those life qualities that are as intoxicating as flowers, are like a jar of old wine, and the longer they last, the more fragrant they become.


What makes us remember Wen Tianxiang who is willing to serve the country but unable to return to heaven? "No one has died since ancient times, so stay loyal to history." In the face of the enemy's threats and inducements, this unyielding soul sang the resounding voice of life. He knows what is more important than the mountain and what is more important than life. For the sake of his motherland, Wen Tianxiang put the flower of life into bloom on the battlefield and fell in the enemy camp. The flower is still fragrant, and his strong mind will never fade in the river of history.


The sword points to the sky, and the book "The Road is Difficult" can't tell you how free and easy he is; I raised my glass to admire the moon, and the song "Drink Alone under the Moon" could not express his elegance. "The wine has entered the heart of the emperor, and three points of it have become sword spirit, and seven points of it have become moonlight". Li Bai, with a pot of sake, has printed his footprints all over the thousands of miles of the Tang Dynasty. This wonderful flower of art finally drifted away month by month, floating in the sky, but the flowers still fade away, and his elegant soul always lingers on the historical corridor of poetry.


"Words and gestures are fresh." Three thousand disciples, Confucius spread wisdom to the world; Confucius asked the meaning of life when he was lecturing for thousands of miles. What is benevolence? What is righteousness? After 3000 years, the fragrant Analects of Confucius still shines with wisdom. Confucius's body has long passed away, but the flowers and incense are still there, and his thoughts that glitter with wisdom will never die out.

“采菊東籬下,悠然見南山”,陶淵明那如菊花般的生命散發出淡泊名利的香氣彌漫史冊;“捐軀赴國難,視死忽如歸”,曹植那如曇花般的生命散發出壯志豪邁的香氣暈染了書頁; “回首向來蕭瑟處,歸去,也無風雨也無晴”,蘇軾那如蘭花般的生命散發出超然灑脫的香氣濃郁了卷軸。他們如花的生命都已經逝去,然而花謝后,芳香永駐。

"Picking chrysanthemums from the east fence, you can see the Nanshan Mountain leisurely". Tao Yuanming's chrysanthemum like life exudes the fragrance of indifference to fame and wealth in the history books; "He sacrificed himself to the national disaster and looked at his death as if he were going home". Cao Zhi's life like a epiphylum gave off a heroic fragrance that stung the pages of the book; "When I look back, I always feel bleak. When I go back, there is no wind, rain or sunshine." Su Shi's life like an orchid emits a detached and free fragrance, which enriches the scroll. Their flower like life has passed away, but after the flower fades, the fragrance will remain forever.


The flowers are still fragrant, and time cannot stop the transmission of fragrance, even if it turns the flowers into mud and grinds them into dust; The flower is still fragrant, and history cannot hide the glory of life, even if it makes the flesh and blood of life disappear with the wind.


Yes, a person will inevitably die, but death does not mean disappearance. As Zang Kejia said, "Some people are dead, but they are still alive." Those strong souls, those elegant souls, those thoughts that sparkle with wisdom, and those characters that are as intoxicating as flowers are like a jar of old wine.


We are not afraid of falling into mud, but look for the fragrance as before, which is our pursuit of life.

花謝香猶在高一優秀作文800字 篇3


He is a passer-by, keen on history. But it was just an old lane less than 100 meters long. The vicissitudes of life were like a withered clove, but he insisted on looking for it. Whether there was still a trace of flower fragrance left behind.


The encounter with it was casual, but it seemed to be predestined.


When he passed the turnabout, his eyes fell on the wall of the old lane unconsciously, and he was immediately attracted. The white of the wall was different, not as white as feathers, nor as crystal and holy as snowflakes. Its white is permeated with a kind of gray. It is decorated with white walls like lines, which will not leave a bad impression on people. There are only vicissitudes of life. The edges and corners of each stone slab have been smoothed by the years. The dark green moss is lying on the stone steps, and the dry wooden door is creaking, adding a touch of strangeness in the dead silence.


He walked to the old alley. At that time, the lane, the busy lane, walked on its stones. He was immersed in the old lane, and his fingers couldn't help bumping into the wall of the old lane. The cracked wall seemed to witness the rise and fall of the old lane.


He may be thinking about how brilliant the old alley was once, so that there were such courtyard houses located here. How many stories have been staged in the old alleys? Whether it has also been changed, or is it a safe place during the Anti Japanese War.


Is this the lane with willow catkins flying in the spring? It is "the wild grass and flowers beside the Zhuque Bridge, and the setting sun at the entrance of Wuyi Lane." The alley that aroused Liu Yuxi's sense of prosperity and decline? Or is Dai Wangshu "wandering alone in the long, long and lonely rain lane with an oil paper umbrella"?


Suddenly, there was a wisp of smoke in the old lane. I didn't know whose chimney it was. Warming up his doubts, a friendly shout broke his doubts, "Old lady, we have dinner." The aroma of rice came from afar, "The aroma of rice is not afraid of the deep alley."


He smiled. There were still people in this old lane, and it was still alive. Presumably, the two old men had been living here just now, and they couldn't bear to leave. The relief or surprise made his heart start to touch. A bird crow passed by, the leaves fell gently, and the wind blew slightly. He suddenly remembered Mr. Shi Tiesheng's The Temple of Earth and I, "which is a true record. The garden is deserted but not decayed.". He smelled the fragrance of the flowers, which was still there. The fragrance of flowers brings vitality to the old lane.


At the end of the day, he turned back and walked towards the sunset. It has a thick history and a clean place, leaving it to those who are destined to understand. The setting sun at the entrance of Wuyi Alley is slanting. It turns out that the setting sun is not intended to add desolation, but to make the sense of history more profound and the fragrance of flowers more fragrant.













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