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陽光中考滿分作文 篇1


Maybe you are a remnant flower, no one pays attention to you, but you have sunshine, which is slowly gestating your growth.


Maybe you are an unfinished porcelain bottle, without bright lines, just an ordinary pottery bottle. But when you think about it, it is not surprising that there are so many works of art in the world.


Perhaps you are the most ordinary person in the world, without halo and applause. But you should try to catch up with the sun and have your own sunshine.


Beethoven wrote the most famous music in his life after he lost his hearing; The boy's name is Liu Wei. He lost his arms because of an accident, but he still sticks to his music dream. He practices with his feet every day and finally gets on the golden stage in Vienna. Those who never give up in the face of setbacks and always adhere to their dreams. Not because they are better than me, but because they have amazing perseverance, insist on finding a sunny place, and have it. It's not difficult, as long as you have it in your heart, you will feel it. Stick to your dreams, no matter what setbacks you encounter, you should strive to pursue them. The warmth of the sun is waiting for you. Persist in accomplishing everything, no matter success or failure.


I have seen such a program "Super Speaker", in which there is a sentence that makes me remember deeply. Failure is not terrible. What we should do is not regret, as long as you complete it and work hard, so that even if you do not succeed in writing, your life will be complete.


Therefore, we should adhere to whatever we do. In this way, what we get is the process, because the process is more important than the result. This process may have ups and downs, but we must believe that there will be rainbows and sunshine after the storms. Do things according to this belief!


Maybe in high school, we would complain about the mechanical life every day, but only by complaining can we do it. In order to live up to their ideals, their parents' expectations, and their three years of youth and struggle. We should all work hard to overcome all difficulties and head for a sunny place. In this world, God doesn't care about everyone. But everyone has the right to choose. We should choose to face difficulties, face difficulties.


I always have sunshine in my heart and feel it with my heart. After the storm, the broken flower changed again, because the sun always lives in its heart. The pottery bottle was finally found to be special, and a beautiful 'texture was printed on it, because it did not give up.


The dust of the Milky Way is smaller than this. But if we have sunshine, we will still shine and heat up. We are everywhere.


Maybe, maybe you are just a passer-by in the long river of time, and won't cause any attention and amazement, but as long as there is sunshine, you can shine on yourself and reach the end of your dream.

中考滿分作文 篇2


Shaoyang Fresh Clothes, Nian Qiao Wentian


Wearing fresh clothes and angry horses, ask the sky and explore the sea. Only the eyes can see that it is Huaxia. This is really a young man.




Fresh clothes are still angry when they are gone.


The great China, exploring in the blood pool, finally encountered the deep shadow of the 20th century. The country is far from home. The Great Wall, which covers the world, nurtures and protects only the desolate wilderness where life is hard to find.


Fortunately, a group of teenagers rose against the light and woke up for the country. In the wilderness, I cried out the lofty words of "students are innocent, patriotism is innocent", and vowed to fight to the death to protect Qingdao. Warlords are dangerous, so they sit through the prison; The government was powerless and burned Paris.


Qiao's life is prolonged. He is in the hands of his father's generation and breaks through the wall. What he is chasing is just the ray of sunshine in the east. They were the first to awaken, but they fell before dawn and were still young. They searched for light in the dark, but never remembered that they were light. Under the sea of stars today, every ray of light is engraved with their names. Because they have lived as teenagers should.


Ask the sky, come back and explore the sea with your heart.


Under the red flag, in the spring breeze, we are lucky to be born in a prosperous age. Our young people are lucky to meet such an era and meet the wisdom accumulated by human beings for thousands of years. Thanks, the gift of the times. From childhood, explore freely. Childhood is the age of 40. Don't be confused about what and why. What I love is life.


Fortunately, we are also the times. The new generation of young people will turn the traditional into the vital, the beloved into the professional, and the national into the world. With 5000 years of cultural heritage, it shows the cultural confidence of asking the sky and exploring the sea, and interprets "a gentleman is harmonious but different, beautiful and common" in a higher form. With the youngest body in this era, we have integrated the most diverse and profound culture, beliefs and concepts.


Inquire into the sky and explore the sea, uninhibited in the heart, but trapped in the country. With us, the world will love China more, because we are the scenery of this country; With us, youth is no longer confused, but fearless, because we dance with the sea and sky. We don't have to live in the imagination of our predecessors. They can't imagine what we look like as teenagers, because we live as teenagers.


The mark of history has been drawn, the dance steps of the youth are still continuing, and all the good things in the world are still going on. What China is waiting for is the fresh clothes and angry horses who ask the sky and explore the sea; What the young man is waiting for is the brilliant China, the stars and the sea. This is what a teenager should look like

中考滿分作文 篇3


We have a beautiful mother who can cook delicious food, a father who is "workaholic", a brother who likes reading novels, and a cute and clever me.


The rice cooked by my mother is very delicious, especially the tomato braised eggplant. The taste makes people drool 3000 feet when they think of it! I remember one time, my mother made a large plate of braised eggplant with tomatoes, and I ate all by myself. It was amazing - I also ate two steamed buns! For my little "greedy cat", my mother also learned a lot of ways to make desserts on the Internet, including fruit peel and cake. It's good to have a mother who can cook delicious food.


Dad is a workaholic. I remember that night, my father was busy at work. He hurried to work. When I got up in the middle of the night, I found it was 12 o'clock. Before my father came back, I called him and said, "When will you come back, Dad?" My father said, "I don't know when I will come back after finishing the work." I recognized my father's tiredness, and the tears in my eyes could not stop flowing down. I said sadly: "Dad, it is important for me to work. If you don't come back, you will never come back." After that, I hung up the phone, sat by the bed and cried all the time... Later, I learned that my father was writing a speech that day, so I wrote it in. After his speech, many people were moved to cry.


My elder brother likes reading novels. When he is free, he will take an e-book to read, and will not sleep until very late. Once, my mother came and said, "Go to bed quickly, and don't look at the time." My brother didn't seem to hear it. She continued to read there. My mother walked over and saw that my brother was fascinated. She became even more angry. She grabbed the e-book from my brother and said, "If you don't sleep, you won't want to read e-books again!" My brother went back to his bedroom obediently.


Finally, it's time to talk about me. I seem to be born to talk. If anyone wants to be more eloquent than me, he will lose. If he says something, I will pay him back. My deskmate was so angry that when he saw me talking, he automatically shut up. Once, in a math class, the teacher asked our group of students to correct their mistakes and then check them for me. I first looked at my deskmate's exercise book, and he covered his answers while saying, "Why? Do you want to copy my answers?" I said solemnly: "I just copied the answers at a glance. So you saw so many things after you were born that they were copied?" He was so angry with me that he had nothing to say.


This is my family of four, a family. The most important thing is that we all love each other.

中考滿分作文 篇4


A genre


Only write the narrative, and review the narrative well.


Two principles


1. Only true can be emotional. What really moves the readers is the little things around you that you have experienced personally.


2. A witticism can be sensational. Only funny, humorous and lively language can brighten the readers' eyes and make them nod and sigh constantly.


Three word requirement


1. Stable: write good deeds, try to explain things clearly according to the six elements of the narrative, pay attention to the point at the beginning and end, and point out the center at the end, so as to give a stable play to your writing level. In particular, students with good writing ability should not force themselves to write "world shaking works". It is great if they can give play to 80% of their writing level in the exam composition.


2. Details: Don't give a simple description like the TV story introduction. The description of the environment, the appearance of the characters, their actions, language and psychology should be added in the middle. Students with good ability should also give a contrast between the distance, the movement and the static, the side contrast, the environment rendering, and the five senses description to make the article delicate and touching.

3、精: 對于一般的同學來說,“精”體現在:(1)選擇自己最拿手的內容;

3. Excellence: For ordinary students, "excellence" is reflected in: (1) choosing the content that you are most proficient in;

(2)寫出自己最好的字;(3)采用自己最順手的結構(總分結構或順敘方式),力求發揮好自己的水平。 對于寫作能力較好的同學來說,“精”應體現在:(1)選擇較有新意的、又是自己有把握寫好的內容;(2)有漂亮的書寫;(3)精心安排好開頭和結尾,適當采用倒敘、襯托、聯想、象征、描寫、抒情、以小見大、欲揚先抑、渲染氣氛、借景抒情、托物喻志、以物喻人的方法方式結構文章;(4)采用適當的修辭手法,特別是運用比喻、反復、排比、反問等手法,恰當地運用成語、引用格言名句,增添文采。

(2) Write your best words; (3) Use the structure that you are most comfortable with (total score structure or sequential narration), and strive to give full play to your own level. For students with good writing ability, the "essence" should be reflected in: (1) choosing more innovative content that they are sure to write well; (2) Have beautiful writing; (3) The beginning and end shall be carefully arranged, and the method of flashback, setting off, association, symbol, description, lyricism, seeing the big from the small, desire to promote first, exaggerating the atmosphere, lyricism by scenery, object metaphor, and object metaphor shall be appropriately used to structure the article; (4) Use appropriate rhetorical devices, especially metaphor, repetition, parallelism, rhetorical questions, etc., appropriately use idioms, quote proverbs and famous sentences to add literary talent.


Four processes (keeping basic scores)


1. Check the meaning of the question: Be careful. If the meaning of the question is not correct, then,,,, should spend 2-3 minutes to read the composition first, and then start to answer the basic knowledge questions.


2. Establish a good center: at least know what you want to say, like or dislike? Are you moved or opposed? Is it happiness or pain? Is it philosophy and deep feeling? Is it praise or criticism Write it on the draft paper in one sentence.


3. Choose the right materials: things that meet the requirements of the topic, are familiar to you, and can be written well.


4. Write an outline: (1) Write the main content and theme in one sentence; (2) Distinguish what to write at the beginning, middle and end; (3) Type the detailed draft of the beginning and end, and the opening sentence of each paragraph.


The next step is to write a composition in the examination paper. We should try to write the composition in one go. As long as the outline and the manuscript at the beginning, end and beginning of the paragraph are well written, it is not difficult to do it in one go. We can write the composition in 20 minutes after our ideas are smooth.


Five Skills (Win Emotional Points)


1. Have a flexible mind: sentence making, screening, changing questions.


2. There is a lovely face: the writing should be neat. You must write as well as you can. You must not use correction fluid or modify at will, especially the beginning, end and opening sentences of paragraphs.


3. A pair of shining eyes: a good essay is half the battle.


4. Have a beautiful dress: (1) a theme that is best for you; (2) A good story (good cloth); (3) A good structure (good design); (4) A fluent and beautiful language (good


Pattern and good color).


5. There are several exquisite ornaments: (1) flashback, description and quotation at the beginning (good hair style) (2) ending: rhetorical discussion, implicit aftertaste, praise and lyricism, philosophical reflection, famous words, imagination and dream, determination and call (famous shoes); (3) Famous sayings and famous works are just embellishment (stone drilling yo); (4) Use the scene description to render the atmosphere (such as a dream scarf).


Six Don'ts (Don't lose points)


One taboo is scribbling: the writing should be correct. Never even change the title. Only correct the obvious typos. If you can not correct them, you should not change them.


Second, avoid too short and too long: the number of words must be sufficient, and it is difficult to pass the exam even if the number of words is insufficient; The number of words should not be too many, and should not exceed the composition paper in the test paper. Under the overwhelming frustration, it can only be within 2 lines.


Three taboos at the beginning: it's better to get straight to the point and start directly. If you can describe the environment, you should first describe it.


The four taboos are too few sections: 4-6 sections are better than 3 sections.


Five taboos are irrelevant: you know what the consequences will be if you don't say it.


Six taboos: Don't always play, save children from drowning, cats and dogs


Don't write people dead, or write people as cancer.

中考滿分作文 篇5


We have raised plants in our family, but most of them are vegetables with the vitality as strong as the wild grass growing in the spring wind. As long as we keep something a little more delicate, we will never live.


We raised a bird. Like the chickens we used to raise, this bird was bought by my father on a whim. Before the fever dropped a minute, my father bought a cage for the bird, a large bag of bird food, a nest made of hay, and a blanket that was covered on the cage to prevent the bird from turning into a popsicle in the cold winter night. Most of the time, we "yellow girls" are taking care of them, but no matter how hard we try, the bird's beak is getting longer and longer because it doesn't eat. The neighbor who lives next door, a kind old lady who can take care of animals and has three dogs at home, finally can't stand it. She said it was because of food problems, but we put a lot of food in its nest, I also bought a "dessert" and hung it in their cage. Later, with running water in our hands, we gave the bird to the old lady with thousands of exhortations. Fortunately, after she took it to raise it, the bird's feathers gradually became plump, and it was not as thin as before. In other words, because of the deep feelings with us, we named the two birds with unknown meaning. The brown and yellow birds were called Blue Valley Break, and the yellow ones were called Yellow Valley Break.


Besides, when it comes to meat, the Internet always says how easy it is to raise, but in our opinion, it is actually not as easy to raise. One day, when my mother went to the market, she saw a small, fleshy plant waving to her with a plump smiling face. She thought she liked it, so she bought it. When she took it home, she should have blamed her sister, who had spent money indiscriminately, for falling in love with the fleshy pomegranate skirt after a spell of charm attack. She changed her temper and began to admire the fleshy compactness without a "wow". So, The following day was repeated: Meng Wukong's younger brother watered the meat, took it out to bask in the sun, and then watched the leaves turn yellow day by day. His younger brother was disappointed and transferred it to the soil, so he didn't care about it. He thought: Let it grow freely, I won't do anything that is thankless, let him live and die by himself! Now, according to the insider (father), the abandoned succulent plant has become larger and larger, and the leaves have become more and more.


So my sister gave our family a new name "Biological Insulator" after experiencing a series of desperate things.

陽光中考滿分作文 篇6


Shakespeare once said: "Life without books is like no sunshine; wisdom without books is like a bird without wings."


My life is full of warm sunshine. I am never alone because of books.


As a child, I became attached to books. Influenced by my mother, when I was three or four years old, I loved fairy tales with pinyin and beautiful illustrations. I was often moved to tears by the kindness of the beautiful mermaid princess, and often walked through the forest with Little Red Riding Hood. That is, from then on, I was destined to make lifelong friends with books.


As time went by, I grew up and dabbled in many fields of books, from which I learned a lot about how to behave.


I read novels and enjoyed 28 years of lonely life on the desert island with Robinson; Use your soul to learn Paul's will, which is like steel casting; Make friends with the lovely insects described by Faber.


I read prose. I like to read prose on rainy days, brew a cup of green tea, and let the faint tea fragrance drift around. After reading each article, my eyes are slightly closed, and I slowly recall the complex in the book, the house in Tian Yuan, and the whispers between trees in the forest, Memorizing the wonderful sound of the wind chimes under the houses in the book... The ink fragrance in the book made my thoughts fly farther to the south of the Yangtze River, where I was haunted by dreams. I don't know why I always have a kind of hard to part with the south of the Yangtze River. Maybe it's the long and flowing water town, or maybe it's the sentimental talented girl on the willow bank; Maybe it's a maple bridge filled with passengers' worries, maybe it's a quiet and beautiful moon night... Jiangnan in my mind is a colorful picture, a meaningful poem, a music flowing from the strings


I read history and traveled through five thousand years of Chinese history, fought with Liu Bei in the Three Kingdoms, and galloped on the battlefield with Yue Fei; I read popular science, flying through the vast universe, looking at the stars and the moon; When I read the poems, I was shocked by the spirit of "flying down three thousand feet, it is suspected that the Milky Way is falling nine days", and I was impressed by the spirit of "who has never died since ancient times, stay loyal to history"... I swam in the sea of books, and experienced the ups and downs of the world, the hot and cold of the world from the text. With the characters in the book, sometimes sad, sometimes happy.


Reading A Dream of Red Mansions, I met such a strange woman. People love what she loves and hate what she hates. They are willing to offer a warm tear to commemorate the unyielding beauty of the spirit. Because she is a fragrant fairy flower in Langyuan, an elegant poetic soul under the cold moon, a beautiful bone in the brocade bag, and the most brilliant woman in the Chinese classical literature gallery - Lin Daiyu.


Thanks to books, it makes my life like the first ray of light in the morning sun, so beautiful and serene, so soft and vivid, thanks to books, it makes my life full of sunshine


Bask in the sun.

中考滿分作文 篇7


I lost confidence in my study after losing a competition, and even became angry and didn't want to go to school. Why did I work hard and still fail to gain? The more I thought about it, the more angry I became. I locked myself in my study and looked sad all day. One day, my mother quietly brought me a glass of milk to comfort me and let me stop being sad. "You go out! Don't disturb me, go out!" My heart burst out with anger. My mother's lips moved, as if she wanted to say something to me, but she walked away from me when I looked at my angry expression. In the future, my mother would silently send me a card every day to encourage me. Gradually, I calmed down and pondered over the words on my mother's card. One evening after dinner, my mother came into the study to talk with me, "Child, do you know what growth is?" I was stunned. My mind was blank. What was it when I grew up? Before I could think of it, my mother said, "In fact, the main structure of growth is love. Only with love can we mature, be considerate of others, and have the courage to face failure. Failure in the competition is inevitable. Since you have the courage to face the competition, how can you not have the courage to face failure? Failure is the mother of success. Failure is nothing. You say in front of me every day that you have grown up, but you have not. If you really grow up, you should be more mature! Use love to grow and courage to face failure, come on! "Although my mother walked out of her schoolbag, her words still reverberated in my ears. Later, I learned that my mother's kind words of encouragement were so natural and ordinary, but they let me grasp the deep maternal love and use love to irrigate my growth. From then on, I have the courage to face failure and no longer fear failure. It turned out that love is growing.


One serene afternoon, the sun covered my whole body. The light smoke from the hot tea on the other table made the sun dim. Sitting on the swing chair, I shook and shook. In the full swing, I remembered what my mother said last time. Yes, what is growth? I ask myself, is growth really love? Yes, but I think it is love that makes me grow. I grow up in the bath of love. I say goodbye to my former self. I think of my childhood when I grabbed toys from others, got angry with my parents, took good things for myself, rebelled, and didn't pay attention to hygiene... But when I think about my current self, does it mean that I change my bad habits and let me really grow? It is Mom and Dad's love to forgive me, take care of me, tolerate me, and I will grow up slowly and become sensible and calm. Mom and Dad really use love to irrigate my growth. It is love that makes me grow! After pondering this moment, I realized that love is growing.


With the help of love, I have grown up a lot and become more and more able to love others.


A failure in an exam made my good friend, Xiao Li, fall into the same mood as my failure in the competition at that time. As her good friend, I also want to enlighten her and let her have the courage to face failure. After school, I quietly approached her, stood beside her, and waited for her sadness to pass. Every minute, when she looked up, I knew that she was sad, panicked, and even some wanted to escape. "Mingjun, how come you haven't left? You don't need to comfort me. My grades can only be like this. How can you comfort me is useless. Go home first!" I sat down at her desk and said to her, "I didn't come to persuade you, I just wanted to ask you a question." "Ask me a question?" She opened her eyes wide and looked at me. "My grades are so poor, why do you want me to ask questions?" I smiled at her. Without answering, I asked, "Xiao Li, do you know what growth is?" "Growth? Isn't it growing up?" I shook my head and said: "No, growth is a seedling, which needs to be watered with love and heart. When you understand that you have the courage to face failure, you will grow the first leaf. You need the courage to face failure, and failure is the mother of success. Believe me, face failure with courage!" After that, I left the teacher. When I looked back, I saw her smile and my heart shook involuntarily. Ah! I will also care about others. I have grown up a step further. Growing up has made me understand how to love others. Love is growing up.


Love is growing. Love makes me grow. Growth makes me master love.

中考滿分優秀作文 篇8


As time went by, it was our own festival - International Children's Day on June 1. Today, the school also celebrated this festival for us. Do you want to know what interesting things happened today? Then please listen to me slowly!


In the morning, we dressed in new school uniforms and lined up to the playground to participate in the school's celebration of June 1. With a burst of fierce drum music, the theatrical performance began. Our beloved headmaster was the first to come on stage. She congratulated us on a happy holiday. Then, on behalf of all the students, a pair of outstanding Young Pioneers presented their bright red scarves to our beloved teachers.


With the sound of a drum, our first grade students came to the stage, and our elder brothers and sisters put on bright red scarves for us. I was very excited. I finally wore a bright red scarf and became a Young Pioneer.


Then came the art performances of each class. They performed interesting sketches, sang beautiful songs, and brought beautiful dances. Let's sing and dance together!


This is really a happy and unforgettable International Children's Day!













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