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山東高考語文作文:備好的行囊 篇1


As the Buddhist saying goes, "Sitting on a stone and watching the clouds leisurely means that the rising sun can supplement the tranquil kung fu." Life is like a journey. You need to have your bags ready. Only when you go here can you be brilliant.


There is poetry everywhere in life, and there is a distance we yearn for. Therefore, we always prepare our bags before traveling to pursue our own poetry. However, all these things are based on luggage. Uselessness and usefulness accompany us to go far away


Those cyclists, those who look at the world, always have the most luggage. Every time I drive home, I always see groups of riders. They are numerous, dressed in uniform, each of them has a mountain bike, and they have necessary water and food. They sing along the way. Their journey is not only for exercise, but also for the experience of returning to nature and humanity. When they are in awe, they often sigh: they have traveled so many miles, passed so many villages, traveled across mountains and rivers, but they have never been timid. Why? Because they have enough luggage? Because their preparation has made them move forward without worry? "The world is so big, I want to see it." Those who go forward, those who enjoy the scenery all the way, in fact, have prepared the most adequate and powerful luggage, both physically and mentally.


Those trekkers, those pioneers, those leaders in all walks of life, they have prepared large and small bags for life. Some bags, seemingly useless, can be used. For example, Wang Shu, the winner of the Pritzker Architecture Award, rushed to various demolition sites and picked up pieces of bricks and tiles at random. They seemed incredible to others, but they were all used in the bags of life and career. His works, whether they are tile gardens, Ningbo History Museum, or Xiangshan College, are all high-quality products that can be used sustainably in the construction industry.


Some bags will always accompany you to a distant place, not only material, but also spiritual things. Ma Yun, for example, played a set of monkey boxing frankly in the days when he was in the doldrums and was laughed at by others. But who knows, behind the monkey boxing is the reflection of his calm and winning mentality. In his luggage, he always carries confidence and faith.


Those who have an epiphany make their bags full and heavy. Whether Bing Xin, who is called "Sir", or Yang Jiang, their character, talent and temperament are all their bags, so this trip is not lonely, but more elegant. Their bags help their life. Once they realize it, their language will be amazing, or they will return to the pure "say a few childish words about the sea of love", or "the world is their own and has nothing to do with others".


Only by starting can we reach; Only when you have your bags ready can you start - money, time, language, tickets, visas, are not a problem. The problem is whether you have your bags ready to prepare for this unique journey


The luggage is ready. It's wonderful!

山東高考語文作文:備好的行囊 篇2


In the past, I often heard a saying: "The so-called travel is just to go from the place where one is tired of living to the place where others are tired of living. Everywhere I go, I will feel that there is a unique local custom. I will know a new person and talk about each other's stories. I will find that everyone is a thick book, which will be left for us to discover and think. All these things sublimate my mind, so that I can understand life.


It is not necessary to call travel vagrancy to flaunt your uniqueness, but vagrancy is a state of mind that lets you wander in a strange place without any cover. You don't have to go into the scenic spot. You don't have to visit the historical sites. You just need to think quietly in one place. Wandering is more of a random feeling, a state of randomness. Most of the time, the mind is empty, as if it needs something new to fill it.


Everyone is different, in different positions, in different environments, in different thoughts, and in different values. The same thing, due to many different, will have different views. Whether you can live a free and easy life depends on your living conditions at that time, as well as your temperament. Every time you travel, you will not only get the natural scenery, but also learn from what you have seen, heard, and felt, even if it is just the conversation of an ordinary passer-by.


Knowledge is never more important than insight. If people see more, they will naturally become open-minded. A lot of things don't matter, they don't matter, they don't matter, they don't matter, they don't matter, they don't matter. Not because I don't care, but because I don't think it's a big deal, I just smile and pass. Once a person's vision becomes broad, his vision of the world will be different. Many things will no longer be tangled easily, his character will also be improved, and he will be more comfortable with others.


Wandering is a valuable experience in life and a good way to improve your personal coping ability. It is not a good thing to leave footprints in a constantly changing strange place, put down feelings and write a memory of your own. Only when we have no distractions and appreciate the scenery along the way with simple vision, can we find the world's unique charm. You should know that life is full of beautiful scenery, which is always around you, but we just can't see it. Wandering does not mean self exile, but self pursuit, to pursue the dream in your heart. The prepared luggage is always with me. It will follow me wherever I go. We are the closest partners, moving forward together and never giving up.

山東高考語文作文:備好的行囊 篇3


After lunch, Fan told me on the phone that it was cloudy and the rain was coming. I glanced out of the window and realized it was really cloudy. In the first class, it was raining hard. I hadn't seen such a heavy rain for a long time. I was very excited,


Staring at the rain. Alas, it would be nice to stay at home in such weather. Make a cup of tea, watch a movie or read a good book. But even such a life is now a kind of extravagant hope, extravagant hope


Looking down from the window on the third floor, the rain looks like a deliberately created scene in a movie or TV play. What pictures will appear below? Lovers kissing goodbye under the umbrella, fierce fighting in the martial arts, you who are going to travel with your luggage on your back?


"Boy, I have packed your dry food in your baggage. It's a long way to go, so don't be hard for yourself."


"My husband, I got the sole and made a new pair of shoes last night. Please put them on before you walk!"


The rain is still falling, and there is still no intention to stop it. It seems that it is deliberately preventing him from travelling.


He walked around the room with his back and hands, looking at the heavy luggage, full of love and expectation!


Finally, his back disappeared in the heavy rain all over the sky. At midnight, on a boat, the heavy rain had turned into a drizzle. "The moon was setting, the clouds were crying, the frost was all over the sky, and the river maple and the fishing fire were sleeping. The Hanshan Temple outside Suzhou City, the bell rang to the passenger ship at midnight." At this time of the night, only such a person, a person's loneliness. He untied his pack, ate two mouthfuls of dry food, and took out the new shoes made by his wife, with fine stitches. His wife's bright eyes seemed to twinkle before his eyes. Tick tock, I do not know whether it is rain or tears, falling ceaselessly.


There is a long and thin path ahead, full of withered vines, stretching to Chang'an City, where he once regarded as his destination in this life. There is also a bright girl who is his pink confidant.


Now looking at the rain, he could only recite: "The boy listened to the rain songs upstairs, and the red candle fainted the tent. In the prime of his life, he listened to the rain in the passenger boat. The river was wide and the clouds were low, and the broken wild geese called the west wind. Now he listened to the rain under the monk's house. His temples were stars. Sadness and joy were always merciless. One step in front of the stairs, every bit until dawn."


The prepared luggage has not been fully opened and consumed, but it has come to the end of life.


Those who leave will leave, those who get will get, and those who lose will lose.


The rain in my hometown is still falling.

山東高考語文作文:備好的行囊 篇4


Under the sunny sky, we stand looking up at the sky, full of beautiful illusions. Everyone has his own dream and hopes to fight in the sky.


We have experienced thousands of helplessness and setbacks, and we have suffered countless blows. However, we should know that the pain we experienced and the tears we shed are all for the purpose of one day being able to fight the sky and fly freely.


My heart began to re outline the dreams I had given up before, even though it was unrealistic. But it would be a pity to come to this world without hard work, tenacious struggle, and not doing everything for your dreams.


Looking at those celebrities, are they born with their achievements? That's because they have suffered more than us.


Churchill, an English writer, once stayed in the junior high school when he was young.


Beethoven, the composer, was told by his teacher when he was a child that he was not meant to be a musician.


Despite these blows, their achievements are well known to women and children, and their spirit will live on forever. There are also people who are physically handicapped and have strong aspirations. Although their bodies are incomplete for us, they do some work and tasks that normal people cannot complete. Their unyielding belief shocked the whole human race. In this process, who can imagine their efforts? So why don't we fight for our dreams? Why not fight for your ideal? What's the reason for not having a good bag of dreams?


Prepare your luggage. It is not food, not necessities of life, but dreams, ideals, hopes, and wings that can take you to the sky freely.


In fact, everyone has a pair of wings, and it will show its true face when you fly to the sky. With the petals withering, we were once exhausted, chasing the faint light. We had been disappointed, desperate, and wanted to give up, but really caught the light of a dream, then your heart would be warm, bright, and an unprecedented happiness.


What I can do, what I think, my hardships, my frustrations and tears are all in my bag. Although it is heavy, it can make me fly higher and farther.


The light in the sky and the rainbow are the most beautiful scenery in my luggage













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