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  ○小黑姑,居中間。風來了,蕩秋千,雨停了,把網編。 (打一動物)——謎底:蜘蛛

○ Little black aunt, in the middle.The wind came, swinging thousands, the rain stopped, and edited the net.(Beat an animal) -Tage: Spider

  ○一身衣服蓬蓬松,原來是產后驚風,只想眠來不想動,三餐茶飯懶得用! (打一動物)——謎底:樹懶

○ One clothes are fluffy, and it turned out to be a postpartum. I just want to sleep and do not want to move. Three meals of tea and rice are too lazy to use! (Det a animal) -Thi

  ○身空醬色袍,頭戴黑鐵帽,家住石板橋,整天吱吱叫。 (打一動物)——謎底:蟋蟀

○ The empty sauce robe, wearing a black iron hat, living in the stone slab bridge, squeaking all day.(Beat a animal) -Adi: 蟋蟀

  ○面貌動作全像人,就是不穿衣和裙,深山老林去采果,山洞里邊來安身。 (打一動物)——謎底:猩猩

○ The appearance of the face is like a person, that is, not wearing clothes and skirts.(Beat a animal) -Adi: Orangutan

  ○鳥兒當中數它小,針尖小嘴吃蜜巧,身子只有蜂兒大,飛翔本領賽大鳥。 (打一動物)——謎底:蜂鳥

○ The birds are small, and the tip of the needle eats honey. The body is only bee, and the big bird is flying.(Beat a animal) -Agly: Hummingbird

  ○一只蟲子雖不大,長腳大眼麻布褂,飛來飛去四處吃,橫行霸道害莊稼。 (打一動物)——謎底:蝗蟲

○ Although the bug is not large, long -legged big eyes, big eyes, flying gowns, flying around and eating, rampant and overbearing to harm crops.(Beat a animal) -Adi: Locust

  ○嘴尖尾巴長,偷油又偷糧,白天洞里躲,夜晚出來忙。 (打一動物)——謎底:老鼠

○ The tail of the mouth is long, stealing oil and stealing food, hiding in the cave during the day, busy at night.(Beat a animal) -Mystery: Mouse

  ○像鴨水上游,像鳥天上飛,恩愛不分離,總是成雙對。 (打一動物)——謎底:鴛鴦

○ Like duck water, like birds flying in the sky, love is not separated, it always becomes pairs.(Beat a animal) -The mystery: 鴛 鴦

  ○頭戴兩棵珊瑚樹,身穿一件梅花衣,四腿雖細身矯健,跑上山去快如風。 (打一動物)——謎底:梅花鹿

○ Wear two coral trees, wearing a plum dress, although the four legs are fine and healthy, running up the mountain to be as good as wind.(Beat an animal) -Adi: Plumer Deer

  ○有翅不是鳥,只會夜里跑,能發超聲波,蚊蟲跑不了。 (打一動物)——謎底:蝙蝠

○ Wings are not birds. They can only run at night. They can make ultrasonic, and mosquitoes can't run.(Beat a animal) -Adi: Bat

  ○小小飛機尾巴長,飛來飛去忙又忙,不裝貨物不運客,蚊子見了喊投降。 (打一動物)——謎底:蜻蜓

○ The tail of the small plane is long, flying around and busy, without cargo, and no passengers, mosquitoes shouted to surrender.(Beat a animal) -Adi: Dragonfly

  ○一朵芙蓉頭上開,彩衣不用剪刀裁,果然是個英雄漢,高歌一曲萬戶開。 (打一動物)——謎底:公雞

○ One hibiscus opened on the head, and the color clothes did not need scissors. It really was a hero.(Beat a animal) -Adi: Mochi

  ○模樣像狼不是狼,奸詐狡猾可稱王;身段苗條三角臉,棕黃毛色尾巴長。 (打一動物)——謎底:狐貍

○ It looks like a wolf is not a wolf, and it can be called king;(Beat a animal) -Adi: Fox

  ○黑褂子,白前襟,站在枝頭報喜訊。 (打一動物)——謎底:喜鵲

○ Black gown, white front placket, standing on the branches to report good news.(Beat an animal) -Adi: Magpie

  ○圓眼勾嘴像山鷹,一到夜晚就出動,展翅盤旋眼睜大,專等出洞害人精。 (打一動物)——謎底:貓頭鷹

○ The eyes are like a mountain eagle, and it moves at night.(Beat an animal) -Chill: Olthawk

  ○寬嘴老婆婆,說話叨叨嘮,愛洗冷水澡,走路擺又搖。 (打一動物)——謎底:鴨

○ Mother -in -law of Kuanzui, spoken, loved to take a cold bath, walking and shaking again.(Beat an animal) -Adi: Duck

  ○大王老家在非洲,力氣壯賽過牛,張開大嘴一聲吼,嚇得百獸全發抖。 (打一動物)——謎底:獅子

○ The king's hometown was in Africa.(Beat a animal) -Adi: Lion

  ○扇子腳丫扁嘴巴,喜歡下河把船劃,生來不會抱娃子,母雞是它干媽媽。 (打一動物)——謎底:鴨子

○ Fanzi feet flat mouth, like to go down the river to put the boat, and will not be born to hold a baby. The hen is its mother.(Beat a animal) -Adi: Duck

  ○燕尾禮服身上穿,走路晃悠不雅觀,翅膀小小飛不高,喜歡鉆進水泡泡。 (打一動物)——謎底:企鵝

○ Swallowtail dresses are worn on the body, walking leisurely, wings are not high, and they like to get into the water bubbles.(Beat an animal) -Adi: Penguin

  ○衣帽全是黑,上下一錠墨;到處喊娃娃,不知叫的誰。 (打一動物)——謎底:烏鴉

○ The coats are all black, the upper and lower ingots ink; shouting dolls everywhere, I do n’t know who the call.(Beat a animal) -Adi: Crow

  ○一只大鳥真古怪,有翅不飛跑得快,遇到危險藏腦袋,屁股留在沙堆外。 (打一動物)——謎底:駝鳥

○ One big bird is really weird, with wings without flying fast, encountering dangerous hiding heads, buttocks staying outside the sand pile.(Beat a animal) -Adill: Topstone

  ○生來四只腳,愛攀又愛跳,站坐都像人,渾身絨毛毛。 (打一動物)——謎底:猴子

○ Born four feet, love climbing and loved, standing like a person, full of fluffy.(Beat a animal) -Adi: Monkey

  ○身穿白衣裳,長著紅嘴巴,一飛千里外,認得回老家。 (打一動物)——謎底:鴿子

○ Wearing white clothes and red mouths, flying thousands of miles away, recognized back to his hometown.(Beat an animal) -Tage: Pigeon

  ○一生兩根毛,專去百花鄉,回來獻一物,香甜賽過糖。 (打一動物)——謎底:蜜蜂

○ Two hairs in life, dedicated to Baihua Township, come back to present one thing, and sweeter for sugar.(Beat an animal) -Adi: Bee













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