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作文期中考試后感想 篇1


Today, when I got up, I felt very unnatural. No wonder! My parents kept telling me that the air around me seemed to be frozen together - the mid-term exam was coming.


After breakfast, our class went upstairs to make preparations. The first two classes are going to test Chinese. I excitedly took out my pencil box, took out my Chinese book and began my final review. It's been a long time since such a big exam was held. I can't help feeling nervous! I have learned Chinese well, so I don't need to worry about the basic questions. The key is reading. My level is not very good. The composition is OK. Maybe I can get a full mark.


Suddenly, the class bell rang, the students' expressions were very ugly, and I became serious. My father always told me: "Don't giggle in the exam, it will distract your attention." This is a very common exam, which is confused by parents. People who are not nervous can't calm down! The teacher handed out the paper. I took the first paper and looked at it. Eh! How simple! I was secretly happy. But I still cleared my throat and prepared to jump into the "sea of questions" to travel and explore. I also think it is important to be calm, so that you can calm your mind; It is also important to be serious. As long as we are serious, everything can be solved; You must also be careful, careful people, who will like it!


I finally wrote my name, class and began to think about each question! The first question seems to have been done by me since the first grade. It's a piece of cake! After finishing the second volume, I suddenly found that the reading problem was very difficult. I had read it for nearly three times and couldn't think of an answer. Forget it, just make it up! Alas!


It's finally time to collect the examination papers. I must take the next exam! I think.


"Ding ding." The bell rang again, and I had to start doing some boring questions again.


I did well in the next few subjects, but the last one, English, baffled me again.


Was that right? What is this! I really don't know what to choose is the right answer, ah! Another door is going to die! What bad luck!


In the future, I will seriously treat the bad points I have mastered, and strive for full marks in the future scientific examination!

期中考試后的感想作文 篇2


Today, in the last class, the teacher handed out the test paper and saw the horrible number. It was like a bolt from the blue. With a loud bang, people sat there like fools with their brains fried.

放學后,我一個人不能走在回家的路上,看著那一個個大大的 www..cn 叉,整個人的心都涼了,心里想著這如何向父母交代……手里拿著剛剛折斷的樹枝,抽打著路兩旁并不茂盛的草叢,心里像漏了一拍似的,總感覺不舒服。

After school, I can't walk on the way home alone. Looking at the big WWW.. CN forks, my heart is cold, and I think about how to explain this to my parents... I hold the branches that have just been broken in my hands, and beat the grass on both sides of the road. My heart seems to miss a beat, and I always feel uncomfortable.


Looking at the sky, the original blue sky became gray. The old sun grandfather also sighed for me behind the dark clouds. The wind cried for me in the "vuvu". The visual and auditory stimuli almost drove me crazy. Thinking of Mom's sad expression when she saw the test paper, Dad felt sorry for them when he saw the disappointed eyes. Unconsciously, I came to the door of my house and picked up the "sleeping" key in my schoolbag, but I never had the courage to open the door. The weight of the key in my hand became heavier and heavier, and I couldn't take it anymore. I told myself again and again to calm down, but I knew it was just a comfort

作文期中考試后感想 篇3


In the last few weeks, our school came to the whole school to find out - the midterm exam, that big exam, I thought I was not very good, so I will try to do well in the next exam!


The teacher evaluated each test paper, and I also evaluated my test paper. Let's talk about Chinese first! In Chinese, I summarized that the main mistake was extracurricular accumulation. That day, as soon as I got the test paper and examined the topic, I had to be shocked. The ratio of extracurricular questions to in class questions was 6:4. At that time, I thought that if I read more extracurricular books and reduced the time for playing, then I could have a clear idea when doing the questions. Therefore, I thought that there should be no distractions in class and no small actions, Listen to the teacher carefully, read more and practice more after class, so as to achieve the goal of "writing like a god".


It is difficult to speak Chinese, and mathematics is no exception. It is also flexible and changeable.


I summarized mathematics, which is a subject that can not be sloppy or memorized by rote. I was wrong about interest questions and concept filling in the blank. Let's talk about interest questions first! Although the interest question is very difficult, some people in the class did it, but I didn't do it. This is, I don't think of the Olympiad Maths assigned by my teacher every day. I seldom do it at home by myself, so this is also a major part of the points I lose in the exam; Another is concept filling in the blank. Usually, there are more Chinese and English, but fewer mathematical concepts, so 3 points were deducted from concept questions. So I think that learning mathematics requires flexible mind and active thinking to improve.


After speaking math and Chinese, it's time to speak English. My 50 point paper scored 47 points, but we should thank our new teacher, Miss Zhong. At the beginning, she was very strict with us, and we complained about some things, but after the exam, we learned that the teacher was strict with us. Therefore, I decided to add more difficulty to the homework assigned by the teacher. I read more English for 20 minutes every day. I think as long as I read more, recite more and memorize more every day, I can go to the first place!


After the mid-term exam, we should regard learning as our own business, and not put it on the teachers and parents. It is our learning that should not become their burden, so learning is our own business, and others cannot replace it!













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