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After the Spring Festival, here comes the Lantern Festival. In China, people celebrate it on the lunar calendar fifteen. It symbolizes the short rest has come to an end after the spring festival; people need to get back to work with their best wishes in the brand-new year. We all celebrated this festival with plenty of food and fun. The most important and traditional food on the Lantern Festival is Tang-yuan. With sweet and soft rice outside and peanuts or sesame inside, this little rice ball stand for the happy reunion, and the best wish for the whole families. Apart from having dinner with parents and relatives, there are also lots of activities on that day. The Lantern shows as well as guessing riddles are part of the Lantern Festival; and the most interesting part of the show is that the riddles are written on the Lantern. After dinner, the whole families go to the lantern fair, to enjoy the happiness in this moment.

In every city, there are always a main street known for its lantern fair, on that special day, thestreet will become as bright as daylight in the night with myriads of lanterns and streams ofspectators. At this moment, the happiness in the heart is beyond all description. By watching various lanterns, eating sweet Tang Yuan, and hanging out with the people we love, thinking of the bright future in front of us. It’s worth everything.

Happy Lantern Festival!






This year, the most memorable is the Lantern Festival, the day the weather is not so good, but the streets are crowded with people, the streets are hung colorful lanterns, it is beautiful.


I and my father, mother, brother and sister went to Zhongshan Park, Zhongshan Park door lights and other materials in the hands of workers and their uncle aunt, decorated very beautiful. There are hundreds of red lights on the gate, like the red sun, with a smile, welcome every friends arrival. We came to Zhongshan Park with the crowds, and the lights were better. I saw a beautiful castle “ ”, represents the beauty of the motherland beautiful rivers and mountains of a country. There are lights on is the uncles and aunts with colored paper and other materials made of small and beautiful dance friends there. It really makes me look dizzy.


This years Lantern Festival is really something I cant forget.


The Festival of Lanterns takes place at the end of the Chinese New Year Celebration, on the fifteenth day of the first moon. Lanterns have been part of Chinese life for centuries so its not surprising to see a festival of lanterns.

People usually hang lanterns in the gardens, outside the houses, and on the boats. These lanterns are signposts to guide guests and spirits of ancestors to the Lunar celebration. After a sumptuous fifteen-day feast, these lanterns light the way for the spirits back to the world beyond.

Silk, paper and plastic lanterns vary in shape and size and are usually multi-colored. Some are in the shapes of butterflies, birds, flowers, and boats. Other are shaped like dragon, fruit and animal symbols of that year. The most popular type of lantern is the horse-racing one, in which figures or animals rotate around the vertical axis of the lantern.

The special food for the Lantern Festival is Yuen Sin or Tong Yuen. These are round dumplings made with sticky rice flour. They can be filled and served as a sweet snack or made plain and cooked in a soup with vegetables, meat and dried shrimp. The round shape of the dumpling is a symbol of wholeness, completeness and unity.

The Lantern Festival is an occasion for families to get together and for everyone--young, old, rich and poor to have fun.







The annual Lantern Festival arrived, and I came to my grandmas house with a happy mood.

My grandmother had already prepared the lantern for me and my sister, and I was a smiling piggy, with a lovely appearance and a little belly. Sisters is a small dragonfly, its wings are like real, able to move back and forth. Before dinner, grandma asked me and my sister to shine a lantern on the granary and corner, and grandma said that the place would not be a worm in the four seasons.

After dinner, we again outside fireworks, daddy is holding a big fireworks, in the middle of the yard, a ignition, scratching, see flames, the fireworks into a golden ball, flying in all directions, so beautiful, my sister and I the excited jumped down.

How happy I was on the fifteenth day of the first month!






Lantern Festival is our traditional festival, the Lantern Festival every year to eat dumplings, fireworks.

Mom cooked dumplings, I cant wait to pick up the one in your mouth, mom shout; "Be careful, dont burn yourself. Bite on the filling flow out slowly, sticky. Sweet taste is great!

The Lantern Festival without watching lanterns. Finish eat yuanxiao, dad and I arrived Yang head square. There were so many lanterns here! There is "running" tiger. "Eat grass" rabbit. And "swimming" in the fish. Is a multifarious! All became light of the ocean. The world of light! Dad bought me a rabbit lanterns. As long as one click button. Deer will be singing a happy song. I hurriedly took my tiger lamp join make lanterns, after my father and I go to fireworks.

Fireworks can be interesting. So many kinds of fireworks! Some on the left of the gun... People are respect, suddenly, a naughty kid threw jilt cannons, people scared hiding; I followed papa fired cannons sky it spray flame, 1 of "pa" exploded and emits the colorful flowers.

The Lantern Festival is really interesting!











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